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Ultra-"progressive" Vaticanist Marco Politi in today's issue of La Repubblica reports on the motu proprio on the liberalization of the Traditional Mass, but he does not mention any specific date; nor does he add any particularly new information on the matter:

The Papal decree on the Mass of Pius V in Latin, which will be broadly authorised even with some significant changes regarding the Missal of 1570, is also predicted for soon.
These "changes" to the Missal of 1570 mentioned by Politi are exactly those already known by Catholics familiar with the Editio Typica of 1962.

Source: La Repubblica; transcript at Papa Ratzinger.

Tip: Father Zuhlsdorf.

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if: 1. the recent questionairre sent to the bishops regarding anti-semitism, and 2. the new ability of the Synod of Bishops to vote on issues, giving them deliberative power (see Fr. Z's site), are both ways of pacifying those who would otherwise say, after the release of the MP, "It's anti-semitic" or "The Pope has given up on collegiality." Hmmm...