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Is it Trautman? Is it an English Bishop?

No, it is the new Archbishop of São Paulo, Brazil (and an almost certain future Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church), Odilo Pedro Scherer, named by Pope Benedict to replace the Prefect for Clergy, who says the following about the Traditional Latin Mass (or any Mass in Latin, actually...) :

The Mass in Latin is not a new thing about which the Pope speaks in the Apostolic Exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis. Even after the Second Vatican Council, there has always been the possibility of celebrating Mass in Latin. Of course, one will not celebrate in Latin with the people, who cannot understand it. What there is now is that some desire the return of the ancient liturgy. This creates some unease for raising the suspicion that what is wanted is to change the decisions of the Second Vatican Council. What was done with Paul VI, with John Paul II, and which is kept now is the authorization for some groups which have asked for the possibility of using the liturgy of the Council of Trent. This has been granted, now to will that this be once again extended to all the Church, indiscriminately, seems to me more complicated, and I do not see that it may happen. It is said that the Pope would be preparing a motu proprio widening the use of the ancient liturgy, but what is specifically happening must be seen. There is nothing concrete up to the moment.

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Regarding the Archbishop of Westminster, we would like to share the following e-mail sent to us by another reader, Mr David Werling, a response to an e-mail message sent by him to the Archdiocese:

Dear Mr. Werling,

The Cardinal has asked me to write and thank you for your email. The Cardinal would wish to assure you that he has done nothing to thwart the publication of the motu proprio on the liberalization of the Traditional Latin Mass. Assuming it is published before long, the Cardinal will do everything in his power to apply it generously.

With kind wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Mgr Mark O'Toole
Private Secretary

Mgr O'Toole does not deny that the Cardinal may have sent a letter to the Pope regarding the matter, as the Telegraph had published, simply that he has "done nothing", in his own opinion, naturally, "to thwart the publication of the motu proprio". We are glad that "the Cardinal will do everything in his power to apply it generously"...


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  1. "Thwart" is a word that I am unable to understand.

  2. Anonymous4:25 AM

    If you look on Fr Z's blog he points out there is likely going to be a increase in articles like these putting down and undermining the MP as well as cast doubts for us faithful. He has critiqued one news article already, it is not surprising this "almost certain future Cardinal" has said what he said.

    I wont put too much weight on this article.

  3. Anonymous6:26 AM

    I agree, anonymous #1. It's just more trash-talk from progressives. Get a load of that turquoise priest shirt would you! Bet he has leisure suits home in his closet.

  4. The salient point has been missed by the 3 previous comments.
    Abp Scherer is a brand new appointment of Benedict XVI for one of the major sees in the number 1 Catholic nation in the world.
    Abp Scherer is a typically - so far - "Benedictine" bishop i.e. a disastrous choice that is going to put Brazilian Church several years backward.

    We won't never put enough weight on this papal policy of appointing bishops who are blatant supporters of the "hermeneutics of rupture" !
    If this pontificate is after 2 years a waste of time, mainly, the reason is precisely illustrated by the Abp Scherers who have been put in charge all over the world.

  5. Anonymous1:18 PM

    The comforting thing about the Archbishop's comments is that he, by his own admission, knows NOTHING about the contents of the MP. He's just speaking off the cuff about a document that could very well contain all that he thinks it doesn't (and from our indications, it looks as thought it will!). That being said, I'm surprised that an archbishop isn't shrewd enough to see the writing on the wall and, at least in in public, come out in favor of said writing.

  6. Hmmmm....what does this mean to the Institute of the Good Shepard that recently was invited and opened a house in Sao Paulo?

    I understand that priests from Campos are also serving in Sao Paulo.

    Sigh....I suppose it's still too much to ask at this point for traditional prieststo have the full support 100% backing from every bishop in every diocese they serve in.


  7. John said:
    "Hmmmm....what does this mean to the Institute of the Good Shepard that recently was invited and opened a house in Sao Paulo?"

    Well, the IGS was not really invited to Sao Paulo by the bishop. They just went there, established a house and then communicated the fact to the bishop. The District Superior Fr. Navas meet Dom Odilio in Sao Paulo. He had to accept the Pope's will: the growth and freedom of the Institute.

    As far as I know, there are several approved Latin Masses in Sao Paulo: two celebrated by the IGS (in an oratory and a school) one by the Fathers of Campos and the other by a benedictine. So Mons. Scherer is very aware of the situation.

    He is just playing fool for the liberal press.

    That's the favorite sport of many latin american bishops.

    By the way, other thing that I cannot understand is this:

    Alsaticus said: "If this pontificate is after 2 years a waste of time (...)".

    I have serious doubts regarding the nature of this statements: it is a lie or some kind of childish tantrum, the favorite sport of many on-line traditionalists?

    I cannot understand the general distrust to the Pope of many people. The poor Vicar of Christ is facing the rage of modernists and needs our support.

    Here in Peru the pontificate of Benedict XVI has shown his providential nature. The awareness regarding the Old Rite is growing. In 2002 we didn't have anything. Today we are expecting two Ecclesia Dei foundations in the near future. The discipline of the clergy is being restored and other good things are happening.

    Maybe in some internet fora the situation always seems dark, but that is not the Pope's fault.

  8. Quick question: is "Odilio" the Portugese word for "Odious"?

    But seriously, folks...somebody way back in Brazilian history must have made somebody upstairs WAY moody. First they get Arns...and now this chump? Ugh.

    Let's not blame the Holy Father. I'm sure he had no idea that the guy could produce this kind of twaddle before the appointment was made. Plus the Holy Father seems pretty good at bringing stiff-necked bishops to least when absolutely necessary.

  9. "I cannot understand the general distrust to the Pope of many people. The poor Vicar of Christ is facing the rage of modernists and needs our support."

    You may be right, but he has such a prominent liberal background.

  10. To the Peruvian "everything is perfect" :
    since when Peru IS the Catholic Church ?
    I never heard of Peru being 50% or more of the Catholics.
    As for the "childish", truly childish and ridiculous, "poor Vicar of Christ" : please !
    Who is appointing bishops ?
    Who has called for dom Claudio Hummes as prefect of Clergy ?
    Who has appointed dubious hierarchs at CELAM, so the pitiful final document ?
    Who is delaying, delaying, delaying, and doing nothing serious upon Liturgy in general since April 2005 ?

    The fact that Alsaticus + el Sacristan are both praying for the pope to act (at last) does have no impact. You know that very well. Playing the game of an ostrich which is ducking its head into the ground rather that facing the truth, putting a voluntary blindfold on our eyes is just as useless.

    Cardinal Ratzinger had a unique experience of the Roman Curia, has been the right hand of John-Paul II, has played a decisive role in the previous pontificate, has written numerous books on the major problems with very effective responses.
    Sorry but this pontificate, so far, is an obvious failure. Using the proverb in French, I would say : "ce n'est pas le Pérou" (it's not Peru means you do not have much).

  11. to ole doc farmer :
    "Let's not blame the Holy Father. I'm sure he had no idea that the guy could produce this kind of twaddle before the appointment was made. Plus the Holy Father seems pretty good at bringing stiff-necked bishops to least when absolutely necessary."

    1) do you believe the pope is a complete fool who is picking up bishops at random, on a lottery ? or without reading any files ?
    "he had no idea" !!! Please please please. Think about what you wrote a second ...
    2) "the Holy Father seems pretty good at bringing stiff-necked bishops to heel" :
    examples please : I'm curious to read your impressive list of stiff-necked bishops that are repenting ? I have never heard of one.

    It would be nice to stay on facts. They are cruel I know.

  12. Five stars to alsaticus. This pope is even more dubious than JPII who did not have such a big mouth as Ratzinger has. Ratzinger has spoken too much and now he will be held accountable to what he said. Benedict XVI has his biggest critic in Joseph Ratzinger. Deeds not words is what matters.

  13. I certainly don't think the Holy Father picks bishops at random...but I do think he is often (unfortunately) forced to make the worst of bad situations. A prime example (and the disastrous consequences thereof) of this type of thing is when Mahoney was placed in L.A. Rigali was John Paul II's first choice, but the L.A. clergy wouldn't have it. Period. If the Holy Father ever provokes a battle he can't and does not ultimately win, only more rebellion will result.

    Two bishops come to mind as those who were very likely brought to heel recently:

    Cardinal Barbarin, who has been very quiet of late.

    Bishop Trautman, who, though he's been whining away lately, provided little or no impediment to the approval of the new translations at the NCCB.

  14. Uh...I meant..."best of a bad situation." -- Ole Doc Freud

  15. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Saying of the Pope that 'he is often (unfortunately) forced to make the worst of bad situations' does not meet Alsaticus's point, which is that he is appointing bishops who are known to be among the worst available candidates; worse on average than those appointed by John Paul II. This is a concrete fact for which no rebuttal has been offered. The claim that Joseph Ratzinger is among the severest critics of Benedict XVI seems a just one; or would be just, could one establish that Ratzinger not only pointed to all the problems in the Church that Benedict is not addressing or is exacerbating, but also said that they should be addressed by determined papal action (rather than just talk). I would be interested to know if Ratzinger ever did say this: I suspect not.

  16. Anonymous3:23 AM

    It is very sad to see Arcbishop Sherer take that stance. I didn´t know what to think of him before. Now I know.

    And I´m very sorry that, under the present Pope, the Arcbishop of Brazil's AND South America's most populous and most important city is once again a liberal.

    With this man as Arcbishop of São Paulo (and in all likelihood future Cardinal), the huge troubles of the Church in Brazil and South America will only continue.

    The idea of treating the people as stupid idiots, incapable of understanding the Church's traditional Liturgy, that they have cherished for centuries, remains.

    The idea that everything done by the Council or after the Council, even if it does not live up to the letter and true intent of the Acts of the same Council, cannot be changed, even if it is not some matter of Faith but of mere pastoral discipline, and even if it has proven not to work properly and to be disastrous, remains! The acritical praise of the Council, that fails to see reality, remains! One cannot be that blind, that naive! The only possible explanation is that one is not well intentioned, that one ACTIVELY WANTS to promote liberal, modernist changes to the Church!

    And what is most regrettable is that this liberal Bishop was appointed by none other than our Holy Father, in whom I had deposited so much hope, hope that the Church would be lifted out of its current crisis and delivered from evil, from the "smoke of Satan", that orthodox Bishops, Bishops with backbone and love of tradition, would be appointed, and that the liberals and modernists would lose their places.

    But now, in 2007, in the third year of the Pope's reign, he appoints this man as Arcbishop of São Paulo, thereby keeping that important See in the hands of the liberals.

    Pray for the Pope! Mary Most Holy, guard the Holy Father, that he may remember Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, that he may do as the Holy Spirit dictates to his conscience, and not what the liberals who surround ask him to.

    St. Michael, defend the Church that is in Latin America, defend the Church universal!

  17. I recall that Pope Benedict XVI as Cardinal Ratzinger talked of the Church of the future being smaller. Perhaps the Moto Proprio and this kind of reaction will be the beginning of this smaller Church. It is sad, for we want the Church bigger that all might come under Her truth...but we are a fallen race and as Our Lord said, "Many are called, few are chosen." I think the long needed cleansing--perhaps at least since the "Winnipeg Statement" in my own land is upon us...of course it may be more than a cleansing, indeed, a chastisement!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. This motu propio will show the true colors of Benedict XVI.

  20. Of course, one will not celebrate in Latin with the people, who cannot understand it.

    Can you give us the original Portuguese for this quotation so we can check the English translation?

    If he really said, "Of course, one will not celebrate in Latin with people who cannot understand it", that would be fairly reasonable.

  21. r c said :
    "If he really said, "Of course, one will not celebrate in Latin with people who cannot understand it", that would be fairly reasonable."

    That shows only you share the absolute ignorance of litniks and His Grace of Sao Paulo on what liturgy is.
    "fairly reasonable" ? Gosh ...
    I thought we were today far from this simple-minded theory of "I can't understand Latin" ...
    Since when a Brazilian cannot understand "et cum spiritu tuo" ?
    Do you think Brazilians are retarded people ?

    Please bring some genuine arguments on the table not this nonsensical litnik propaganda.

    nb. For your information :
    - Persecuted illiterate Japanese Christians kept the Latin formulas, without any input from foreigner, during over 200 years ! and Japanese language is pretty far from Latin.
    - over 70% of today practicing Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence at Mass both in France and the USA.
    So for your "understanding" with the vernacular ...


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