Rorate Caeli

Religious persecution in Belgium...

...against Christians, of course -- how dare they homeschool their children?

This is the disgusting level of political and religious persecution reached by the anti-Christian government of the Kingdom of Belgium, political center of the European Union...

The land of Saint Juliana of Liège, the woman chosen by the Lord to promote the Feast of Corpus Christi, celebrated today, has become a pagan nation, and the Church in Flanders and Wallonia has been abandoned by negligent, unbelieving, and irresponsible prelates.

Saint Juliana, pray for the Belgians!

Præcelsum et venerabile Sacramentum,
miserere nobis!


ThePublican said...

This is a key issue for American homeschoolers. After the Supreme Court used international law to overturn a law against sodomy in Lawrence v. Texas, the necessary precedent exists in the US in the event that homeschooling is challenged by its many enemies. Catholics are clearly reaching a stage in history where they either organize and take these abuses seriously or run for the Catacombs (which may be the end result in any case, but at least one should only run when all else has failed).

The words of Christ to Jerusalem for rejecting Him come to mind here and His prophecy rings true again.

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!

ThePublican said...

By the way, this and the prior discussion where parents' rights to teach their children was questioned, or at least the Catholic origin of such a statement was discussed, reminded me of a good book on the subject of Catholic education and the parental rights, particularly as it applies here in America: Steve Kellmeyer's book Designed to Fail. Those interested should read that work. It also sheds light on the Church's prudential calls vis a vis education here in America.

There is a thesis out there that Divine Providence allowed the interruption of Vatican I because the bishops were (unwittingly?)about to take precisely this right away from parents in their eagerness to spread Catholic education according to the customs of the time. I have not studied this issue enough to comment intelligently on it, so I leave it at that.

Screwtape said...

I think the real clue to the fundamental meaning of this is the fact that Belgium just happens to be the location of the European Union; prototype of the New World Order.

In short, coming soon to a neighborhood near you (and with the sanction of Rome).

MacK said...

...and bringing in its wake a sodomites "paradise" and dysfunctional single-sex "families" which will help to further demographic deflation accelerated by abortion and abortifacient methods of birth control. Laws protecting juveniles from sexual predation will then be removed which will help alleviate the current paedophile situation in modern church. Bestiality and polygamy will shortly follow.

Add to this NO bishops allowing their churches to be inhabited by muslims and imbecile NOites giving over their holy places to all and sundry - sorry, did we call this democracy...socialism....anarchy?

I have an excellent idea...why don't we allow laisser-faire immigration from North Africa to top up the aborted population and rapidly increase the muslim population of Europe - Belgium & France first, of course, and then let in 70 million from Turkey also. They will remember affectionately how the previous Roman Pontiff accelerated their mosque building programme and how he loved embracing the koran in public. Then, they will make life impossible for christians just as they have done so in the middle and near east and invite us like they do our Palestinian counterparts, to kiss their hate book in public, too, or else!

Home schooling will then be obligatory if christians want their children to learn anything at all about their faith and their culture since the politically correct establishment of Europe is set out on a predetermined course to undermine both wholesale. Thank you Belgium!

Screwtape said...

Again, I finger the "novel" The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail. He saw it coming a quarter of a century ago; sort of the Orwell of his time.

Mack's description is right on, and please note, Novus Ordo apologists and, yes, fellow travelers, as well as compromisers of all sorts, dialoguers and other toadies: The New Church, Conciliar Church, call it what you will (except Catholic) has been pushing the New World Order from its beginning. JP II made the admission in no uncertain terms, not long before his skull went to join those described by St. John Chrysostem.

MacK said...

No wonder, therefore, the NO church want a steamrollered canonisation of the guilty party. Newchurch hierarchy are always in a hurry. If he is sanctified, in earthly terms, this demonstrates the utter doctrinal bankruptcy of NO church. We all heard his very words - the world needed a new world order under the UN, which in short meant now was the hour for the masonic brotherhood to assume universal dictatorial political power.

But that nice old man did not really mean that now did he? It was all phenomenologic - a sort of personal categorisation which existed entirely in his own inner reality and devoid of external meaning to all but he himself.

Oh! what a conservative reactionary fanatic I am who believes in those silly old conspiracy theories. I really must do something about my paranoia.
Remember "obedience" to the pope under all circumstances otherwise I could be excommunicated.

As I was saying, Rome is doing a fine job propagating everyone's religion, including animism, except for us nefarious traditional catholics who just want to be nostalgic about the past & some Latin - even if we are to blame for all the worst incidents in history.

Basically, whoever has the handle on the media has access to the most potent source of influence over contemporary society. Thus, everything is done to discredit the pre-conciliar church, its adherent faithful and those views which pertain to it advocating a moral & just society. This goes against the current sodomist grain.

Significantly, JP II pushed the Paul VI line on new world orders. He even said that Paul was the pope he most admired. He actually pushed his rapid canonisation, too. [Another one in a hurry!] However, reports suggest this has become snared on the homosexual security fence. Oh! What a surprise! Whoops! There's that "homophobic" insinuation again - I must be careful I don't end up in court. If it's true then there could be another one of those skulls you were mentioning paving the floors of Hell. I prefer to leave the judgement where it belongs.

Did anyone notice the significance of JP II's inability to speak in public during the last week of his pontificate. He also looked extremely angry or at least immensely frustrated about something. Could this be related to some of the problems we are discussing here? Was he having last minute recollections about the unmitigated disaster that was his pontificate when sins crying to Heaven for vengeance were going unanswered in the highest ecclesiastical places?

Matt said...


Here's a good article for you to read, and then try some meditation and prayer. Based on your demeanor, you surely haven't prayed for humility in many years.

God Bless.

Hebdomadary said...

Coverage is gettin' kinda spotty around here lately...are y'all on vacation er sumthin'?

Screwtape said...
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Screwtape said...
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Screwtape said...
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Screwtape said...

Matt old fellow:

A positive, declarative sentence or statement does not ipso facto constitute lack of humility.
My humility is only exceeded by my charity. I keep both in a thimble box in my wife's bedroom drawer.

I think I even took humility lessons from Bishop Williamson. You can't get more humble than that.

Actually, I can site the sources of the statements I make, but I didn't think Blogs required footnotes.

I am the first to realize and admit that I stand on the shoulders of giants and that I read a lot of kooks before I began to sort out the great from the near great.

I'd mention who my intellectual mentors are, but that would be name-dropping which would indicate a lack of humility.

Satisfied gun-jumper?

In all humility I note that you resort to ad hominem rather than meeting arguments with verifiable evidence. This doesn't fly where I learned the ethics of intellectual discourse.

I recommend you read Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis and pay strict attention to the section where he describes his beginning of a real education under the tutelage of a Scot atheist.

Boy, I've read more books and articles on the subject of the virtues, including humility, than you have accumulated years.

Just a tough old fart, son, and an auto-didact, edjurcated, innerleckchul. I also rattle and bite.

I reckon you're really bothered by this little thing called truth; not necessarily at all by any lack of humility on my part. I don't mind being corrected, but it does have to have SOME substance behind it.

Vaya con Dios, amigo