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Castrillón Hoyos leaving Congregation for the Clergy?

According to a note published yesterday in La Repubblica:

The Cardinal "of the Lefebvrists" leaves
Ratzinger accepts his resignation

Vatican City - Pope Ratzinger would have accepted the resignation of Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos (77), prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy and President of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei", the structure which deals with the matter of the schism of the Lefebvrists. Hoyos had presented his resignation in 2004... It seems Castrillon Hoyos will preside "Ecclesia Dei" up to December, when the Pope will liberalize the use of Latin in the Mass [sic] to favor the return of the Lefebvrists to the Church.

The information was not confirmed in this Saturday's Bollettino and we find it very unlikely, for the moment. If true, however, this piece of news would only confirm one of the substitutions long predicted for this second year of the pontificate - here (December 2005): "freed from his duties at Clergy, Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos (who is past his age limit) would remain solely in charge of Ecclesia Dei issues (that is, relations with all traditional Catholics)."

Update (Sunday, October 29).


New Catholic said...

Thanks to our readers, especially Father M., for the link.

n said...

Perhaps the move is part of making him the head of an apostolic administration.

Anonymous said...

Head of an AA? Definitely not. The SSPX hardly trusts Cardinal Castrillon based on his double-faced language when dealing with the SSPX and diocesan clergy. Point in case, the return of several Indian seminarians of Holy Cross Seminary, Goulbourn to Bombay. Unless of course, such an AA is only intended to bypass completely the idea of reconciling the SSPX.

Etienne said...

I don't think, that an AA is reallistic. Castrillon Hoyos is 77 year old.
And if the Pope would have the SSPX in an AA is also really not clear.

Rather it would be the general Indult for priests to celebrate in 1962 Rite. For this isn't an AA necessary.