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Traditionalists of the world, unite! - Follow-up

Il Foglio published today ("Latinismi 2") the first small list of signatories of the Manifesto in favor of the Traditional Rites of the Latin Church, and I see several of our dearest readers among them. It is good to see such widespread international support for the Mass.

The paper also publishes, in a different column ("Latinismi 1") the information on the 1982 Ratzinger meeting (published last week by Le Figaro), and concludes: "The next weeks will be decisive to ascertain if this greater determination [of Benedict XVI, as compared to John Paul II] will be sufficient to [ensure] the publication of the expected motu proprio, ...".

"First list":

Camillo Langone; Thomas Scaramastra, Greensboro, Usa; Paola Manghi, Desenzano; Bart Crowell, Lakeland, Tennessee Usa; Pamela Dieter, Usa; Brad Nygaard, Madison, Wisconsin Usa; Javier Echanove, Madrid, Spagna; Daniela Borroni; Paul Waddington, Yorkshire England; Alessandro Madruzza, Perugia; Anna Caffi Forentini; Nick Lowry, Ireland; Raymond Van De Moortell, Winthrop, Massachusetts Usa; Carol Long, University of Scranton; Catia Ricci; Giorgio Crotti, San Donato Milanese; Stefano Priarone; Luigi Moretti, Roma; Pawel P. Wroblewski, University of Wroclaw Poland; Fabio Buchicchio; Philip Blosser, Lenoir-Rhyne College Hickory, North Carolina; Mario Aleppo; John L. Stehn, Port Washington, NY, Usa; Angelika Blum e tutta la famiglia; Massimiliano Fiorin, Bologna; Milan Krajniak; Antonio Protopapa, La Spezia; José Carlos Neves Lima, Portugal; Brian J. Coyne, Usa; Carmen Damiano; Jo-Anne Ruff, New Jersey, Usa; Thomas Warlick, Vienna, Austria; Claudia Carceri; Mauro Barberio; Domenico Caponi, Trevi (Fr); Paolo Salvestrini Colle di Val d’Elsa (Si); Ben Whitworth, Leeds, England; Jorge Ferraz, Recife, Brasil; Jorge Ferraz de Oliveira Filho; Miriam Balbo, Vallecrosia (Im); Stefano Testa; Assuntina Morresi, Perugia; don Giuseppe Veronelli; Cristina Cannoni; Franco Derencin Teolo (Padova); Sormani Zodo; Anna Maria Derencin Teolo (Padova); Marco Rizzo; Vittorio Salvarani; Alessio Caramaschi; Antonella Bagno; Claudio Giuriceo, Adriana Ceolin Giuriceo, Bruna Sdrigotti Ceolin, Sabrina Giuriceo (Udine); Pietro Dri Trieste; André Roncolato Siano; Domenico Bartolini; Anna Rita Prioretti Civitanova Marche; Luca Moschini Ravenna; Cesare De Rosis (Cosenza); Fábio Garcia Durante, São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brasil; Enzo Castagna; Mino Garzia Trento; Marcela Garbiarova, Bratislava, Slovakia; Matteo Piccin; Davide Brazzale; Gioacchino Cuomo Sorrento (Na); Giulio Menichini, Orvieto; Laura Carloni; Claudia Costanzo, Milano; Claudio Berti; Vincenzo Cammarata, Roma; Domenico Torchetti; Jane S. Elliot, Scranton, Pennsylvania,Usa; Timothy D. Whitney, Portland, Maine, Usa; Eva L. Sturchio, Jersey City, New Jersey, Usa; Cathy Conwill Carlton, Oregon, Usa; Paulo Renato Ghetti Frade, Medford, Usa; Gianmaria Leotta, Torino; William Redic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Usa; Geraldine Redic, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Usa; John Heavrin, Louisville, Kentucky, Usa; Jewell J. M. Morow, Indianapolis, Usa; Lawrence J. Petkovsek, Cleveland, Ohio, Usa; Alexander D. Begin, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Usa; David Smith, Philadelphia, Usa; Benjamin Mercado, Chicago, Usa; Leonardo Azzarita; Christopher and Diane Paulitz, Alexandria, Virginia, Usa; Peter La-Pietra, Rochester, NY Usa; Marshall Kinsey, Louisville, Kentucky Usa; Kim Tomasi, New Brighton, PA, Usa; Samuel Copper, Usa; Antonino Trunfio, Cernusco Sul Naviglio (Mi); Alex Sepkus, Ossining, NY, Usa; Beryl C. Hartley, Manchester, UK; Robert Nicholas Bérard, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Dorothy Sewing Carteret, NJ, Usa; Emilio Tettamanti e famiglia; James R. Lothian Distinguished, Fordham University, New York, NY, Usa; Judith A. Lothian, South Orange, NJ, Usa; Robert and Margaret Walker, Cincinnati, Ohio; Ramón Fernado López Imizcoz, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rubén Villasboa, Asunción, Paraguay; Marty Martins, San Diego, California, Usa; Eileen Anderson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Fr. Michael Schneider, Eskilstuna, Sweden. ...

If you did not write, please do so. And there is still time to send a Christmas (or Epiphany) Card to the Holy Father, with a message of personal support for the liberalization of the Traditional Mass.


  1. I had to laugh at the Englishmen listed: Waddington, Whitworth & Hartley from Yorkshire (white rose) and Lancashire (red rose) respectively. It DOESN'T get anymore down to earth than that.


    Ee-up la', may the Catholic County of Lancashire rise again.

  2. Grazie a Alessandro Zangrando per il link diretto.

  3. I sent my email of support yesterday.

  4. I don't agree with the implication of the newspaper that what is at test here is Benedict XVI's determination. This has nothing to do with testing his determination, because he is the pope and only he has the supreme authority to legislate on this matter. If Benedict XVI decides to act otherwise that what he has been preaching for so many years regarding the place of the tridentine liturgy in the Catholic Church, it will be his decision alone and he will bear the historical responsability for having opted to act otherwise. He does not have to force his will at all, he can act without further discussions. So don't try to fool us. AMDG.

  5. Heb, there is little Catholic in that post of yours, at any level. That really is appalling.

    In anycase Rorate Caeli is recognized on EWTN:

    Let me put it like this: If the Holy Father stood before you, would any of you say some of the things you do in the MANNER that you do? How 'bout if Jesus stood before you, would you say the things you do in the MANNER you do about HIS Vicar?

    You do all realize that at this stage in the game, with the continuing "exposure" of Rorate around the world (which really began many months ago), that it is not inconceivable that the VICAR of Christ or some trusted persons close to him either reads or is aware of Rorate.

    All that matters if you will the Good for the Holy Father and for the Mystical Body of Christ is that the Holy Father and all members adhere to the (direct) Will of God whether His Will be "yes, yes," or "no, no" in this and any other matter.

  6. just a small correction... the EWTN mention is just then referencing CWN and not an explicit reference from EWTN towards Rorate

  7. You're quite right.

    Looks like EWTN did a cut and paste job without (perhaps they can't) embedding the hyperlink CWN has.

    "The Rorate Caeli blog, which provided quick coverage and translations of both the French and Italian statements, has also posted a sample letter to Il Foglio, for those who wish to join in support of the Italian manifesto."

    Still, the fact EWTN didn't cut too soon is good. Seems to me this is an invitation from EWTN..."for those who wish to join in support of the Italian manifesto."

    EWTN viewers coming here? Good.

    Less of the tinkling brass / clashing cymbal impressions please.

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  10. Yes, Simon, I'm afraid I would, because I'm not a yes man, and the Vicar of Christ needs to know the truth of what's going on in the Church...which I'm sure he does anyway, so that chances are I won't have to be the one to tell him. (I'll wager he also has skin about five times as thick as mine, and a good thing too!)

    Nevertheless, I took the preceeding two comments out, lest they give scandal at a sensitive time. They can be read under the post concerning the French Manifesto, should readers care to make the journey. But I'm afraid I do have to stand by them (more's the pity), and by the original response to Fr. Leary, which was not personal, and I said so. I speak from ongoing experience.

    God speed Good Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio!

  11. Hebdomadary, if the pope didn't spend so much time writing books and traveling across the globe, he would do a better job pope. After all it is easier to be receiving praises worldwide, than to do the job he is was elected to do, or perhaps it is true what they say about the Roman Curia, that they they are the real power behind the throne, but in the case of Benedict XVI, this is a much more sinister affirmation. AMDG.

  12. Perhaps so...maybe not...time will tell. Did you read what I had to say about Fr. Leary? That's the argument.

  13. Yikes, instant attention from the Catholic MSM. Everybody straighten up and smile like in the Monty Python episode when the Queen was watching.

  14. Hebdomadary, I did read your posting. Do you know what the logic behind the practice of the Church to signify one thing in Latin and another differently in vernacular language, as the "pro multis" incident has shown. This practice looks like lying to me. Do you know why has the church embraced this practice (post-Vatican II) AMDG.

  15. Quite so, Poeta. Yes, Hummer, I do. I'm quite familiar with all the apologetics, and am pointing out abuses only rhetorically, don't think I'm surprised by any of it. I've worked for the reintroduction of the Traditional Rite for twenty years, so don't think I'm not you your side. After spending four years as choir director in an indult community that wouldn't support proper music I just had to make a living, that's all. Most of my friends thought I'd be gone from a new rite parish after about three months, but I'm tougher than that, and more farsighted. After the reitnroduction this is right where I want to be, with a paying job, and able to supply some oversight for the way things are going to be done. Agent provacateur is more the size of it. And reporter hiding in plain sight.

  16. Let us affirm


    "both by word and deed and in the light of day, God's supreme dominion over man and all things, so that His right to command and His authority may be fully realized and respected. This is imposed upon us not only as a natural duty, but by our common interest."

    Pope St.Pius X,
    E Supremi
    3rd of October 1903.

    "natural duty"
    "common interest."

    "Now We have earnestly striven, by the help of His grace, to follow the example of Christ, Our Saviour, the Prince of Pastors, and the Bishop of our Souls, by diligently carrying on His office, entrusted by Him to the Apostles and chiefly to Peter, "whose dignity faileth not, even in his unworthy successor" (St. Leo the Great, Sermon ii., On the Anniversary of his Election)."

    Pope Leo XIII
    Dividud Illum Munus
    9th of May 1897.

    "whose dignity faileth not, EVEN in his unworthy successor."


    "But since We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty..."

    Pope Leo XIII
    Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae
    20th of June 1894.


    "He that reign on high, to whom is given all power in heaven and on earth, commited One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, out of which there is no salvation, to one alone upon earth, namely to Peter the chief of the Apostles, and to Peters Successor the Bishop of Rome, to be governed in the fulness of power.

    Him alone he made Prince over all people, and all Kingdoms, to pluck up, destroy, scatter, consume, plant and build, that he may contain the faithfull that are knit together with the band of charity, in the unity of the spirit, and present them spotless and unblameable to their Saviour. In discharge of which function, We which are by Gods goodness called to the government of the aforesaid Church..."

    Pope St. Pius V
    Regnans in Excelsis
    5th of May 1570.


    "...[this] Apostolic See where Peter, the Vicar of Jesus Christ, continues to live in his successors until the end of time."

    Pope Pius XII
    Ad Sinarum Gentem
    7th of October 1954.


    This business about resisting him (to his face, cf St.Paul)smells of too much dope and bourbon, too much vanity, too much for its own sake.

    I would prefer to ask him questions, perhaps make suggestions, rather than hurl veiled anathemas and judge his degree of holiness (always denying that that is what one is doing, when that is, in fact, precisely what one IS doing), where holiness is defined as adherence to the Will of God.

    Given that the enemies of Tradition have kept up a successful campaign utilizing invective such as "hostile", "narrow", "triumphalist" I am surprised (no I'm not) at the attempt to live down to such characterizations and snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Gentle as doves, wise as serpents.

    The remark about the non-Queen of England, suggesting that by counseling restraint, I was actually proposing we play the Pecksniff because some EWTN viewers may stop by, is, frankly, an unwitting admission on your part of (a) the state of your own mind and (b) your failure to grasp the innate dignity of the Bishop of Rome which attaches to his person through the Head of the Mystical Body.

    The remark "Yes, Simon, I'm afraid I would" has a touch of hubris, and, I fear, there is no fear(respect) about it.

  17. There is too much arcane language being used. Indeed the primacy of Saint Peter and his succesors is a dogma of faith. However, that primacy is bestowed upon a single person: the pope. Some clerics acts as if the primacy of Saint Peter is also bestowed upon the Roma Curia, and this is not so. Only Peter's legitimate succesor is the holder of the keys, not the Curia. Therefore the Curia should serve the Pope, not the other way around. AMDG.

  18. The issue is not primacy, you know that. No one discusses that here.

    The issue is not obscured in the arcane: there is nothing "secret" or "hidden" in "respected", "natural duty", "dignity", "...[hold] upon this earth...", "continues to live" &c.

    You don't mean that the writings of earlier Holy Fathers (and the patristic records, the doctors of the Church and medievals &c.) are arcane right? Arcane is exactly the word enemies of Tradition use to describe everything from the Didache to the Roman Catechism to the juridicial nature of the Church.

    Patience. Please. Patience is the most underrated virtue and overlooked "attribute" of our Father in all His Perfections.

  19. Resisting whose face? I'm for Benedict, Sim. Whoever you think I'm complaining about it's not him! You've lost me, Sim, I have no idea what you're talking about, or what side you think I think you think I think I'm on...whatever. Merry Christmas.

  20. LOL!


    Now I see it. Right.

    Heb's reply on another post (to which I replied on that post "I have no idea what this is about")to my purported reply on this post to his answer to a Father Learey on another post all brought about by my second post on this post where I addressed Humbolt as "Heb" as in "Heb, there is little Catholic in that post of yours..." when I should have written "Hum, there is little Catholic in that post of yours..." re: the post by Hum immediately above beginning "I don't agree with."

    So whose on first?

    A Merry Christmas to you too. Getting ready to inflict my wicked sherry trifle (90% sherry, 10% trifle) on the Yank in-laws, hehehe.

  21. Simon-Peter:

    Interesting. I thought I was just making a joke, entirely unrelated to your comments.

  22. Well it seems that the primacy continues to be an issue. Even the pope should be aware that the primacy is bestowed upon him, not upon the curia. Patience. AMDG.

  23. re: "Who's (not whose, duh) on First?"


  24. It's funny how I sent my email in before my brother and he is listed but I am not...

  25. And as a corolary of the primacy, this office is accountable to God, so the pope must certainly has to have this in account when acting as pope, he acts in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, not instead of Jesus Christ. AMDG.

  26. Lucky in-laws, I'd say! There was an article in the paper today (West Coast USA) on Trifle as an ultimate Christmas dessert. 'Bout damn time, too!

    Sorry about this morning's post, Mt. St. Helen's is venting this morning, and so was I. Nothing personal. Holiday cheer. Nogged eggs and plumb pudding :-)

  27. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Is there any chance the "Luigi Moretti,Roma" on that list is the same Luigi Moretti who is the Archbishop-Vicegerent of Rome,and not some prankster using his name?
    I would think the Vicegerent has more direct ways of getting in touch with his ordinary than signing someone's petition,but if it IS him this is a rather public signal...


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