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Castrillón would remain at Ecclesia Dei

Andrea Tornielli confirms in today's Il Giornale the rumors first mentioned in La Repubblica, then confirmed with names by Marco Tosatti in La Stampa, that Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos would be replaced as Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy by Cardinal Hummes, Archbishop of São Paulo, Brazil.

Tornielli, however, mentions what we had already affirmed: that Castrillón will remain in place at Ecclesia Dei for the moment "to manage the not easy negotiations with the Lefebvrists".

Another replacement mentioned by Tornielli is that of Cardinal Marchisano, as Archpriest of the Vatican Basilica, by Archbishop Angelo Comastri.


  1. Should we read any particular significance into this?

  2. How close is Sao Paulo to Campos? Does Hummes have a relationship with Bishop Rifan? Maybe the Holy Father wants someone with a little history dealing with this type of situation for the future?

  3. Ecclesia Dei will surely not be the agent for agreement with the SSPX.

    Far too much baggage. It is essential that the fault lines created by Ecclesia Dei are not ongoing in the future or we will be back to square one.

    Cardinal Hoyos may be a good negotiator but this fact alone can make an agreement less likely. But the Pope wants an agreement - not at any price- but he still wants an agreement.

  4. Benedict may want an agreement, but I don't think he'll get one. The TLM will be liberalized anyway. And he'll have the Good Shepherd Institute as well. And he'll has Castrillon at Ecclesia Dei, along with Ricard and other Benedict-friendly types. Where Hummes goes really doesn't matter.

  5. Remove the abuses, give freedom to traditionalists and SSPX will either come back or it's growth and importance will diminish. SSPX thrives as a reaction against and alternative to the grotesque Leftist abuses that run throughout the Church. Benedict cannot force SSPX to come back, but by cleaning up abuses, he will take away SSPX's credibility (should they choose to remain apart from Rome).


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