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After Archbishop Bagnasco, another one of the Siri Boys has been promoted to a special position by Pope Benedict.

Congratulations to Archbishop Mauro Piacenza, new Secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy, another son of the great Archdiocese of Genoa - in a long conversation with Piacenza, reported last month by Marco Tosatti, His Holiness personally persuaded him to accept the position, cumulative with the Presidencies of the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archeology and of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, already held by the Genoese prelate.


  1. Mgr. Piacenza is one of the main supporter of the Catholic Anti-Defamation League (

  2. Let's pray that they will live up to the fame that engulf them.

  3. Benedict appointed the impressive Ranjith Don as Secretary of CDW, though he kept on the less imposing Arinze. He retained his ally Angelo Amato as Secretary of CDF, while appointing the controversial Levada. Now, after appointing the disappointing Cardinal Hummes to Clergy, he names a stellar Secretary to that Congregation.

    Am I connecting real dots do you think, New Catholic, or am I building castles in the air?

  4. What is this Mgr's position on the Traditional Rite of Mass?

  5. Several of us see those dots, Jeff... In that very same article, Tosatti mentions that the appoitment means Benedict is grooming Piacenza to fill Hummes' position when the Prefect turns 75, in two years. Arinze turns 75 before the end of the year. In a few years, those secretaries may well be promoted.

    As for Levada, the rumors regarding his possible move to New York are strong -- but are they credible?...


    Piacenza seems to be, at the very least, sympathetic to the Traditional Catholic plight.

  6. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Did anyone else notice that Abbot Zielinski of Pecos monastery was named Vice-President of Cultural Heritage and of Sacred Archaeology today?

    Seems like they have a pretty good line-up.

  7. Yes, you are correct -- we have just made a post on that.

  8. The secretary of a commission is far more important than the president. After all Mons. Bugnini was the secretary of the Consilium and look what he was able to do!


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