Rorate Caeli

Fellay reelected

Bishop Bernard Fellay has been reelected as Superior-General of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X - FSSPX/SSPX (Communiqué in French here).

Also elected, as First Assistant: Father Pfluger (District Superior in Germany, 2004-2006); as Second Assistant: Father Nély (District Superior in Italy, 2004-2006).

[5:10 PM GMT]


[Jul. 12, 1100 AM GMT:] So, what does the Fellay reelection mean? It means, first, that the capitularies of the 2006 General Chapter are content with his leadership. It also means, to those on all sides, that there will be long-term stability at the helm of the SSPX.

The next move, if there shall be any, must come from the Apostolic Palaces...