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Congratulations to the Archbishop of Granada, Spain, for his decision to remove all his diocesan seminarians from the Granada Theological College (Facultad de Teología de Granada), the heresy-filled Jesuit academic institution in the ancient Andalusian land. It seems that the famous pastoral instruction of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (Theology and Secularization in Spain - Forty years after the end of the Second Vatican Council; excerpts in English here) has had at least its first practical result... The instruction states that:

...there exists a silent form of dissent that promotes and defends disaffection with the Church, considering this a legitimate critical attitude with respect to the hierarchy and its magisterium, justifying dissent within the Church itself as if a Christian could not be an adult without establishing a certain distance from the teachings of the magisterium. Behind this attitude there frequently lurks the idea that the Church at present is not obeying the Gospel, and that a struggle “from within” is necessary to arrive at a future, authentically evangelical Church. In reality, what is sought is not the conversion of the Church’s members, its constant purification, penance and renewal, but the transformation of the very constitution of the Church, to adapt it to the opinions and perspectives of the world. This position finds support among members of the Church’s academic centers, and in some cases among publishing houses and bookstores run by Catholic institutions. This way of proceeding causes great disorientation among the faithful.
Good -- may other bishops elsewhere have the courage to abandon institutions which have high "academic reputation", yet no commitment to the One True Faith. The archbishop, Francisco Javier [the irony...] Martínez Fernández, has also resigned his position as member of the "Supreme Council" of the Jesuit College.

(Picture: Three-day "Renewal Course", some Jesuits of the Provinces of Spain - 2005)


  1. Saint Ignatius Loyola must weeping in heavens seen what his precious order has become. AMDG

  2. God bless the archbishop.

  3. About time. I wish some of the bishops in the US would do this.

  4. Amen Janice. Whatever happened to the special vow of obedience to the pope?

  5. "Your Society, we assert this, is the test of the vitality of the Church throughout centuries" address to the Society of Jesus dated December 3rd 1974 by ... Paul VI.
    Indeed the doctrinal corruption of the Society of Jesus today is alas "the test" of the frightful illness of the Church caused by the pretended "Renewal".

    Pope Montini warned the Jesuits in a prophetic Letter "In Paschae solemnitate" (9/15/1973) about disorders connected to
    - loyalty (lack of) to the Apostolic See
    - inner studies and formation
    - pupils, students in Jesuit schools and universities
    - Jesuit publications
    - in their apostolates.
    There is not a single point listed by Paul VI that has not been going particularly wrong since 1973 within the Society !
    Everything Paul VI warned the Jesuits not to do ... they have done and worse. This letter is really impressive as a prophecy.

  6. alsaticus, it is very sad that they did not pay attention to what the then Holy Father was warning them against. ¡Misesere Domini!


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