Rorate Caeli

Before Wielgus,...

...came Benedict's and Ranjith's first gift to Catholic Poland: authorization for Communion in the hand, dated April 21, 2006, which John Paul II had never allowed in the country.


Prot. 376/06/L


Instante Excellentissimo Domino Iosepho Michalik, Archiepiscopo Premisliensi Latinorum, Praeside Conferentiae Episcoporum Poloniae, litteris die 6 martii 2006 datis, vigore facultatum huic Congregationi a Summo Pontifice BENEDICTO XVI tributarum, perlibenter concedimus ut in dioecesibus Poloniae usus admittatur consecratum Panem in fidelium manibus ponendi, ad normam Instructionis De modo sanctam Communionem ministrandi et adnexae Epistolae ad Praesides Conferentiarum Episcopalium (cf. AAS 61-1969, 541-547).

Contrariis quibuslibet minime obstantibus.

Ex aedibus Congregationis de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum, die 21 aprilis 2006.

(+ Franciscus Card. Arinze)

(+ Albertus Malcolm Ranjith)
Archiepiscopus a Secretis

These are actions.


  1. A traditional site should be celebrating Epiphany...and yet the prophecy of Simeon and the ensuing exile sorrowfully permeates this blog. Communion in the hand and a Judas Priest honored: sacrileges that must piece our own hearts and that bode ill that the exile is far from over.

  2. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Why is the host of this website writing, "These are actions"?

    Is this a good proceeding from the direct hands of the Holy Father?

  3. No, it isn't. The authorization of Communion in the hand for anyone in this day and age has been a gateway to sacrilege, not of increased love for the Eucharistic Lord. Period.

    "These are actions" ... as opposed to the words, words, words we've been hearing for months about the prospect of a few crumbs being tossed from the head table to the despised traditionalists. "By their actions ye shall know them."

  4. Anonymous1:12 AM

    "And when the men were come unto him, they said: ...Art thou he that art to come; or look we for another?"

    My heart's broken. Surely this is not our answer?

  5. Doesn't the Holy Father realize that we are desperate for actions by which we can understand and defend his motives and agenda?

    This is nothing but more fodder for the Williamson histrionics we've seen lately. And frankly, it gives more credence to those who see Hegelian motives behind the Pope's efforts at rapproachment.

    Not good, not good at all.

  6. London Times

    "Wielgus, 67, has confessed to spying for the Polish security service, Sluzba Bezpieczenstwa, during the cold war until the communist regime collapsed in 1989. He met police agents more than 50 times in one five-year period during the 1970s."

    50 times! (but nothing happened)

    "Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, John Paul’s former personal secretary, has banned publication of the names of the 25 priests who are said to have collaborated in the 1980s."

    Really? So, there is no index of forbidden books to protect the faithful, but we do get this kind of thing to protect guilty priests and bishops...tactics sound familiar?

    "The Polish episcopate has confirmed Wielgus’s “knowing and concrete collaboration with the secret police”, but has intervened to stop more revelations."

    So now it's "concrete."

    "Concrete," but no harm.

    But wait, there's less:
    "on Friday the Church's own investigative committee said: "There exist numerous, important documents which show that Father Stanislaw Wielgus said he was ready to collaborate, in a conscious and secret manner, with the communist security services, and that he had begun that collaboration."

    50 meetings, over a single 5 year period (some type of five-year plan? Typical commie thinking), is characterized as only having "begun."

    LIES, LIES and damned mendacity.

    Blackadder III
    Episode I
    "Dish & Dishonesty."
    [Edmund and Baldrick, together, with a cunning plan]

    Edmund: Right, now all we have to do is fill in this Member of Parliament application form. Name, (says it with Baldrick)..... "Baldrick". First name...?

    Baldrick: Er, I'm not sure.

    Edmund: Well, you must have some idea...

    Baldrick: Well, it might be "Sod off".

    Edmund: What?

    Baldrick: Well, when I used to play in the gutter, I used to say to the other snipes, "Hello, my name's Baldrick," and they'd say, "Yes, we know: Sod off, Baldrick."

    Edmund: Allllll right, right right right right, "Mr. S. Baldrick". Now, distinguishing features...? "None".

    Baldrick: Well....I've got this big growth in the middle of my face.

    Edmund: That's your nose, Baldrick. Now, any history of insanity in the family? Tell you what, I'll cross out the "in". Any history of *sanity* in the family....? "None what-so-ever". Now then, criminal record...

    Baldrick: Absolutely NOT!

    Edmund: Oh, come on, Baldrick, you're going to be an MP, for God's sake! I'll just put "fraud and sexual deviancy". Now; minimum bribe level...

  7. And this is a problem why?

  8. flambeaux said: And this is a problem why?

    People died (martyrs, perhaps) and the faith and millions suffered terribly during the communist "occupation." Both cannot be minimized in terms of impacts...

    Read a bit from Pope Leo XIII about communism then come back and ask a different question.

  9. A good start to learn about Communism from the perspective of our Faith is through the encyclical RERUM NOVARUM by Pope Leo XIII:

  10. Bona Gratia said...

    "People died (martyrs, perhaps) and the faith and millions suffered terribly during the communist "occupation."


    In the gloaming
    The sanctuary’s

    Displays a splendor
    From mid-month
    Into late.

    Where brushed-gold
    Dissolves to
    Honey yellows,

    Rust pillars’ veined
    In cream and white,
    Together meld
    And mellows.

    The beryl blues
    Shift into hues,
    Dark glassed
    But not dejected,

    While cardinal-prime,
    Burgundy blood of the vine,
    Rages scarlet
    As outside the wolf bellows.

  11. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Come on, we are not Donatists! People can make mistakes and we should spare people harsh condemnation over actions that occured many years ago. We ourselves probably made great mistakes in our own lives.

  12. Daniel:

    a mistake is an error, a blunder.

    A pattern of conduct, over many years is not a mistake.

    Neither were his denials a mistake.

    They were deliberate and calculated, over many weeks. In fact, if he had not thought this out as a possibility since 1989, his hubris would only be exceeded by his stupidity. As it is he has proven to possess both qualities - if qualities is the word I want - in equal amounts.

    His conscious object in the 1960s, his conscious object now, was to deceive. He is a pertinacious liar of the highest water.

    He is also a coward. He showed it then by his deliberate involvement ("it's all about me"), and he showed it by the denial ("it's all about me"), and he showed it again by his simpering, pathetic protestation of obediance and contrition ("it's still all about me, because I wouldn't have said any of this if I hadn't been caught and I want this job, dammit, just like I wanted that passport, so lay off").

    I'd have more respect for the man if he just showed me his middle finger.

    I sincerely encourage everyone to spend just an hour getting to grips what what the Poles endured at the hands of the soviets from 1920 to 1989, especially the years 1939-1945. Now, not being a Pole, I cannot call him a traitor.

    If this was an English priest or Bishop who had done this I would. I don't mean to the Church, I mean to his nation.

    I am also amazed at the naivete displayed viz what he did and or said over these years. Do you not know, that the best interogations are the ones you don't know you are undergoing? The simplest, most innocent of questions, such as "It must have been cold in Zarulji's restaurant last weekend with the repairman two days late" can send another man to his death, confirm suspicions or movements of others etc etc.

    Why, did this involvement last so long if he was of no use, i.e. he provided them with NO useful, actionable intelligence? None? What, if anything, did they use to compromise him? Women, young boys, drugs? Usually, it is not merely the (wrongful) engagement that suffices to keep a man in place, some extra insurance is taken out. Sometimes, such insurance, is actual, or putative involvement in harm done to get me?

    SB officer: thanks to that remark you made about Karols sister, Karol won't be fishing for quite some time...
    Traitor: what? But you said that...

    Then they reel him in. It doesn't even matter whether the story told is true or not, so long as the collaborator thinks it is. Naturally, proof is furnished, often manufactured, to show the harm that has been caused, to show there is no going back even if you wanted to.

    We are told the evidence indicates he was willing and approached them. This does not preclude cold feet when he realized what he was getting into of course.

    I am also deeply troubled by one of the reasons given why he began, that is, he just wanted to pursue his studies, he needed a passport (translation: "it was all about me"), so hey, what the heck.

    Let me translate this admission: agents of the East German Stasi in the Federal Republic needed a third party to bring and receive information. These agents required someone with plausible credentials, someone who would be thought to be hostile to communism.

    It's just a thought, but you see what happens when the Holy See won't come clean, and the Polish episcopacy tries to muzzle everyone?

    If the position is, that he did no harm, to anyone, at anytime, that he provided no useful actionable or confirmatory intelligence, then I have a delightful Basilica in Rome to sell you furnsihed with Samovars and lambskin aprons throughout.

    No, I am not a donatist. The issue is NOT can he avail himself of the mercy and grace merited by Christ for him, by name, from the moment Christ said "here I am" to "it is consumated" because of course he can, assuming he is at least imperfectly contrite and willing to amend. Neither is the issue the validity of sacraments at his hands.

    In case you have forgotten, after absolution, temporal punishment still remains. Furthermore, I hardly think what this man faced at that time (Stalin was long dead, Poland mostly pacified) was comparable with what Diocletian was up to. By his own admission, if we are to believe it, he was just interested in furthering his studies (field work?) when he began this "entanglement" as he calls it: that is, the evil he was trying to avoid was NOT being sawn to pieces or roasted alive, but not being allowed to go to school.

    Perhaps, the evil he was trying to avoid became like unto that under Diocletian overtime. Possibly. Maybe. Maybe not.

    This man should for the good of his own soul, for the good of Poland and the Church, be quietly shuffled off to some Cistercian monastery.

  13. This is very, very sad news

  14. Anonymous1:13 PM

    About Communion in the hand, read this old news at DICI website:

  15. I couldn't agree more with Simon-Peter. I have had an internet silence since Christmas, and lo and behold what I find when I come back!

    It would be one thing Daniel, if the Bishop was tortured into collaborating, or was tortured into giving information, and out of fear collaborated but came clean years ago and asked for forgiveness....before he was offered a mitre. I could live with that. If he had cooperated with the communists out of fear, and came clean when the communists were thrown out of Poland, I could live with that.
    This is incomparable to the Donatists. This would be as if you took someone who voluntarily walked to the Roman authorities and denied Christ and informed on those who would not for years, and then kept it to himself after Constantine and when asked acted as if it was no big deal, then made him a Bishop and silenced dissent on the issue.

    The saddest thing for me is that the Vatican obviously knew this was the case. Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz suppressed publication of the lists of collaborators in Poland under communism, he knew that Wielgus' name was on that list. The Vatican would not act even though the Novus Ordo Conservatives who normally backed everything the Vatican does would not accept it. At the last hour it was Wielgus who resigned, not the Vatican which withdrew the appointment. Do these people even believe the Catholic faith? Law is up in Santa Maria Maggiore, Levada (who permitted homosexual men posing as nuns to occupy Diocesan property) is in the CDF and the situation of the Church only gets worse. This is more proof of what several conservatives said in the beginning, and were laughed to scorn for it, that Benedict XVI is a liberal with some conservative tastes in certain areas.

  16. Simon Peter's post is terrifying. It shows what a Catholic conscience is like.

    Whatever your real name is, and whatever it is that you do for a living, you ought to be writing in ever-more-widely available fora, about the specific question of how we might form our Catholic consciences truthfully, in order to rightly confront questions of good and evil.

    Thank you very kindly.

  17. Trans:

    My real name IS Simon-Peter.

    God grant my contrition be real.

    Charity requires I must believe and act as though you are not being sarcastic, you would agree?

    I cannot answer your question fully because this blog is not mine.

    These are just some really random thoughts.

    From what I have heard and read, and experienced, the greatest obstacle to sanctification which is the Will of God, can be summed up in one word:


    Most Catholics fall at the very first fence, to wit, they assume they are sincere and are not self-deceived. Although they might examine their conscience, they do not consider that the conscience they are examining is badly formed, that they are insincere and they might, possibly, be deceiving themselves.

    Ask for the habitual grace of self-examination. Ask for a sincere heart. Ask for the gift of perfect contrition. Ask you be freed from all self-deception. Then ask for crowning gift here: that the Lord always leave you in some doubt as to whether you are perfectly sincere &c.

    Some do not ask for certain gifts, such as the gift of contemplation or the gift of joyful suffering with Jesus and Mary or the gift of humility (REAL humility). Make the Heroic Act and begin to prove yourself, exercise your will. Anyone can go to Mass, anyone can "go to Church" on Sundays, big deal, look at the heretic sects. Prove yourself to yourself: go to confession weekely, twice a week, and go to adoration, at least once a week and at a time that is NOT conveniant to you. Begin to prove yourself to yourself.
    Do you really believe?

    Adoration and confession prove you: do not be deceived about this. Daily Mass does not prove you. Adoration and confession. Adoration and confession Adoration and confession. Good spiritual reading. Always and everyday. Never, ever read scripture without a teacher, ever, it will kill you. Ugh, the presumption of this one, amazing.

    Accept you are utterly helpless, its easy, it happens to be true!

    Without Him you can do nothing, and what do you have that you have not received?

    Whenever you can...silence, absolute silence. Tell Him, a zillion times, you love Him, but your love is weak, that you want to love Him, tell Him you want to be in love with Him, tell Him "I do", tell Him you want to "marry" Him. Tell Him again, and again, and again. Stop being so adult! Take a little statute of Him to bed and snuggle with HIm as you fall asleep.

    {if anyone starts laughing, I'll have you know that I come from a family of soldiers (and Marines, Royal that is), and I used to be a soldier, damn good shot too, so knock it off)

    If a man can't stand silence (legitimate phobia aside) it raises questions.

    They do not ask for certain gifts (contemplation, suffering) because they will be ever in the presence of their suffering Lord as he presents himself to their memeory, and who, in their right mind, would want to have the Son of God presenting Himself to the memory, enlightening the intellect and guiding the will, without respite, even whilst asleep, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour? Who? Who wants to wake themselves up from a dream yelling "no, no, thats a mortal sin that is."

    Ahhhhh...not even in our so-called unconscious should we utter "non serviam." True we are not, in the ordinary course, culpable for what happens during our unconcscious state. Still, do you not want him to take control and eradicate, to defend the castle even whilst you take your rest? Ah....night prayers for protection, how old fashioned! Pah, away with them!

    Neither do they ask for the gifts of wisdom and discernment. They do not ask for these gifts - or they ask half-heartedly - because, in the recesses of their heart (where they seek to hide those things which are terribly displeasing to God, that is, those aspects of their personality which needs must be annhilated) they know that this entails dying to self, a self they cling to, or half-cling to ("ah well, purgatory is not that bad" or "I'll be happy so long as I get to Purgatory").

    Patience is anathema to them. Perseverance is a dity word.

    He who has been forgiven much, loves much. They do not love much because they have never asked to be shown just a little of the filth of their own sin.

    How, in the Name of the Son of the Living God, can any Catholic love Jesus if He only saved us from a bad hair day and some slightly inclement weather?

    Always remember the intellect is to know God, the memory to remember Him (recollection), the will to love Him. Also rememeber that if anyone says that "we" are made in the image and likeness of God, he is only telling a half-truth...

    The whole truth is, that the "image" is the ability to choose, the likeness only comes about if you choose the good AND do it.

    Finally, though I began with presumption (without even sratching the surface, lets face it) I'll end with despair, they are twins:

    Our own nature (flesh) and the world and the devil (external) love nothing more than to induce either presumption or despair, first one, now another. A very simple easy introduction to how to a. quicken the conscience and b. calm the conscience and c. get you running and always running to sacramental confession and d. realize you need to "mediatate on the law of the Lord day and night" or you will surely die is this short book:

    Ignore the website blurb, it's not as bad as that. In fact, they don't even say what this book is really about: a black letter down and dirty answer to the question "what is (a) temptation? How does it proceed and from where? Does it have stages? How do I know if I let it cross the line? Can I stop it? How? When?

    Oh, one last thing, if people would stop the crap with the the speculation and just immerse themselves in dogma they'd be a lot happier: and if they REALLY got to grips with the doctrines and dogmas about the Mystical Body of Christ, Divinization and Divine Adoption they would fall in love all over again and realize, that no man, in the Catholic Church, is an island, a law unto himself.


  18. Trans:

    This book, The Gods of Atheism (1971), in it's opening chapter, manages to deal with the all the issues that have been brought to the fore by this matter. It also gets to the heart of the of things professional and practical atheism which fester in an unwillingness to examine oneself, later manifesting itself as...

    I got this book a couple of months ago from an old book store, but you can buy a new edition at the URL above. I hadn't read any of it until last night, but it was very eerie...

  19. Did anyone notice that the two names that signed the authorization for communion in the hand in Poland were Cardinals Arinze and Ranjith. And I thought these were two of our best guys in Rome! Just goes to show myself how wrong I can be.

  20. Did anyone notice that the two names that signed the authorization for communion in the hand in Poland were Cardinals Arinze and Ranjith. And I thought these were two of our best guys in Rome! Just goes to show myself how wrong I can be.

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