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IMPORTANT - Rome answers:
When does a Catholic become a non-Catholic?

The important letter from Cardinal Herranz, head of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, to all presidents of episcopal conferences, signed last March and approved by Pope Benedict XVI, removes all doubts concerning the details of the theological and formal canonical steps which must be taken by a Catholic before the appropriate authority may classify him as a non-Catholic. (CLICK FOR LARGER VIEW)

Source: La Croix.


Screwtape said...

Re statement above the article too little to read:

I shall quote General MacAuliffe (when asked to surrender during the Battle of the Bulge, 1944): "Nuts!"

Liars, kooks, and assorted misfits are going to decide who's a real Catholic?


Simon-Peter said...

I have three, four, honest questions:

1. And the point of all this is?
2. What exactly does the final paragraph mean?
3. Is there any significance in this letter being addressed to His Ex Ex Skylstad? That is, was the final paragraph in THIS letter the same in all letters sent out?
4. Is there any connection between this and the recent quiet directive from Rome to His Ex Ex to cease and desisit compelling Catholic parents to have their children subjected to homopropaganda written by sodomites?

And one, one, dishonest question:
1. How many Bishops in the US fall within the scope of this?

Fascinating stuff...I think :-).

Br. Alexis Bugnolo said...

I think this decree is excellent: it is also perfectly in harmony with what has always been taught. It will do a great deal to promote charity, to make those who want to excommunicated or shun others as out-side-of-the-church stop and think, and provides an objective way for someone who truly does not want to belong to the church to take the steps to make this formal.

On the other hand, I do not see how sedevacantists or schismatics who do not make a written statement, would be considered outside of the Church, even though they are in real schism.

I think therefore it represents a good practical ordinance, but should not be taken to be an all encompasing theological solution.

Finally, it seems to bolster those Catholics who are being asked to leave their diocese simply because they kneel for communion; and at the same time is a reminder to all bishops that they cannot write off anyone as not of their fold, if that anyone has not formally rejected the Church.

AM said...

At first I thought like s-p #1 : why on earth make a careful legislatve statement for the benefit of those who are placing themselves beyond any benefit of any kind?

But then I realized what Br. Alexeis clearly says: this is for the benefit of those who haven't done it. Like a careful exposition of what "Sin against the Holy Spirit" means, always for the benefit of those who haven't committed it but think they might have (or dare to think someone else might have).

Screwtape said...

Oh, Am:

Jonathan Winters beat you to the punch many years ago with "nay no nee no nay no."