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Pro-death group in Ecclesiastical building in São Paulo
Situation unchanged despite Pope's visit

Last October, we published a post on the scandalous situation of the Brazilian headquarters of the pro-death organization "Catholics for a Free Choice", which is housed in a Catholic-owned building owned by the Carmelite Fathers in the city of São Paulo -- the city which Pope Benedict will visit for three days in just a few weeks. Here is our October post:


We do not remember ever seeing this reported in English, so we thank the reader who pointed it to us. From the website of ACI (the Spanish and Portuguese version of the Catholic News Agency):

Sao Paulo, July 21 2006 (ACI) - The polemical feminist abortionist organization self-identified as "Catholics for a Free Choice" (CFFC) has rented an ample space in an ecclesiastical building owned by the Carmelite province of Saint Elias [Province of Rio de Janeiro of the Carmelite Fathers, O.Carm.], fostering suspicion and discomfort among the faithful.

The Carmelites rented the entire sixth floor of the building to the group which identifies itself as Catholic, yet promotes open campaigns against the Catholic faith and hierarchy.

The CFFC are now neighbors to the South Regional [Branch] of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference (CNBB), which is based on the fifth floor, and of the headquarters of the Brazilian Religious Conference, based on the seventh [floor].

The false Catholics have recently announced the course "Deconstruction of the taboos of the Historically-built Catholic Thought", which openly attacks the teachings of the Church and which will be ministered in the Carmelite space.

The CFFC affirm that the course "will include questions which put in question Catholic thought regarding virginity, the use of contraceptive methods, maternity as fate, homosexuality, and abortion.["]

Curiously, university professors, leaders of feminist movements, homosexuals, and also pastoral agents of the Catholic Church were invited.

Well, we thought this piece of news was pretty incredible, so we contacted a dear reader from Sao Paulo (who gave us this report of animist ceremonies in the Cathedral of Cardinal Hummes, Archbishop of São Paulo, in the past) and he confirmed it.

In fact, it is pretty simple to check the facts. First, if one visits the webpage of Catholics for a Free Choice, the links to its International Partners include one to its Brazilian branch, with its postal address. In case they erase it, that is the postal address recorded in the CFFC website:

Rua Sebastião Soares de Faria, 57
60 Andar
01317-010 São Paulo SP
"6TH floor", exactly as the report mentions.

Then, if one googles the names "Sul", "Regional", and "CNBB" (which stand for "South", "Regional", and "Brazilian Episcopal Conference", as used in the original report), one finds the website for this regional episcopal conference, whose address is:

"Rua Prof. Sebastião S. de Faria, 57 5º andar
São Paulo / SP CEP: 01317-010"
Same address, "5th floor".


Despite the Papal visit, which we thought would awaken the sense of shame among the Catholic hierarchy in São Paulo and throughout Brazil, the situation has remained the same, as our São Paulo correspondents have confirmed. We beg all our readers to send their protest (in any language) regarding this outrageous situation to one or several of the following e-mail addresses:

His Eminence, the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Franc Cardinal Rodé, C.M. :

His Excellency, the Archbishop Secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, Archbishop Gianfranco Agostino Gardin, O.F.M. Conv. :

Prior General of the General Curia of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Father Carlo Cicconetti:

Vice-Prior of the General Curia of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Father Kevin Alban:

Archbishop Odilo Pedro Scherer, new Archbishop of São Paulo and General Secretary of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference (CNBB):

Spokesman of the Archdiocese of São Paulo:

Spokeswoman of the Papal Visit to São Paulo:


  1. Nothing to be surprised about. No all Catholica bishops are catholic, are many would sabotage whatever they have to in order to promote their unchristian beliefs. We should not be surprised by more evident scandals when the pope is in Brazil, although I think he likes this.

  2. It has been my great good pleasure to register my shock and outrage to all the individuals so helpfully identified in this post.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I, too, have written. Hopefully, enough will write so as to make a difference. Things can get so discouraging, but we have to keep plugging away.

    God bless to all.

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    I have sent an email.

  5. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Let us not lose 'being surprised'. This world is in darkness and needs our daily, hourly prayers. Let us true traditional Catholics persevere and pray to save these souls. Persevere and Christ WILL find our faith when He returns. I agree with all comments, it's horrifying. Lamb Nancy, Sacramento California

  6. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Only a small correction. At the time when this post was put online Mons. Odilo Pedro Scherer, Secretary General of the Brazilian Episcopal Conference, was still auxiliary bishop and archbishop elect of São Paulo.

    Archbishop Scherer took office as the new Metropolitan Archbishop of São Paulo only today, April 29th.

    So let us hope that he will now deal with the problem. I have written my letter.

  7. Correction not accepted: the informal reference to "new archbishop" to any archbishop who is promoted but has not taken possession (the term "bishop elect" also being an informal one, not being used in the CIC) is adequate, as Can. 382 of the CIC, and respective expert comments, indicate. As for the personal responsibility of Archbishop Scherer, it is not the same as if he had been the Archdiocesan ordinary in the past -- yet he was auxiliary bishop in the same diocese, so his responsibility was not negligible.

  8. Thank you all who have written to the spokesmen and authorities mentioned above or others.

  9. Can you update this post and inform us what happened?

    Thank you.


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