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Bagnasco replaces Ruini

Yes, it seems like old news, but the replacement of Cardinal Ruini at the helm of the powerful Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) -- the Archbishop of Genoa, Angelo Bagnasco-- was officially made public only today.

Ruini remains as the Cardinal Vicar of His Holiness for the Diocese of Rome.


  1. This is great news, too! The wheels of the Ox-cart of Peter are grinding forward. The Ox must be St. Mark! Actually, what with the Exhortation, Bagnasco, and locally the bankruptcy of the Diocese of San Diego under Robert Brom's watch, it's beginning to feel like a chariot race!

  2. Does anyone know the Archbishop's background and leanings? I've heard he is a protege of Ruini, which seems good.

  3. Anonymous11:50 PM

    This Bagnasco looks very much like Cardinal Ruini, physically.

  4. Apb. Bagnasco is apparantly one of the staunchest supporters of the liberalizing of the traditional liturgy in Italy.

  5. Anonymous4:44 AM

    I know nothing about Msgr. Bagnasco, and I really hope you are right about him, Hebdomadary.

  6. Mons. Bagnasco, Archbishop of Genoa and former Archbishop of the Italian Military Ordinariate, is a Thomist, a protege of the late Cardinal Siri and a the most prominent supporter of the liberalization of the Mass of Pius
    V among the Italian bishops.


  7. He's also the only member of the hierarchy in italy to have a message welcoming the potential Motu Proprio on his diosesan website. Think about that.

  8. Anonymous9:48 PM

    What about the replacement of Cardinal Sodano, 'Remnant' reports that he refused to go and this caused a great frustration to Holy Father and a sort of hidden scandal.

  9. I don't know how hidden it was, despite the fact that it wasn't mentioned. It was pretty obvious that he wasn't going anywhere, and was in fact stepping up his disobedience. It shouldn't surprise anyone though. This is high level power-politics, potentially lethal, too. Curial knives can be very long. Pray for the Holy Father.

  10. Anonymous4:07 AM

    "He's also the only member of the hierarchy in italy to have a message welcoming the potential Motu Proprio on his diosesan website. Think about that."

    Well, well, well! In that case, we can be pretty confident that the Motu Proprio will definitely be signed and published, and probably soon.

    It's been a long, bitter night for the Church. Could that be a hint of light on the eastern horizon?


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