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The Intolerant "Bishop of Tolerance"

Even a journalist of a newspaper not particularly friendly to the Church, Corriere della Sera, fails to understand how a "Bishop of tolerance" can be so intolerant of the rights of his priests and the desires of Traditional Catholics, even after the clear words of Pope Benedict in the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum.

[From the Corriere del Mezzogiorno:]

The bishop of tolerance. Of immigrants. Of the underprivileged. [A bishop] Who grants the diocesan structure of the Tent of Abraham to Muslims for the Friday prayers and the chapel adjacent to the Cathedral of Caserta to the Ukrainian and Moldavian Orthodox. But who has forbidden the celebration of the Tridentine Mass repristinated since past September 14 by the motu proprio of Benedict XVI.

With a telephone call, Bishop Raffaele Nogaro [of Caserta, near Naples] ringed the rector of the Shrine of Saint Anne of Caserta, Father Giovanni Battista Gionti, and ordered him to suspend the celebration, planned for tonight [Sunday night], at 8 PM.

[From the Corriere della Sera:]

As head of the Curia, he did not fear granting the structures of the diocese to religious ceremonies of Muslims or Orthodox.

"Right - he says - because to help people pray is an honorable effort. While to grumble in Latin does not serve any purpose whatsoever [lit. non serve a nulla].

"The faithful must be offered something which is valuable and educational, not occasions of disorientation. And I maintain that numbing them with sacred images is only choreography and roleplaying. A useless aesthetic object [lit. cornice] which does not convey anything."


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