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The Pope wants "to move forward"

From today's Il Giornale, on the latest Vatican moves (Report by Andrea Tornielli).

In the past few weeks, several French bishops have sent to Rome their lamentations of protest against the "Motu proprio" which would liberalize the pre-Conciliar Mass, but, as it seems, Benedict XVI is decided to move forward, even if with due caution, to heal the mini-schism of archbishop Lefebvre and to assure to the Traditionalist faithful, with an act of liberality, the use of the old missal.


  1. What a delightful word - 'miniscisma'.

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Said Vingt-Trois, "What a night I did pass!
    Such a blood-chilling nightmare, alas,
    How can mere words depict?
    I saw Pope Benedict
    Say a Christmas Day Solemn High Mass!

    "They were all facing eastward to pray,
    And the worst part you'll hear when I say--
    How my stomach did weaken!--
    Ranjith was the deacon,
    And subdeacon Bishop Fellay!"

  3. I presume "miniscisma" is to be contrasted with the "maxiscisma" to which some other bishops belong.

    The prospect of Bishop Fellay as subdeacon at a Papal Mass on Christmas Day is going to cheer me through the rest of the week...

    A happy Feast to everyone.

  4. Anonymous-fantastic.Rorate Caeli's poet laureate.Bene scripsisti!

  5. Great stuff, Anon.

    A pedant writes:

    You could make Vingt-Trois put "subdeacon" in quotes.

  6. Dear Bloggers:

    Well said, the mind of Benedict XVI is clear: The schism must be eliminated and all public traditionalist dissent against Vatican II will dissapear too (in a long or short term).


  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    The modernists will forgive the good Archbishop his lapse of punctuational sarcasm in his overwrought state of mind.

    anon (poeta)

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM


    anonymous, may that be a prophetic dream!

  9. Anonymous4:39 PM

    The real disgrace is that any Catholic would consider the way Mass was done for centuries to be part of an "extremist" agenda. I guess changing the way things were done for centuries overnight isn't "extremist".

  10. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Anonymous people, you are insane. Those comments are dispicable libel, and it makes you appear to be of that persuasion...

  11. Anonymous4:56 PM

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  12. Anonymous4:58 PM

    What nonsense. Now being a "trad" is being linked to "extremism", and of all things, sodomite tendancies. The progressives are howling mad! They have/had control for 40 years, and have turned the priesthood ,and church herself into a lat night joke. Thanks to them, most people assume a priest is a homo-pederast. Silly nonsense opinion, anon "psychology student". Old story: paint the so-called reactionary's as queers, right out of Lenin's playbook. Never met an effete Trad priest, but many Novus Ordo.

  13. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Earlier I was going to post a thank you for allowing comments for those who do not have blogger accounts.

    So here it is: Thank You!

    But isn't there a way to turn off 'Anonymous' posting while allowing named persons? Some of these anonymous posts are rather - annoying.

  14. Anonymous5:16 PM

    " I would attend the Sacred Liturgy and pray that one day the laity could understand what the priest was wisphering over the altar."

    You poor, poor man. Did nobody offer you a Missal?