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Towarzysz Wielgus: Update

Earlier post here.

Update (2130 GMT): Radio Polonia.

‘I did harm to the Church’ says Wielgus

Archbishop Stanislaw Wielgus has made an apology in a special statement to the Warsaw diocese, admitting, in effect, that he has lied in recent days over allegations of collaboration with the communist era secret services.

The Archbishop said that: “By the fact that I was involved [with the communist services] I did great harm to the Church and I harmed it again recently in the face of a heated media campaign when I denied the fact of this collaboration’.

The apology and admission comes just two days before Stanislaw Wielgus is scheduled to be formally sworn in as Archbishop of Warsaw.

In a statement given earlier in the day, however, he said he had talked to the communist secret police in order to be allowed to travel abroad but denied being a secret informer.

He said he had not carried out any spy missions and had not done any harm to anyone with his words or actions.

The Church commission, which studied secret police documents, acknowledged that the archbishop had spied for the communist-era secret services, saying that there was sufficient evidence to confirm that he was a willing informer.

Editorial note:

Are we supposed to believe this now, or are we suposed to wait for another apology? We must be clear: Archbishop Wielgus was a liar in the past, he has been a liar in the past few days, and he is a shame to Holy Mother Church and to the Polish Motherland he betrayed in the past and has betrayed even today.

Shame on him!
Father Jerzy Popiełuszko (1947-1984), Polish martyr under Communism


thetimman said...

Doesn't it go without saying that he shouldn't be allowed to be Archbishop?

humboldt said...

¡Shame on Benedict XVI! And this guy is going to be a cardinal.

What a slap on the face by Benedict XVI to JPII and to the martyr of Fr. Popielesku.

This another drop in the list of "surprises" that Benedict XVI has been given. What else is he reserving for the future?

Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) is really showing who he really is now. I am comming to believe that he cannot be trusted. Perhaps he is not happy being pope. AMDG.

Simon-Peter said...

yep, from here too:

He's still not really admitting wrongdoing though is he? Or is he?

He admits an entanglement ("I did not have SEXUAL relations with THAT woman), and admits this entanglement was damaging, then he shifts from entanglement to cooperation (it depends on what your definition of "is" is) but denies the facts thereof.

Of course he didn't really mean he denied the facts, he can't be insane, he probably just meant he denied the putative facts were actual facts and the conclusions people have drawn. That is, he denied the fictions.

Then he says he "did not report on anyone nor deliberately try to hurt anyone".

Okay, so that ties in with denying the "facts." Fine. So, is this a recognition that he HAS hurt someone ("anyone"), and if so who and when? It can't, surely, be someone back in the bad old days, because he claims he did nothing. Unless he is sorry becuase of an omission.

So it must be an apology that he has hurt someone ("anyone") now, which would be consistent with his admission that he has caused damage.

He claims it wasn't his conscious object ("nor deliberately try") to hurt; well then was it negligently? Was it recklessly?

Assuming the tense is correct, he says

"I damaged the church again when in recent days, amid a hot media campaign, I denied the facts of this cooperation."

Eh? What is the antecedent he has in mind when he says "again"? I dunno. What about "denied"? We know you denied them then, what about now, do you deny them, now?

Can someone help me make sense of this?

If I understand him, he is apologizing a. because he didn't hurt anyone (the facts are fictions), and b. because he damaged the Church by telling the truth, i.e. by denying he had done anything.

Well, if he didn't hurt anyone, and all he has done is deny fictions, why is he apologizing?

Seems to me he is an ideal man for the job!

Simon-Peter said...

English audio report from Radio Polonia:

or here:

and click "listen."

Guadalupe Guard said...

He would have been automatically disbarred from any eclessial honors if he had been tainted with collaboration with the Nazis.

bona gratia said...

How many lies should be tolerated by one who is pending appointment to become a Cardinal of the Church?

One, two, thirty?

This is shameful...

Simon-Peter said...


s'funny you should say that, 'cos I've been wondering about that all day.

"Bishop Klaus von Hohenpunk of Dingledanglebrucker denied, admitted, denied then finally admitted today that he had 12 years of meetings, dealings, and quislings (but to no harmful effect - it was just for the pumpernickel & wurst)
between 1933 and 1945 with various security agencies of the Third Reich, including, but not limited to, the Geheimestaatspolizei and Sicherheitsdienst."

Whether the Church or the world secular, I am and always have been amazed at the ability of "the left" to somehow get away with not being seen as naughty as those naughty nasty Nazis.

More people, in more countries, for longer, have been imprisoned, brutalized, systematically murdered and treated as collateral damage by the disciples of marxist-leninism and its permutations than was ever dreamt of in Herr Hitler's philosophy.

Long-Skirts said...

as reported...

"The Archbishop said that: “By the fact that I was involved [with the communist services] I did great harm to the Church and I harmed it again recently in the face of a heated media campaign when I denied the fact of this collaboration’."

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Simon-Peter said...

Does anyone know where Janice is?

Louis E. said...

I would think that Archbishop Muszynski of Gniezno (Gniezno being the traditional Primatial see of Poland,separated from Warsaw in 1992 though Cardinal Glemp was allowed to remain Primate ad personam) is ahead of Archbishop Wielgus in the queue for red hats.Certainly it would seem a more popular choice now!

MacK said...

Surely, he must have been excommunicated by Pope Pius XII's Decree against Communism. What is he still doing in a bishop's chair?
The Holy Father promotes excommunicants to such hierarchical heights as a reward for his treachery? Is this not similar to Cardinal Law's reward of a prestigious Roman parish, by the last pontiff, for his complicity to break the law in USA by aiding and abetting clerical child molesters?

How anyone can be fooled into believing the sheer pretence of excommunication of traditionalists for defending The Faith of our fathers of 2000 years and allowing such hypocrits to continue corroding the church from above, is beyond credibility.

It really is time to wake up. They are all implicated in the devastation and destruction of our beautiful Faith.

Anyone who thinks this pontificate is going to set the modern church back on the road to Rome had better think again. It is heading for disillusionment and possible disaster. However, most modern "catholics" will not even notice since they are almost completely ignorant of The True Roman Catholic Faith in any case.

Ioannes said...

Hey, he's not "that bad" is he?

I mean... at leat he ddn't consecrate four Traditional Bishops" !!!! That would have been soooooooo bad.