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By ten French bishops: a communiqué to the Pope against the creation of the Institute of the Good Shepherd and the eventual liberalization of the Traditional Latin Mass. (Tip: Le Salon Beige and Le Forum Catholique).


  1. These French Bishops are going too far..

    The Pope has to do something urgently to impose his authority. There is not even ONE Bishop or Cardinal to react with the same intensity.

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    (Me thinks they protest too much. What are they afraid of?? Answer: Catholics celebrating the ancient rite will attract vocations and they will be the future in France. Instead of attacking them, these French clerics should examine what they have done to the Church in France? For example do they even appear as bishops and priests in public or are they stealth clergy? Instead we have Nous sommes un, Seigneur, Kumbaya. Nous somme un, Seigneur, Kumbaya, Nous sommes un, Seigneur, O Seigneur '69)

  3. These reprobates should calm down. Sure they're concerned about the worries of many faithful (although there are not THAT many, really), deacons and priests, but, once these have passed to the particular judgement, they won't be replaced with their like, anyway. It's nearly time for the solemn intoning of the "Ite, consumatum est" over the whole VATII project. Then...let the Te Deums begin.

  4. The French bishops have spent the last forty years doing nothing and all of a sudden they're energized. The irony of it all ...

  5. g-d soixante-retards...

  6. Dear Bloggers

    These bishops are writing their own eternal condemnation.

    Poor people ... It is hard to be a bishop or priest and lives forever in hell as "sacerdos in aeternum".


  7. Impending liberalization of the Rite of St. Pius V: Rebellion in France?

    Joined together, on October 25, 2006 at Lons-le-Saunier, within the framework of the Regional Authority of Bishop-Priests, the bishops of the ecclesiastical Province of Besancon and the bishops of the certificated dioceses of Strasbourg and Metz decided to impart to the Holy See their concerns caused by the creation of the Institute of the Good Shepherd in the archdiocese of Bordeaux, and the possibility of the publication of a Motu proprio by Pope Benedict XVI generalizing the use of the tridentine rite for the celebration of the Mass. The bishops, concerned for the common good and the unity of the Church, took this initiative because of the confusion felt by many of the faithful, deacons and priests of their respective dioceses. Appreciating that the liturgy is the expression of the theology of the Church, the bishops fear that the generalizing of the use of the Roman Missal of 1962 does not meet with the orientations of the second Vatican Council. Such a decision would also be likely to endanger the unity between priests, as well as between members of the faithful. For many years, important efforts toward liturgical reform have been carried out; the bishops are delighted about this and encouraged those in their dioceses to continue the work that they are committed to.

    [ten signatories]

  8. Thank you for the translation, Mornac. I was so shocked and upset by this whole affair I could not do it.

  9. Anonymous10:12 PM

    These gentlemen and their agents, the other clerics referred to, really seem to believe that the Church only began with Vatican II. No hermeneutic of continuity for them.

    Perhaps it is just as well to know once and for all who believes what. We can then, each of us according to the lights given him, act accordingly.

  10. Pray for the Holy Father. He needs our prayers now. If the Motu Proprio is to see the light of day in God's Providence, he will have to first survive a trip to a hostile Muslim nation in November. There are those who want him dead because they are Muslim jihadists. There are those who wish him dead, or at least succeeded quickly by a more liberal pope, because they hate his overtures toward continuity with Catholic liturgical tradition. Pray.

  11. What a time for the French bishops to begin worrying about confusing the faithful!

    Isn't there anything "confusing" about ten bishops writing a letter in opposition to the mind and directives of the Roman Pontiff?

  12. This is as close to open rebellion on the part of bishops as we have seen for some time. This is not simple disobedience, which is common enough, as we all know. This is a statement from something like a Provincial Council, rebuking the Pope on theological grounds for something that he has already done (erecting the Good Shepherd Institute), and for what he is about to do (making the use of the traditional rite universal).

    This may be an enormous blunder on their part. The last reason that the Holy Father will accept not to do this, is that the traditional rite is opposed to the Second Vatican Council. If he accepted this, he would have to accept that the Council itself were opposed to the whole of previous Catholic tradtion. That is exactly the position that he is most concerned to combat, as in his Christmas address to the Curia.

    And yet this opposition between the Council and the traditional liturgy is exactly what these Bishops assert. The heresy underlying this is barely latent.

  13. I do not wish to criticize the Holy Father but I have to ask why is it taking so long to issue the Apostolic Exhortation on the recent synod which concluded more than a year ago .The bishopsof the synod issued a statement,a committe of bishops made reccomendations to the Pope and we were told the Pope would make only small changes to the Synodal document.Plus there is all what the Pope wrote on the Liturgy.It takes this long?What was the Pope doing during his vacation?We were told reading a draft of the exhortation.Still no document. Then there is the more controversial motu proprio and its draft.The Pope has been in Rome for decades and has been a member of Ecclesia Dei and he also knows what the indult that popeJPII wrote and shelved because of the French bishops says.He discussed it with the curia and the cardinals last spring.Now it is on the verge of november.The pope must know that the longer you put off a controversial document (think of the delay with Humanae Vitae) the opposition to it grows.The encyclical Deus Caritas Est took forever also.I hope that what is said of the Pope-that he consults thenmakes his own decision from which he cannot be moved-is true.His pontificate will be determined by these two documents,which means that he must be deliberate but also it means he must act.

  14. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Is there some way we can e-mail or write His Holiness to show our support?

  15. Anonymous11:58 PM

    The fright and anger of these French bishops reminds one of Count Dracula's reaction when confronted with a crucifix or a Sacred Host and I think it a just comparison. Let the curtains be torn aside, even as the veil of the temple was rent from top to bottom, so that the light of the true faith might shine upon them in their house of shadows. It is one thing to be ignorant of the Mass or to be indifferent to it but it is quite another to hate it and fear it and to persecute those who love it. Now that is straight from hell!

  16. Brigid, let us all try prayer and fasting
    rather than email

  17. Although this is very upsetting for people, I remain convinced that the Holy Ftaher will follow his own basic instincts in this regard and will not be persuaded by 10 (or even 35) local bishops in France.

    We in England survived virtually the entire episcopate capitulating to the poplulist whim in the 16th century. The current Holy Father will not allow a repitition of that, particularly where the liturgy is concerned.

    It is a worry, but one which I believe will be groundless.

  18. Anonymous12:05 AM

    "These gentlemen and their agents, the other clerics referred to, really seem to believe that the Church only began with Vatican II. No hermeneutic of continuity for them." (Woody)

    Woody, I agree with you. Pope Benedict condemned the "hermeneutic of rupture" in his December, 2005 Curial Address. These Bishops would set Vatican II in opposition to the TLM while there is no justification...

  19. All true above. Does anyone see here a historical moment for/in the Church? That at last the "spirit of V2" seems to be resulting in the explicit lack of Catholic Faith by some members (even in the hierarchy) of the Church? -- Thank you, Rorate Caeli, for a wonderful blog, and please pray for our good Bishop here in Finland to see these issues also with understanding.

  20. Why do the French faithful not take out an ad asking the Holy Father to allow the free celebration of the TLM? Now is the time to speak.

  21. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Isn't it bad enough these people are responsible for destroying Christendom once already? I guess they're ticked they didn't complete the job the first time.

    I hope Benedict receives them in a box car.

    Vive le roi!
    Vive le bons pretre!
    Vive le ancien regime!
    Sainte Jeanne D'Arc, priez pour nous!(not to mention Edmund Burke)

    So there.

  22. JP II turned chicken when a similar protest was made re his intent to allow the TLM. He was a Pole. Let us see if the German is stronger.

    Nevertheless it is like offering a candy bar to priests who already have the candy shop, with Quo Primum. So much for continuity with Tradition.

    The French went into battle at the soccer game and got evicted not what is to become of the ten? will they be evicted from the Conciliar Church?

  23. What if the Holy Father is waiting for Advent to issue the motu proprio? That would be a fitting time.

  24. Anonymous11:43 AM


    How about today? THAT would be a fitting time.

  25. Appreciating that the liturgy is the expression of the theology of the Church, the bishops fear that the generalizing of the use of the Roman Missal of 1962 does not meet with the orientations of the second Vatican Council.

    The fact that they could write this to the present Holy Father, of all people (considering his own forcefully and repeatedly stated views on the "hermeneutic of continuity") is sufficient on its own to demonstrate how little these bishops really understand about anything. They really have confined themselves in a kind of mental dungeon. Cognitive dissonance is their only response to the suggestion that it isn't a sun-bathed paradise.

  26. Anonymous2:44 PM

    He was a Pole. Let us see if the German is stronger.

    I cannot let this throwaway remark, attributing the (actual and potential) actions of Popes to the level of cowardice which would be typical of their native cultures, without objection.

    I object. Please keep your nationalist prejudices to yourself.


  27. Anonymous2:48 PM

    How about today? THAT would be a fitting time.

    Yes, indeed! What better than a Halloween motu proprio to scare the willies out of these heterodox bishops?

  28. Without attributing anything to anyone's ethnic heritage, John Paul chickened out on a lot of things.

  29. As I have stated before, the French episcopate would rather see the death of the church in France, to which they have contributed enormously, than see a true renaissance with Tradition leading the way. To say they have done nothing is an understatement & misleading. Their opposition is tantamount to an open rebellion against any plans The Holy Father has of securing the permanent place for traditionalists in the church. They did the same against Pope John Paul (RIP) II's intentions. If you investigate further you will detect the noxious odour of franc-maconnerie intermixed with ecumenical & interfaithist obsessive disorder. The way they dress and are seen in public illustrates amply bishops who have made a deal with the world and serve this master. Little wonder, therefore, that their seminaries are desolate lieus; most of their churches are abandoned and lying in ruins, or being bought up and restored by SSPX, while they conspire and lay strategies for undermining Sacred Tradition.

  30. Okay, let me get this straight. The Church's unity isn't threatened by the existence of various liturgical traditions and rites and distinct ecclesial structures -- Byzantine, Maronite, Melkite, Chaldean, Malabar, Coptic, etc. -- but the Church's unity is threatened by the creation of a dinky little Latin Traditionalist institute and by the existence of the traditional Latin Mass that existed alongside those other rites and churches for centuries and centuries.

    That's about the stupidest thing I've heard in quite a while.

    Why don't these French bishops just try and do their own jobs and let the Pope do his?

  31. The French episcopate needs replacing wholesale because they are not doing their jobs - this is the point. They serve Mammon not God and are no longer able to discern any difference.

  32. Benedict has been compared by several authors to Leo IX who though ruling for about 5 years or so made tremendous strides to reform the church.Pope Formosus planned to excommunicate the entire english hierarchy for their lack of reform. Today the problems remain to cause more problems.I accept VII in the light of tradition with little problem but if I lived in France and all I heard was this age of aquarius interpretation of VII while the whole country is on fire I might also attack the "conciliar church".

  33. I personally would be delighted if B XVI is taking his model on saint (sacerdos you forget to say it) Leo IX, the one and only pope born in Alsace.
    Saint Leo IX was exceptionnally tough on corrupt clerics, rotten bishops, unfaithful monasteries. He was also a champion of the Blessed Sacrament orthodox theology.
    He was a great traveller in Europe in order to discipline the corrupt clergy, especially the plague of "married" priests.
    All we need today : the situation of the Church in the XIth century was just as bad as the situation we have in the XXIst century.
    However saint Leo IX was defeated by civil powers and his efforts had to be pursued along several pontificates - the Gregorian reform popes -to become finally fruitful.
    We'll see if Benedict XVI is ready to confront the corruption within the Church as much as saint Leo IX did.
    Are the calling of cardinal Hummes in Rome and the wait-wait-wait "policy" on freedom for TLM significant signs of such a Leo IX-like resolution and bravery ?
    Maybe some others have an answer.

  34. Sacerdos- I accept VII in the light of tradition with little problem but if I lived in France and all I heard was this age of aquarius interpretation of VII while the whole country is on fire I might also attack the "conciliar church".

    This is extremely well-spoken. Bravo.

  35. with-peter,

    Your comment applies to UK also where NO churchers have been dancing ecumenising fertility circles to "Mother-Earth" like Druids and have been abandoning regular church attendance in competition with their French counterparts. The one distinguishing difference is that UK started this apostasy in the 16th century. Recently, a few British hierarchs and presbyters have been publicly pondering the extinction of the NO church there within the next twenty years.

    One hymn you will never hear them sing is "Faith of our fathers living still". Rather it is "Kumbaya", rock and roll "Kyrie" and "You and I are the bread of life". Lex orandi, lex credendi. QED.


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