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Wit alert

Ha! The "Pennsylvania Papal Blogger" is so witty! Read the caption he made regarding this shot from Pope Benedict's visit to Auschwitz:

Given two elements in this shot, it's an easy caption. Four words will suffice: "BAD DAY FOR SSPX."
Wow, that IS hilarious! First element: Marini, the god of proper liturgy. Second element: one of the buildings of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and extermination complex.

This is the logical sequence: SSPX = Anti-Semites = Holocaust Deniers = Nazis. Got it?


It would be even more hilarious if, not very far from Cracow, in the Polish town of Słonsk, near the German border, there had not been a small concentration camp and prison. In the Sonnenburg prison, a brave Catholic Frenchman died after years of torture and suffering in the hands of the Nazis.

His name was René Lefebvre (senior), loving father of the founder of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX).

Is this sophisticated humor or what?

Ut cuncto populo christiano pacem et unitatem largiri digneris, te rogamus, audi nos.