Rorate Caeli

-1) The website of the Vatican City State has been launched.

-2) The Holy See has agreed with the designation, by the "Patriotic Association", of the new Bishop of Beijing, Father Li Shan (according to Italian news agency ADNKronos -Update: ADNKronos has removed its original story; in his press conference in Cadore today, Cardinal Bertone has denied that previous approval was sought of the Holy See, but added that "the chosen Bishop is a very good and qualified individual and this is certainly a very positive sign"; Li was in the shortlist of episcopal candidates for Beijing regarding whom the Holy See had not presented any objection).

-3) Over 140 reports of episcopal reactions to Summorum Pontificum from around the world are available here; please, keep them coming.

Recess continues.


Iosephus said...

It is very, very sad that one of the language options for that site is not Latin.

Mark said...

Hey; that's a nice site for the Vatican City State. Thanks!

Iosephus! Tsch tsch!

Hebdomadary said...

I've begun the process of collecting names to submit to my pastor requesting the old mass in the parish on Sundays and weekdays, including weddings and funerals. I'll keep you posted.

Bill said...

Nowhere in the Diocese of Monterey (California, USA) has there been a TLM since 1970. No indult masses, no independent chapels, no SSPX — nothing. Such a liturgical drought was always an affront to the half dozen historic Spanish missions still scattered throughout the diocese, landmarks that bear witness to the friars who, by great hardship, brought the Catholic faith to the pagan natives of California nearly three centuries ago.

Now comes word that Bishop Richard Garcia will generously grant two TLMs for the entire four-county area. Two masses for an area covering 24,306 sq km (9,385 sq mi) to serve a population of just under 1 million people!

One is proposed in the northern part of the diocese. The other is proposed in a tiny chapel in the remote village of Shandon (population 990), which is about as out-of-the-way as can be had in these parts.

Granted, this will be infinitely better than what existed under Bp. Garcia’s predecessor, friend-of-Roger, Bp. Sylvester Ryan. But still… Shandon???

Traditional Catholics cannot help but feel marginalized by this kind of “generosity.”