Rorate Caeli

A happy priest dances...

..with happy liturgical dancers, during an Exposition of the Sacrament, in a kind of pseudo-ancient-Israelite trance...

From the "Congress of new Catholic communities", November 2, 2006, in Brazil (tip: Radio Cristiandad Blog - see sidebar).

Nothing is sacred for such people.

And the Traditional Rites of the Roman Church cause disunity... Right...


  1. is that the priest? In cope and humeral veil too??

  2. The Blasphemous Halloween Masses


  3. an absolute ABOMINATION.

  4. Maybe somebody could explain to me how it gives adoration and honors to the Blessed Sacrament to make Him participate in a staged, artificial theatrical performance.

    What a shameful, sacrilegious display. Women and men spinning and twirling and tripping, in effect saying "Look at me," when they are in the very presence of the King of Awful Majesty. God have mercy on us.

  5. Was that supposed to be David dancing before the Lord? No wonder David's wife was so upset. He looked ridiculous, though I'm assuming he had good intentions.

  6. David's dancing was done outside the sacred precincts of Mount Moriah, and it was not a staged performance meant to entertain the crowds, but was entirely spontaneous, taking place in public while the priests and Levites solemnly transported the Ark. It wasn't choreographed or planned, but was a personal expression of joy and adoration meant for God, not for the crowds. Quite unlike the antics in these video clips.

  7. I am utterly speechless. Have the Pagans wandered into the wrong building?

  8. Too painful to watch. I am speechless... Send to Pope to hurry the decision on the TLM sounds like a good idea to anyone??? Does B16 have e-mail?

  9. Disgusting. I couldn't finish watching it. No reverence what so ever.

  10. is the pope's email address.

  11. horrendous.

    I'm hoping it's not actually real.

  12. It's all too real, Antonia... Unfortunately.

  13. Oh! He's just being obedient!!!

  14. Oh man.
    Kidding right? Looks like something straight out of a 0-4 tv show.
    If thats the best they have got, well bring it on.

  15. I am Brazilian priest and I am horrified with those videos. This is a terrible desecration!


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