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Pope to scientists: respect human life!

Hidden amidst the other Papal news of the day, the main portions of the Pope's speech to scientists, clerics, and others who are attending a congress on new [moral] possibilities for stem cell research in Rome, promoted by the Pontifical Academy for Life:

There must be no compromises nor tergiversations regarding the direct suppression of a human being; one cannot imagine that a society may fight crime efficaciously when [society] itself legalizes transgressions against nascent life. ...

Human welfare should be sought not only according to a universally valid finality, but also considering the methods used to reach it: a good end cannot at all justify intrinsically illicit means.

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MacK said...

You are absolutely right Holy Father, respect for life as a total commitment - in the womb, out of the womb; in childhood, middle and old age; with or without disability.

We also need to put the nefarious theory of evolution to rest once and for all since this is the incubator for contemporary disrespect for the right to life. It has fostered fascism, communism and some of the worst dictators and theoreticians & medical practitioners we have ever witnessed on this planet. The western world now has an entire generation fed on its godless & biased diet. There is absolutely no scientific evidence confirming its "axioms" and whatever proof has been advanced it is usually shrouded in well-studied dishonesty, non-scientific subjectivity or sheer pseudo-scientific presumptuousness.