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"Gay Masses" in the Archdiocese of Westminster: dens of lions

Exactly as predicted, of course - except by some disingenuous minds:

- Dissenting leaflets are handed out with the hymn books, making clear that the 'Soho Masses Pastoral Council' regards this as 'their' Mass;

- Sermon from Fr Shaun Middleton (4th March) endorses the dissenting theologian, ex-priest James Allison;

- Promotion of Gay Pride march;

- Bookstall in the church full of dissenting literature;

- No reference to the groups which help homosexuals live in accordance with Church teaching.
The homilist at the first "authorized Gay Mass" said, "This is an encounter which cannot be contained or kept within the booths of tradition". You've got that right, Father!


Report: Catholic Action UK (with links);
tip: Catholic Church Conservation;
"dens of lions": cf. Lesson for Tuesday in Passion Week (Daniel xiv, 27-42).


Mark said...

Why is anyone surprised? This is simply the cardinal caving in to the gay lobbyists. In typifies the appalling lack of episcopal leadership and authority we have here in the UK.

Our bishops are much more concerned to pander to the whims of the anti-Christian establishment than to uphold Catholic morals and virtue.

We were here 500 years ago and recovered. We will do it again - but it will be from the grass-roots, not from the bishops.

the boy said...

The sermon says it all. Not a word about turning away from their perversions and converting to Christ.


Simon-Peter said...


Simon-Peter said...

Totally off-topic. Do you recall that post NC about Hugo Chavez a few eeks ago. Well, he's off again.

Oh, these sodomites have some very strange ideas.

I did some snooping...very disturbing, espcially the discussion forum thread I found.

Thomas said...

I wonder if Bishops Crowley and Rawsthorne were represented?

Remember, they were the bishops who planned to celebrate Mass at the Silver Jubilee of the homosexual then-Chairman of CAFOD, Julian Filochowski and his homosexual partner, ex-priest Martin Pendergast.

They only didn't because they were rumbled, so stayed in the congregation while the then-Rector of Ushaw Seminary said the Mass of celebration.

The hierarchy here is appalling; Rome knows it, but doesn't do anything because it would cause its own schism.

Orlando Furioso said...

"shrill comment"

Anonymous said...

Please notice this, coming from Catholic Action (

Masses for Gay activists, again
Newest update (1/3/07): a spokesman for the diocese has assured CFNews that the 'Bidding Prayers for Civil Partnerships' proudly displayed on the SMPC website will not be permitted at the Masses in the Church of the Assumption.

benfan said...

Our sin blinds us to the Truth. We often can see no wrong in the things that seem quite natural to us. This however is a mistake. Homosexual appetites are a heavey cross for Catholics to bear and live out in chastity, far harder that heterosexual appetites. Therefore compassion must be excercised. However, what really troubles me is that body of Christ taken at mass by those who have been led atray by these heretical shepherds is not benign. The host quickens the soul in the state that it is in. If the person is in a state of gave sin as defined by the Catholic Church and persists, without repentance, in this sin, then it is really quite impotant that they do not take holy communion. To do so endangers them more. While it may be possible that some of the participants do repent, I would ask why go to these masses at all, join you brothers and sisters in faith in your local Catholic Church. No, it is quite clear the purpose of these masses. These false shepherds are leading our brothers and sisters to death.