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While mosques, Muslim "cultural centers", and Muslim "social services organizations" expand with the help of oil revenues throughout Europe, this is what really concerns the European Commission (International Herald Tribune):

BRUSSELS, Belgium: The European Commission has asked the Italian government to explain a tax break for Catholic Church clinics or hostels that may break EU rules on state subsidies by giving an unfair advantage over rivals, officials said Tuesday.

In 2005, then Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi extended a property tax exemption for the Church to cover buildings where it runs businesses such as private health clinics or convents that host pilgrims.

EU regulators said they had received complaints about the tax breaks from people it would not name and had written to Italy to ask for more information on how they work.

"Once a body has economic activities attached to it, then there can be a distortion of competition and it wouldn't be the first time we look at advantages given to the Church in various member states," EU spokesman Jonathan Todd said.


  1. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I know this is a big issue with the church of scientology organisation. Having said that, it is quite clear that this is yet another trojan against the Church of Christ. The EU and the culture of Europe is as Pope Benedict says heading for oblivion. Institutions cannot remain healthy in a non-Christian culture. It is really so sad to see Europe embrace the culture of death. They just don't seem to see it.

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  3. The people who "complained" have now names: they are Radical (ultrasecularist) MPs (in particular Mr. Maurizio Turco) . To the same party belongs the present European Policies Minister Emma Bonino (former EU commissioner under Prodi -who now is Italy's PM, by the way). Prodi claims to be a "catholic" (but an "adult" one, of Dossettian-Alberigian school...) . Bonino was a leader of the political battles in the Seventies for divorce and abortion in Italy. Now her party is more concerned with euthanasia and stam cells research. But their main, obsessive concern, was, is and always will be the fight against the Roman Catholic Church (which they think responsible for all the kinds of the worst evils in the world) through all possible (from demagogical to legal ones) means.

    P.S.: I hope Bertone is now regretting to have commented about the 'duty of paying taxes according to the Gospel'. He substantially helped Prodi just a few days ago, and now a Prodi's minister is literally rejoicing for the EU investigation. -And so the ultraleftist wing of the coalition, i.e. the TWO communist parties belonging to it.
    Please pray for Italy, which is experiencing a period of real confusion (not the 'usual'one, I mean), bordering anarchy. )

  4. Anonymous8:59 AM

    There's a saying in American constitutional law that "the power to tax is the power to destroy." The EU has evidently figured that out.

  5. I would appreciate some help please:

    Tear me to shreds if necessary; my intentions are sincere but I'm only emphasising the detrimental aspects of the issue. I desperately need the voices and intellects of others to assist and clarify the root causes and the remedies.

  6. Anonymous8:02 PM

    "There's a saying in American constitutional law that "the power to tax is the power to destroy." The EU has evidently figured that out."

    It is a manipulation of the mentioned saying to apply it to the situation at hand. I believe that all privileged tax exceptions for religious societies should be eliminated. A lot of profiteering lurks behind these privileges.

    In this case, very good for Europe.

  7. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I believe that all privileged tax exceptions for religious societies should be eliminated.

    Yes, and all charities and non-profit organisations should be taxed too.

  8. Anonymous8:53 PM

    "The power to tax is the power to destroy."

    - John Marshall (1755-1835)

    I'm not sure when it was that he said that, but I remember it from 8th grade U.S. history class.

  9. It is not a "privileged" position, it is a needed consequence of the "Separation of Church and State". The State does not support the Church? Fine: the Church must not be forced to support the State.

  10. Anonymous9:39 PM

    McCulloch vs. Maryland in 1819. Chief Justice John Marshall said it, agreeing with Daniel Webster's argument, so Daniel Webster also said it.

  11. Is Benedict still planning on speaking out against "tax havens" (a.k.a. sovereign countries) in his next encyclical?

  12. Anonymous12:59 AM

    I believe that all privileged tax exceptions for religious societies should be eliminated.

    "Yes, and all charities and non-profit organisations should be taxed too."

    Yes, that too. In third world countries NGOs have become businesses in disguise. Many of them have even entered in the realm of financiers, and they are charging usury interest rates to poor people, reinforcing the vicious circle of poverty.

  13. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Yes, that too.

    Hey, at least you're consistent in your error . . . .

  14. Anonymous7:10 PM

    jordan potter, I do not see the sense of your posting. Who is in error, I or the churches, charities and non-profit organizations and the tax systems on them?

  15. Anonymous11:12 PM

    You are wrong in your belief that churches and non-profit organisations should be taxed, and especially wrong in your belief that the Catholic Church should be taxed. If anything, secular governments should be paying "taxes" to the Catholic Church. But if they won't support the Church of God, at least let them not harm her in anyway or hinder her mission.

    As for non-profits and charities, they are not businesses and therefore should not be treated like businesses. If they engage in for-profit activities, that can be taxed, but anything else would be like raising taxes on the poor.

  16. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Jordan Potter, I think you are ill-informed regarding NGOs. They are engaging in PROFEETERING and if you don't know this then you should go out to the third world and see what they are doing there.

    In this regard they should be not only taxed by strictly regulated so that they stick to their true nature and mission.

    They are not helping but reinforcing a dependent mentality.


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