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It does not matter what the Pope says
I am the Bishop, I know better

One of our very favorite inactive websites, Seattle Catholic, has been updated with the letter of the Archbishop of Seattle (HTML; also in PDF) on the "implementation" of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. The link has been added to our collection of episcopal reactions, but the letter displays so many of the mistakes of the average authoritarian episcopal response to the papal document that it deserves its own post.

"Moderator" does not mean dictator, Your Excellency.

In other news - for those in or near New York and Connecticut in early September: Martin Mosebach and Father U.M.Lang will be speaking at three separate locations in the area (St. Mary Church Hall, in New Haven, on Sep. 7; New Canaan Public Library, in New Canaan, CT, on Sept. 8; and in the Church of Our Savior on Park Avenue, on Sept. 9, with Solemn High Mass). Further details here.


Anonymous said...

Bishop Brunett will be 75 years old in about a year and a half (DOB Jan.17, 1934). Then he should be going into retirement and joining other like-minded bishops of his generation. Pray that his replacement will be more open to our liturgical heritage and sensitive to the wishes of the Holy Father!

Anonymous said...

As Moderator of the liturgy in the diocese, your mandate, Your Excellency, is to pass on that which you have received and that includes the Traditional Latin Mass. To imply otherwise is a non-sequitur and your authority is not unlimited in this regard.

Nathan said...

One can only hope that the faithful in Seattle can hold the bishop to a consistent standard on "extraordinary." How about one Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite for each Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion in his diocese?

In Christ,

John said...

I cannot help thinking that a dissident movement among some, the majority?, of US bishops is slowly taking shape. These men for their own motives have come to the conclusion that now is the time to stop the Holy Father in his attampt to reconcile with the SSPX but most importantly to once and for all sqush any attempt at the reform of the reform. I pray that Benedict XVI will long enough to finish what he started. I do not think that another Pope could d finish it for him

The forces of dissent are strong.

Anonymous said...

So much does the A. of Seattle hate the TLM that when I spoke for 1 hour with a bishop of his ecclesiastical province, the bishop cringed with fear at the thought of having a TLM said in his own diocese, out "of fear for the Archbishop in Seattle."

Steve said...

They are clearly counting on career minded priests to keep their heads down and maintain their silence.

While the archbishop has no authority to continue to require "permission" for the celebration of the TLM beyond September 14th, he can be assured that few if any priests will challenge his decision. (The pope says x, the bishop ignores him and does y. Sound familiar? They call some of our people "schismatics" for doing just that)

Pertinacious Papist said...

Mosebach! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

There is a very good article "And if this is what it takes to fill the churches, so be it" with a video, from Bishop Salvatore Matamo of Burlington. The site is

Anonymous said...

This letter from Brunett should be sent to the PCED along with questions to be clarified. Questions such as:

1) Can a bishop delay the effective date of SP in his diocese?

2) Can a bishop force priests to pass his own competency evaluation before he is allowed to offer the extraordinary form of the Mass?

3) Is the intent of the Motu Proprio to continue the bishop's control of the Latin Mass, or to allow individual pastors to offer the extraordinary form without the bishop's permission.

4) Can a bishop use other legislative minutia (current mass schedules, multiple mass regulations, Hispanic ministry needs, "communio") to prevent Latin Masses in his diocese?

Anonymous said...

The bishop should be ignored by any priest who wants to offer the old Mass. The pope has stated in unequivocal terms that that Mass has never been forbidden, nor is it now. Thus, every Roman Rite priest has the authority to say it. He doesn't need anyone's permission.