Rorate Caeli

Rome, the Church of all times

...from the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit does not cease to scatter [the Church] through the paths of the world, to the extreme ends of the earth and to the end of time. This reality which we may verify at all times is as if anticipated in the Book of the Acts, where the passage of the Gospel from the Jews to the pagans, from Jerusalem to Rome, is described.

Rome indicates the world of the pagans, and therefore all peoples who are outside the ancient people of God. In fact, the Acts conclude with the arrival of the Gospel in Rome. It may then be said that Rome is the concrete name of Catholicity and of Missionarity, it expresses faithfulness to the origins, to the Church of all times, to a Church which speaks all languages and meets all cultures.

Benedict XVI
Regina Cæli
May 27, 2007


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    "Rome is the concrete name of Catholicity and Missionarity and expresses faithfulness to its origins, to the Church which speaks all languages and meets all Catholics."
    Pope Benedict XVI

    There is only one way that Rome has done this for centuries i.e. speak all languages to all men. It has done this according to its tradition via the Latin language, the mother of all languages, especially regarding worship.

    Through Latin the orthodox Roman Catholic Church has been able to keep intact the orthodoxy of her liturgy for centuries, promoting always true hermeneutics and accurate interpretation of Holy Scripture, reverential and holy gestures and movements at all times through Roman rubrics; in fact true orthodox Roman Catholic sacrifice of God for our sins with hearts full of humble petition, praise, and thanksgiving in worship. That is, until today when "The Novus Ordo Missae" began the auto-destruction of orthodox Roman Catholic worship for the first time since the "Upper Room."

    Only with Latin can Rome in all of her Catholicity and Missionarity have due worship for Amighty God, for she then speaks with one voice, one language, one worship, one reverence for Communion, and one understanding of the orthodox Roman Catholic Church from its faith and its teachings as they are proclaimed from this holiest of all Catholic worship for centuries, its Roman Catholic worship in Latin.
    j hughes dunphy

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    J Hughes Dunphy
    Well during the pro Latin days, we had the mistake on the 4 just titles for slavery lasting 1400 years that perdured despite about 8 Papal bulls from the early 15th century to the 19th which at times attacked the slave trade or the enslaving of new native populations. But none took explicit issue with the moral theologians' just title of a person being born to a slave becomes a slave (including Juan de Lugo in the 17th century and Ligouri in the 18th). That was part of the reason that the 1917 code of canon law continued the previous decretals' forbidding of a slave to receive Holy Orders.
    Trust me...I studied Latin for 6 years and it contains no magic solution to anything. Back in the 50's one would see at Mass not elderly ladies paying attention to Mass at all but saying the rosary during Mass because they could not understand the Mass itself. The paradigm should be the Last Supper during which all understood what was being said. Latin alienates most people but the 3% of the Church that ascribes magic powers to it.

  3. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Typical liberal nonsense, Bill. Yes, yes, all the peons are so stupid, they couldn't possibly understand anything that isn't dumbed down for them by the elite who are "in the know." Sell it somewhere else. It's been tried for the past 40 years and been found wanting...

  4. "The paradigm should be the Last Supper during which all understood what was being said. "

    Your "paradigm" is mixing plain basic stupidity and theological gross ignorance.
    This is the Catholic Church my friend not a fundamentalist cult as yours. We believe in the Holy Ghost and so in Tradition which is the reflect of the Holy Ghost gifts to the people of God (remember the Pentecost gospel please !). That is for your genuine first month of RCIA.
    For the plain stupidity : do you wear a toga and sandals, ride horse or donkey, speaking Aramaïc ? I guess not. So for your Protestant fundamentalist paradigm.

    Naturally the Holy Mass has at its core the Last Supper made present and real for all of us. But gratefully Tradition i.e. the Holy Ghost has added a number of prayers to show reverence, gratitude and invoke God in the Holy Trinity.
    You should be thankful of so much generosity from God !

    As for the usual silliest argument of "understanding" : you're wrong 100%.
    Look at stats : after 40 years of your vernacular Last Supper "celebrations", over 70% of "Catholics" do not believe anymore in the Real Presence whether in France or the USA. It seems you vernacular people do not have any clue : with the vernacular you do not understand the basics of the faith !
    When historians easily prove illiterate peasants of the Middle Ages knew BETTER than you.

    Rather than blabbering the same nonsense, try to think a little bit.
    nb. as for your other nonsense about slavery, it would take too long to restore history from your confused presentation : and it has nothing to do whatsoever with the topic !

  5. If the Last Supper were the "paradigm," we would be using the Seder form and speaking liturgical Hebrew (which even small children learned for the Passover). Oh, yes, and only Bishops would be in attendance.

  6. Latin is not the mother tongue of all languages. It was not even the mother tongue of the Church. Properly speaking that would have been Greek. There are certainly advantages to the use of Latin both in the liturgy and as a universal language for official documents. But to argue that the Catholic Church requires Latin to be orthodox (small "o") is silly. It is also insulting to the various Eastern Rite churches that you all are always proclaiming how much respect you have for.

  7. Anonymous2:23 AM

    I love Latin and study it, but Ad Orientem is right--what j hughes says is kind of silly.

    Not a soul would have made these claims a century ago: they are clearly the result of the polemics developed during the last 40 years to defend Latin. Which is a nice goal, but ultimately they're just that--polemics. We can like Latin, even believe it should be normative, without making such grandiose and unsupportable claims. In fact, without them the argument for Latin is stronger, if more humble.

  8. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Would that we had more of those rosary praying ladies back - the ones seemingly disparaged by Bill...

    Meanwhile, the Last Supper...wasn't that a RITUAL MEAL! Parts would have been in liturgical Hebrew although Aaramaic was the vernacular. (Well, as long as it's not Latin!) But I'm sure Peter brought his guitar and James and John did a liturgical dance. And Mary Magdalene would have been there to distribute the Holy Eucharist after the hugging and hand shaking at the sign of peace.

  9. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Hey People:

    Comments, comments and more comments:

    Why do not you hear the clear voice of the ordinary magisterium of the Church?:

  10. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I guess St. Teresa of Avila was one of those stupid, old ladies who could not understand the Mass. She herself admitted that since she didn't know Latin, she did not know what the prayers were about. But, she said that by the grace of God,who enlightened her mind, she came to understand the Mass better than if she studied.

    Perhaps stupid, old ladies without 6 years of Latin could teach you something, Mr. Bannon.