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The French People speak...

In his speech today to the Plenary Assembly of the French Episcopal Conference, Cardinal Ricard, again, claims to be speaking on behalf of the lay faithful who are supposedely distraught by any Petrine overture towards Traditionalists. The Church is not a democracy, quite right. Yet, since His Eminence and many other French Bishops have been claiming to speak for the laity, maybe they should check out the latest polls.

The pollsters at the CSA Institute, one of the most prestigious in France, were hired by the association Paix Liturgique to ask some questions reagrding the Traditional rites of the Roman Church (CSA interviewed 1,007 people throughout the nation, 55% of which identified themselves as Catholics, on November 8, 2006; the results reflect the opinion of those who identified themselves as Catholics).

1) Do you believe it is desirable that Catholics may have the choice to, according to their sensibility, go to either the Traditional Mass in Latin with Gregorian chant or to the Modern Mass in French?

Yes: 65%
No: 13%
Do not care: 22%

2) If you had the occasion to occasionally go to a Mass in Latin with Gregorian [chant], what would you say?

I would go: 60%
I would not go: 39%
No answer: 1%

3) In your opinion, the fact that various kinds of celebrations of the Mass, one Traditional, in Latin and with Gregorian [chant], and the other modern in French, may be recognised by the Church would be...?

A good thing, because it allows for some diversity within the Church: 65%
A bad thing, because it risks provoking divisions within the Church: 31%
No answer: 4%

4) If a Mass in its Traditional form were celebrated, in Latin and with the permission of the Pope, close to your home, you would say...

I would go there frequently: 6%
I would go there occasionally: 31%
I do not know if I would got there or not: 12%
I would rarely go there: 29%
I would never go there: 22%

(Source: Paix Liturgique à Reims)
87% of all the French Catholic faithful, according to the poll, either want liturgical freedom or are completely indifferent to it (see first question). Well, if they do not share the opinion of the Pope, nor the opinion of the French laity, whom do the recalcitrant French bishops represent, except their own disastrous leadership, their dismal presence in the French society at large (as it happened with their inaction regarding the approval of the Loi Veil, on the liberation of abortions, 30 years ago), and bankrupt theological concepts?


Gregg said...

I am really amazed by the answers to the last question.

At first, I was a little dismayed that only 6% said they would attend frequently, however, after thinking about it, that's extraordinarily good news.

From the numbers I've seen, among French Catholics those who regularly attend the traditional Mass compose less than 1% of French Catholics who regularly attend Mass--something like 0.3%-0.5%. If 6% would frequently attend the traditional Mass, that would be an increase by a factor of 12 to 20. Amazing! Plus, this number probably does not include those French who attend SSPX Masses, so the increase is even larger.

Gregg said...

Oops. I mispoke in my previous post. The 0.3%-0.5% is of French Catholics, not just the subset of those Catholics who regularly attend Mass. Nonetheless, good news!

MacK said...

Indeed, the poll lacks Traditionalist numbers.

Frankly speaking, who really cares what French bishops say: they are compromisers and cowards. They are like Sadducees and Pharisees. It is time Catholics spoke up about the visible destruction of The Church by these wolves. They represent a rapidly declining number of followers who can no longer distinguish between true Catholic doctrine and novel falsehoods. They want to dogmatise a pastoral council and decatholicise the doctrinal Council of Trent.

The Catholic News Agency recently intimated graphically what I am saying: 1,500 mosques built in France under the noses of these criminal bishops while they have watched over the closure of thousands of Catholic churches, chapels, religious communities, seminaries and other Catholic institutions. Wake up NO catholics - there will be a dear price to pay for all this apostasy.

John Mastai said...

I'm struck first of all that so few in the "Eldest Daughter of the Church" identify themselves as Catholics and thereby can even participate in this poll.

Hebdomadary said...

The wheels are coming off the novus ordo movement, gentlemen and ladies, even as we watch. The emporer's new clothes have been called for what they are.

Hebdomadary said...

Not that I'm crowing...just saying. I'm sure they have alot of mischief left in them...but the liturgical, theological, ethical, nudity of the little french emporers-bishops has become all too noticible for Peter's comfortable restraint. He is loosening lugnuts; he is acting.

poeta said...
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poeta said...
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poeta said...

The keys to the kingdom of Heaven
In Peter's left hand are known well,
But now just as tight
He holds in his right
The wrench for the lugnuts of Hell.

With Peter said...

I would not confuse good-natured ambivalence toward traditionalism with a rejection of the Novus Ordo.

Mack- respect the office even when you cannot respect the man. Sometimes you simply go to far.

MacK said...

One ought to respect the office but these characters are no longer acting as Roman Catholic bishops. They are sitting on top of the absolute demise of the church they are supposed to represent. Mind you, one wonders which one it is that they are serving.

Also, they have stuck a bar in the spoke of every papal wheel which has turned in the direction of the reestablishment of the fact of our perpetual right as Roman Catholics to attend The Latin Mass of All Times and the perpetual right of Roman Catholic priests to celebrate it. Indeed, all this without fear of intimidation and threat, proferred by such men as these.

Then they have the raw nerve to pose in public as protectors of "obedience" to the magesterium and of manifesting "concern" for the unity and harmony of the church or what is left of it. Their arguements about biritualism and "violence" by traditionalists are mostly invalid. Their position is transparently un-Catholic. They also feign espousal for religious liberty for every faith system but certainly not for Traditional Roman Catholics. It needs to be said. The time for pretending "respect" for such men is long past - yes, respect the office of bishop but we should afford no respect to the falsehoods they propagate. The NO is the vehicle for many of those mistaken perspectives. The evidence has now become incontrovertible. Many are able to understand this, unless they happen to be French bishops.

crusader88 said...

Ah, perhaps the Church does have a hope. Imagine- if roughly 3% of the French frequently attended Tridentine masses, and I bet that would soon grow, why, the faith of that nation would be saved. Such a number of hard-core Catholics would be a counterweight to the Muslims spreading all to quickly in that corner of ex-Christendom.

Anonymous said...

Compare the Traditional Latin Mass with the Novus Ordo Mass and how they came to be. The first through almost 15 centuries of Church teaching. The second through over 40 years of lies, deception and out-right improvisation. Catholics everywhere need to look back and weep.We turned our backs on all that was handed on to us by our ancestors to our Shame!!!!!