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Le Figaro publishes today some other words spoken in the seminar for the 50th anniversary of the Superior Liturgical Institute of Paris. Among the guests, the Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Arinze, and Archbishop Robert Le Gall:

Cardinal Arinze did not try to directly discuss the question of the Tridentine rite, rather choosing to denounce "the banalization, the desacralization, and the secularization in the liturgy", thus illustrating the will of Rome to strengthen its hand at the international level.

The right hand of Benedict XVI regarding [liturgical] issues also denounced "this openly egocentric mannerism which our Sunday assemblies are often forced to endure", as well as "the false humility"...[of] a priest [who] "shares his role with the lay faithful". For the Cardinal, "sacred liturgy is not a domain where free research reigns".

[The Archbishop of Toulouse and chairman of the liturgical commitee of the French Episcopal Conference, Robert Le Gall, OSB, ]... defended himself by regretting that Rome "is often too attentive to the letters sent from France which refer to real anomalies or irregularities in the liturgical practices, but [which are] removed from their context".

[He also] expressed his fear that, "by liberalizing the ancient ritual, the Pope gives rise to a front of defiance, of sadness, and of discouragement regarding the Holy See". Archbishop Le Gall expects that "all the reactions heard in France at this time shall lead Rome to adapt [moduler] the text under preparation".
The speech of the Archbishop of Paris, André Vingt-Trois, is available here (in French), with few surprises, except for assuring the listeners that "your bishops will continue to work calmly and serenely [sic] towards the necessary reconciliation [with Traditionalists not in full communion with the Holy See], in faithfulness to the Pope and in communion with him" and urging a future unity of the Traditional and new rites at least by "following the same liturgical calendar and the same lectionary".


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Rogemus Dominum pro Papa nostro Benedicto, ut fides eius non deficiat, et ut, aliquando conversus, confirmet fratres suos.

  2. Bishop 23 is urging "a future unity of the Traditional and new rites at least by 'following the same liturgical calendar and the same lectionary'".
    Great idea. I recommend lighting the Easter Vigil fire with the current Lectionary and then returning wholesale to the use of the 1962 Missale Romanum. Of course a 2007 Missale Romanum should be published with the addition of 45 years of new saints' feasts to the calendar. That would be a "welcome" reform of the 1962 missal.

  3. The Archbishop of Paris,Andre Vingt-Trois talks about "following the same liturgical calandar and lectionary". This would seem an enormous task as the two calandars have drifted a long way apart. Does he, for instance, envisage the return of Septuagesima Sunday?

    Reasonable traditionalists would accept some revision of the calandar, particularly the inclusion of recent saints such as Padre Pio and Mother Theresa; and must consequently accept the droppong of some of the early saints about whom little is known, in order to make room in the calandar. However, I doubt if many would accept a wholesale dropping of much cherished feasts which have been a sourse of devotion for centuaries.

  4. Definetely the Archbishop of Paris, and still not yet cardinal, and the then Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, in his speech celebrating the 10th anniversary of Ecclesia Dei do not share the same view about the role of the Tridentine Liturgy in the Catholic Church. Ratzinger said that any fears of trying to modificate the Tridentine Rite had to be abandoned because they did not represent the position of the Holy See, that the Tridentines had to feel secure about the integrity of the Tridentine Liturgy. Let's see if the Arcbhishop of Paris gets to receive the red during the next consistory. He is clearly trying to blockade a possible return of the Tridentine Mass. AMDG

  5. It is incredible that this french bishop Robert Le Gall had the insolence to publicy threaten the Holy Father with insubordination if he liberalized the Tridentine Rite. It should be a warning bell to Benedict XVI that there is a "silent apostasy" in the episcopate that has to be confronted head on so to remove it from the Mystical Body of Christ. This is canker that cannot be let to continue to live. AMDG.

  6. Anonymous4:37 PM

    In courteous disagreement with "indulgentium," Mother Teresa is not a saint.

  7. Anonymous5:20 PM

    How incisive of the Holy Father to exclude Archbishop 23 from the last consistory. The bishop has now guaranteed his exclusion from the next one I hope.Rumour has it that he was hopping mad at being deprived of the Sacred Purple.May he continue to hop!

  8. Shane, definetly he was snubbed by the Holy Father during the last consistory, since he was passed on while a less prominent archbishop received it.

    However I think that he will get the red hat, because if not it will be a huge political scandal with the french government, and H.H. will not allow a dispute with the french government to occurr. If indeed he is passed on again, it will truly be a sign of the independence of the Holy See from secular government.

    After all this archbishop was appointed during the last moments of the life of JPII and now the church is stucked with him.

  9. Whilst empathising with Indulgentiam's comment on calendars is it too much to hope that one day some of the ancient octaves such as those of SS Peter & Paul, St. John the Baptist, the Assumption and St. Lawrence might re-appear? Albareda had suggested their retention in the first supplement to the Pian Commission's Memoria in 1950, Intorno alla graduazione liturgica, p.27, #34.

  10. The quality of the news and discussion on this site, together with the example of some friends who have also begun blogging, has convinced me to begin also.

    In the spirit of furthering the discussion, I have translated the whole of Archbishop Vingt-Trois' address, which is posted on my own blog.

  11. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Do you know what this Catholic Church needs? I didn't think so, so I'm gonna tell ya. It needs another John XXIII or Paul VI to clip off the wings of those who want to deny Vatican II and refuse to live in her spirit.

  12. If Mother Theresa (RIP) appears on a traditionalist calendar, and please forbid it, JP (RIP) II, then I shall maintain the current traditional liturgical calendar.


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