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For the record: news from Mexico

The following translation of a note published in the Mexican daily Milenio a couple of weeks ago is posted here only for the record (we like to publish all such news reports, if only to check how rumors get started).

Benedict XVI decrees the return of Latin Masses.

The Pope has decided to sign and publish the text with an illustrative note written by liturgical experts and theologians


Pope Benedict XVI took the decision of publishing the motu proprio decree on the liberalization of the Tridentine Mass, the ceremony in Latin according to the Missal of Saint Pius V, that is, the pre-Conciliar Mass, which was celebrated up to 1962, with the priest turned towards the east, popularly defined as with the back [of the priest] turned to the people.

The Pope decided to sign and publish the text along with an illustrative note written by liturgical experts and theologians. The news comes from Rome and was confirmed yesterday in the Sacred Halls.

In fact, the definitive text of the Motu Proprio was handed to the Pope in late January by the Ecclesia Dei Commision, the Vatican organ charged with examining dealings with the Lefebvrists. Not all clerics are pleased with the measure, particularly the French Episcopal Conference.

The Tridentine Mass will not be obligatory, but the priests who wish to celebrate according to the old rite will now be able to do it, without asking permission to the diocesan bishop, as before. The decision of the Pope seems guided by common sense, because it ensures sobriety and spirituality.

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  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    There were so many articles about this and we have seen nothing.

    The article doens't mention when the Mass will be liberated.

    There is much ado, but when will this news become true?

  2. Anonymous7:37 PM

    If this is bulk of the Motu Propio, then the document is excellent.

  3. What if the article is true, but the news is being blocked in the Vatican?

    I particularly like the last sentence, especially coming from a Mexican soucer, that "The decision of the Pope seems guided by common sense, because it ensures sobriety and spirituality."

  4. I'd wager that the document is on hold during the Holy Father's retreat so that he can pray for its success. Let's accompany him in these prayers.

  5. Vinicius- I respectfully disagree with you. I haven't seen any article that looks like the real deal, claiming that the actual signing is a past event and that formal promulgation is immanent.

    Gloria in excelsis Deo. A flood of graces is about to come flowing into the Church. Let us pray that many pastors be inspired to take on the "burden" of learning the rubrics and providing the Tridentine Mass for those faithful who desire it.

  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    A suggestion: whenever this speculation about the Mass occurs, say the prayer pro ecclesia, text below (or a Hail Mary for the return of the traditional liturgy) so at least some good will have been done.

    Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, cuius Spiritu totum corpus Ecclesiae sanctificatur et regitur: Exaudi nos pro universis ordinibus supplicantes, ut gratiae tuae munere, ab omnibus tibi gradibus fideliter serviatur. Per Dominum...

  7. Does anyone know anything about the veracity of Melenio, or of the article's author, Bruno Volpe?

  8. Anonymous11:17 PM

    The devil is in the details. The article says that if the bishop explicitly probihits the Tridentine Mass, then it will not be celebrated. So it seems that it is not INDULT after all.

  9. Anonymous12:35 AM

    I don't see that in the article..

  10. No, the article seems to state pretty explicitly that the local ordinary will have no authority over a priest's decision to celebrate the Tridentine Mass.

    PS. I hope somebody will take responsibility to make sure good-willed but ill-trained priests do not abuse this right.

  11. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Do not put too many expectations in Milenio or in Mr Bruno Volpi.

    Im from the newspaper's city, and usually read the articles written there,and because of the style of the author and the newspaper, I'm almost sure that the declarations are more an attempt to bring more impact to the news, than a matter of fact.

    Here in Monterrey, the readers do not are accustomed to question the veracity of this kind of articles.

    So, i strongly suggest to take it with suspicious.

  12. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Serving the thruth, yes it is right the news posted. I was wrong, but I was talking about a news posted in this same diary on October 26, 206 which said what I was referring, to before.

  13. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Actually it was on Mileno October 11, 2006.

  14. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Dear Rorate:
    Let us pray that this battle between the two masses shall end posthaste, a battle that has caused two masses, two priesthoods, two rubrics, two lectionaries, and two worships within the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, built upon Peter. We must beg God for a total return to the singleness of traditional worship which is the orthodox,Roman Catholic Mass of the centuries: the Tridentine Latin Mass and that Christ's prayer that "all may be one" be no longer ignored.
    Pray for a firm hand and authentic unity again in worship within the Latin Rite from the saintly Pope Benedict XVI with the publication of this long anticipated "motu proprio."

  15. Anonymous8:17 AM

    "Not all clerics are pleased with the measure, particularly the French Episcopal Conference". I can't help by smile at this comment. I do believe the bishops of France already have a fit over the future Motu Proprio.

  16. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I think that the position of the French bishops is no laughphing matter. This indicates a severe breakdown in the communion in the order of bishops. This is very grave.

  17. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Who cares anyways? There is no priest in this (anonymous) diocese who can say the traditional Mass. The Bishop has chased them all away, and seems to have encouraged mediocrity in the remaining priests.

  18. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I think that it is important to know what does the pope think of this attitude of these French bishops. Does he see this attitude as something acceptable in a bishop? I would say that he does, therefore given evidence of his "modernist" core.

  19. "what does the pope think of this attitude of these French bishops. Does he see this attitude as something acceptable in a bishop? I would say that he does, therefore given evidence of his "modernist" core."

    What a ridiculous and tortured "conclusion" you try to draw here.

  20. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Has Cardinal Biffi just equated John XXIII with the Antichrist??? See the latest Zenit bulletin, but here's the 'beefy' bit:

    'Quoting the work "Three Dialogues on War, Progress and the End of History," Cardinal Biffi told his listeners that "the Antichrist presents himself as pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist."

    "He will convoke an ecumenical council and will seek the consensus of all the Christian confessions, granting something to each one. The masses will follow him, with the exception of small groups of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants," he said.'

    Might I comment that if Benedict wanted a suitable meditation to fire him up before the MP, this is it!

  21. Anonymous11:58 PM

    It is clear a water. That Pope Benedict XVI's core is modernist. He is not a traditionalist, he is just a classical liberal. A progressive, but not an ultra-progressive.

  22. Anonymous11:59 PM

    It is clear as water. That Pope Benedict XVI's core is modernist. He is not a traditionalist, he is just a classic liberal. A progressive, but not an ultra-progressive.

  23. Clericus, I had heard that Biffi was going to speak not only on "think of the things above, and not those of earth", but that there was going to be consideration given to that the prophetic dimension of that Russian novelist and his work on the AntiChrist of about 100 years ago. I've heard many people in trad literary circles comment on this book, title and author escaping me at the moment, so it may have something to do with that.

  24. Heb:

    permit me, you can find all you need and links here:

    I've been posting about Biffi for the last two weeks.

  25. I smell OLoF in Cardinal Biffi ;-).

  26. Clericus: can you post the URL on that. I can't locate least not in the English Zenit.

  27. Anonymous9:56 AM


    Go to and click on the dispatch for Feb 28.

    By the way, I find your flashing image disturbing.

  28. Anonymous11:51 AM

    So do I, S-P: although I appreciate your posts.


  29. Simon,

    I have to agree. Although I love Gene (I'm old enough to have seen the movie in the theater), I do find the electricity distracting. How about a return to the Saxon flag, or maybe Kenneth the Fifth besmudged with the battle and wielding his sword?

  30. Thanks, S-P, Soloviev's "Tale of the Antichrist" published in 1900. I probably most recently read about it in your posts, but I was first introduced to it by the brothers Robert and Russell Asch, who were then working with the St. Austin Press gang in Brockley, South London. Personally, I hope Biffi biffs 'em good.

  31. Yes, I find it disturbing too. I was just so tired of the never-ending manipulation of life, e.g. see here,

    just bizarre...

    that it was my attempt at a "statement."

    I suppose the animated gif avatar I have of a nubile young blonde shaking her thang would *not* be understood as a commentary on Life Teen? :-) Probably not.

    Okay, I'll fix it. Done.

    Thanks fot the link, I'll try again.

  32. Anonymous5:06 PM

    If and when the Holy Father signs the Motu Proprio on the Liberation of the Classic (Latin) Mass it is BY HIS INITIATIVE and NO INDuLT IS NECESSARY AS THE TRIDENTINE LITURGY IS PROTECTED IN PERPETUITY BY THE PAPAL BULL QUO PRIMUM. Then it follows how many diocesan priests will be in fear of OFFENDING their local prelate by saying it in their individual parishes? Also with the woefully bad training recieved in the seminaries of the Pauline novus ordo, the questions stands, how many priests & religious are capable or enthusiastic enough to take the time to learn LATIN & the rubrics of the Divine Liturgy of St. Pius V ???????? There is an ever increasing demand, errrr desire on the part of the Catholic laity, especially Young Roman Catholics to have access to the Ancient Liturgy, will the 1960 ish liberal bishops continue to stonewall and put obstacles in the way of it's return????????????? Pax-Pacem-Shalom


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