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In Britain, the Church must always submit

It seems to be one of the favorite British sports, equally appreciated in England and in Scotland: forcing Catholics to submit to the almighty State.

Yet, how could an objective assessment of the events surrounding the current "Gay Adoption" Church-State confrontation be any different from this?

Oddly, had the Catholic position been more hardline, it might have stood more of a chance. But once Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Birmingham, admitted on Tuesday’s Newsnight that his agencies were happy to place children with single gay people, but not couples, his argument fell apart. Surely two parents are better than one? If single homosexuals are acceptable, why not a couple committed to each other? The widespread view was that he couldn’t have it both ways: either homosexuality was wrong or it wasn’t. Equally, Catholic agencies are prepared to place children with cohabiting heterosexual couples, even though the Church disapproves of sex before marriage. As one Cabinet minister put it: “If there was a religious principle at stake here, they sold the pass several years ago.” (source)

As always in its difficult history in the "Sceptred Isle", the Catholic Church, whose local prelates now rightfully demand a clear exemption from this iniquitous law, would now be in a much better position if its hierarchy had consistently stood for clear, Traditional, Catholic principles.


  1. The cancer of compromise.

  2. And where is the intervention of H.H. BXVI? Where is the clear voice of the Prince of the Apostles laying the standard down as a witness to his brothers?

  3. When I read this post by NC little bells started going off in my head. "Didn't I read something like this yesterday..."

    NC posted today:

    "Oddly, had the Catholic position been more hardline, it might have stood more of a chance...[A]s one Cabinet minister put it: “If there was a religious principle at stake here, they sold the pass several years ago.”

    Here is a post from YESTERDAY on CWN responding to the McDonnell - Higgins imbroglio as covered on Amy Welborn:

    Posted by: Robbie - Jan. 25, 2007 1:35 PM ET USA
    I don't think the bishops realize the frustrations of prolife (anti-abortion) Catholics. As a Republican Precinct Chairperson, I'm getting resistance from the secularist in keeping the ProLife Platform – because the “...Bishops don't think it is important.” We know they do, but sure don't follow through.

    It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that I disagree with Bobby, as has been recently demonstrated in Denver, Washington and now Buffalo...they don't follow through, because they don't think its important except to prise money from our wallets to compensate / offset the victims of priestly and episcopal malfeasance and mismanagement.

    For the last 12 months or so the vicious anti-Catholic screed across the UK has shocked even me. From north to south, east to west, in that green and pleasant land anti-catholicism is a national sport, or at least the sport of the sodomized and sodomizing chattering classes.

    They sold us out years ago...

    Who *will* rid us of these meddlesome priests?

  4. Pathetic. Just pathetic. And we pay their saleries, these "Bishops", these Episcopi, these, "overseers?" Pathetic.

  5. We will see the times when the raven from the Tower of London will fly away and large events will happen to what Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich called "the prideful and idle Island" which would be punished severely by nature (and war-related events).

  6. Good, and then Jesus can make me King, as I have asked Him, and I can go to Rome on my knees to be crowned King of Cathoilc England by his Holiness. Shortly after, acting under the Pope I will begin the campaign to restore and expand the Holy Roman Empire.

    We'll invade France first: just me and a couple of dwarfs armed with peashooters: don't want to be accused of overkill.

    Sixty seconds later, it's off to Spain...where hostilities will commence between 1 and 3 pm.

    Yes, I share a serious dread about England...I don't think it will be pretty. I only hope that Jesus will spare evry single Catholic in case some people still don't get it.

    Honi soit qui mal y pense.

  7. Though Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor has spoken up, it would seem that it is far too little, and far too late.
    I have been in his previous diocese of Arundel-Brighton many times - it is a tragedy. Just this past September the local priest gloried in the heresy of universal salvation.

    The actions of the State in this matter also constitute another blatent manifestation of fascistic statism, condemned by the Popes (e.g. Pius XI).

    I would also strongly recommend readers to obtain, read and study Christian Order to get an appreciation of the state of the Church in Britain. (


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