Rorate Caeli

Locus enim in quo stas terra sancta est

The short Christmas cycle of the Liturgical Year ends as the gigantic Easter cycle begins. In a few weeks, the season of Septuagesima will commence and the rubrics for the current editions of the traditional Breviary and Missal of the Roman Rite, established by the Letter Rubricarum Instructum, call this season a time (per annum...) "ante Septuagesimam", "before Septuagesima". The name of the season is quite appropriate since it reminds the clergy and the faithful that the number of Sundays after the Epiphany is determined by the position of Septuagesima Sunday in the Calendar (which is set by the variable date of Easter).

As always, in a most wonderful way, which only the "democracy of the dead" through the centuries could have established, the intense yet intimate joys of Christmastide give way to a time of calm and serenity. The Time before Septuagesima is the perfect reflection period before the great road to Jesuralem is climbed.

We are now at a plateau at the foot of the great Calvary of Salvation: the first steps are right in front of us, and their names are Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and Quinquagesima. Now is the time to plan for the season of fasting and sacrifice. Now is the time to ask a good priest for true guidance on how to climb the mountain so that we can be worthy to at least witness and meditate once again on the Mystery of the Sacrifice of God Incarnate.

"Put off thy shoes: thou standest on holy ground." Ecce ascendimus Ierosolymam.