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Panorama: Pope not a "Decider"

The Italian Panorama has a new piece about the Holy Father. Of relevance to us, this:
Benedict XVI does not have the temperament of a "decider" and must take his age into consideration (he will be 80 on April 16). Moreover, his initiatives meet great resistance. The French Cardinals, guided by the President of the Episcopal Conference Jean-Pierre Ricard, oppose the liberalization of the Latin Mass of Saint Pius V.


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    And the French Cardinals seem content to hand over the french churches to muslims instead of solid Traditional Catholic communities.

  2. New Catholic,

    Not a "decider?" What's he need, a visit from Dubya?

    On the serious side, there's been precious little news the last few weeks. Can you tell us, has there been even the slightest peep from your Roman sources as to whether or not something will happen soon?

    The MP notwithstanding, even the Apostolic Exhortation, something we know is real and long overdue, has yet to materialize.

    Despite the dearth of snow in these parts, it's turning into a long, cold winter.

  3. After I met Cardinal Ratzinger I used the term "sweet" to describe him (with no pejorative intent), a term I had never before used for a man. He is sweet, gentle, and professorial. A Pope Militatus he is not. Nor is he without his deficiencies in orthodoxy. However, he is more faithful intellectually and affectionately to Tradition than was his predecessor.

    In any case, the Holy Ghost is the Decider, and the Pope needs only to say "yes" to His promptings. I pray then for His Holiness, who, like all Catholics, must become more than we are.

  4. As Sun Tzu said in "The Art of War", a manual which can be applied to any type of conflict, not just a one involving physical combat, "The important thing is victory, not persistence."

    Traditionalists have been persistent for 40 years and while there have been some improvements, they have been minor, at best.

    We need a group of traditional Roman Catholic "plumbers" ala Tricky Dick Nixon's boys.

    Not for the purpose of criminal activity of course, but a group of zealots who can, again referring to Sun Tzu, "throw them into disarray" through unexpected actions: newspaper ads, billboards on highways, show up at an NO parish with 20 trads, be peaceful/attentive during the Mass, then recite the Pater Noster in Latin when the rest of the congregation is holding/raising their hands hands and saying it in the vernacular. Find an NO parish with Eucharistic Adoration and show up with 20 trads and sign the guestbook.

    Anything to be noticed in a positive way.

    Modernists are fond of "dialogue" -- we need to advocate "engagement". Bringing tradition back is going to be like a parish raffle of old -- you must be present to win.

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    What a pleasant song our little bird doth sing!

  6. By the way, if you deem yourself a traditional Catholic, cut out the "he or she." Feminism and political correctness have no place within those ranks. That is the beauty of the TLM and "dead" Latin: totally impenetrable to all manifestations of secularism. If only we in the pew would seek the same for ourselves and families.

  7. Anonymous5:52 PM

    This does not surprise me, how can you be a 'decider' in a management by comittee style of governance? Lets face it, COLLEGIALITY, stifles any form of 'Decider' in an Sovereign Pontiff.

  8. The silence over the last few months makes me think that the French Bishops just may have orchestrated their own modernist version of the Ottaviani Intervention.

  9. By the way, Guadalupe Guard, I know Joseph Ratzinger is gentle and sweet, but surely you have read some of his essays and the CDF documents. He's not always that sweet and he's not always that gentle.

  10. The Regensburg Address seemed pretty non-sweet to me, as well.

  11. Interesting.

    I did not post this one, Jon.

  12. Anonymous7:48 PM

    You know Jon, I'm sure many of us are agonizing over this delay but since the Apostolic Exhortation has yet to surface, it makes me think that the post-synodal document and the Motu Proprio will complement each other and will be released together.

  13. Anonymous10:20 PM

    It appears that at least some members of the post synodal committee are due to meet in Rome next week. (Cardinal's engagements, Catholic Herald, UK)

    As I had understood that their business was concluded months ago, are we to expect a press call?


  14. Wulstan,

    What day?

  15. If the Holy Father does not have the intestinal courage to deal with Ricard then we can expect nothing in favor of the TLM.

  16. Anonymous11:57 PM


    The diary entry for Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor states 'Mon-Sat: attends post synodal meeting on the Eucharist, Vatican, Rome'.

    A Thursday would, of course, be the most appropriate day for the release of a major document on the Holy Eucharist.

    Next week, Thursday is the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul - the same day that 'Deus Caritas Est' was released last year, if my memory serves me correctly.

    Let's see what unfolds.


  17. The phone calls to bishops in France were never a good sign.

  18. Any action intended to disrupt the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS is a sacrelige, and offense against our Lord and Saviour. I don't think it's very "Traditional" to propose such a thing.

    God Bless,



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