Rorate Caeli

New Cardinals

Roman Curia: Sandri (Oriental Churches), Foley (Order of the Sepulcher), Lajolo (Governatorate), Cordes (Cor Unum), Comastri (Archpriest of St.Peter's), Rylko (Laity), Farina (Archivist and Librarian).

Episcopal Sees around the world: García-Gasco y Vicente (Valencia, Spain), Brady (Armagh, Ireland), Martínez Sistach (Barcelona, Spain), Vingt-Trois (Paris, France), Bagnasco (Genoa, Italy), Sahre (Dakar, Senegal), Gracias (Bombay, India), Robles Ortega (Monterrey, Mexico), DiNardo (Galveston-Houston, United States), Scherer (São Paulo, Brazil), Njue (Nairobi, Kenya).

Non-voting Cardinals: Emmanuel III Delly (Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans), Giovanni Coppa (Apostolic Nuncio), Estanislao Esteban Karlic (Emeritus of Paraná, Argentina), Father Urbano Navarrete, S.I. (former Rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University), and Father Umberto Betti, O.F.M. (former rector of the Pontifical Lateran University).

Consistory on November 24, eve of the Feast of Christ the King in the Calendar of the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

Most names had been mentioned for several weeks.


Anonymous said...

Good to see that Paolo Romeo didn't make it.

Jon said...

Glad to see Marini didn't make the cut.

Sorry to see Archbishop Burke did not.

Anonymous said...

Please, please could this be a time to call on all the bishops together with the Pope to make the signal consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the love of Our Lord and His Holy Mother, the Conversion of Russia, the Peace of the World and the Salvation of Souls!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wuerl didn't make it either.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop O'Brien of Baltimore did not make thid list!

Me thinks that the practice of automatic elevation to the Sacred College because one occupies a certain see may be getting an alteration in this pontificate.

Anonymous said...

Yes but Paris and Barcelona got it, and they are both extreme representatives of liberalism.

Anonymous said...

And Cardinal Scherer, of Sao Paulo, also is a great liberal. I can't believe a man like him got the "cardinalato"... He is always sleeping, as the primaz of Brazil, Cardinal Magela, of Salvador. They never said something that has contents. Always talking about their silly brotherhood, preference for the poor, etc...

In a conclave he will certainly sleeping at Domus Santa Marta.

alsaticus said...

We have another typical -alas - Benedictine nonsensical mish-mash.
Indeed all the most rabid liberals have not been elevated to the cardinalate ! But too many in the list are either tepid, neutral, or trad-hating vaguely "conservative"... : good example being the abp of Paris.
The best indication is to appoint an excellent abp of Valencia on one hand, and the arch-liberal abp of Barcelona on the other hand.
Plus the super-radical Abp Scherer probably as a "reward" for having so proudly helped to transform CELAM into an anti-roman group ...
Most of the Curian members granted the red hat are of the "neutral" type : you can't tell clearly where they stand if they stand somewhere.

Besides the one named, there is one very good choice with Fr. Betti who played a positive role as a theologian during years but ... he is over 80yo so he won't be any threat to the Martini-Hummes-Bergoglio liberal club who is getting stronger and stronger due to ... Benedict XVI !

alsaticus said...

I forgot a good choice with Abp Di Nardo. A surprise by the way.

Augustinus said...

There is probably a very simple reason why Paris got the red hat, but Washington and Baltimore didn't.

The former does not now have a resident cardinal, since the death recently of Cardinal Lustiger. Baltimore and Washington both still have active cardinals in their archbishops-emeritus. So why would the pope give those sees additional cardinals?

Whether the archbishop of Paris (or Sao Paulo etc) deserves to be a cardinal is an issue for the Holy Father - not for us.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Piero Marini, Diarmuid Martin, and Paolo Romeo didn't get the Cardinal's red hat (all three rad liberals).
But I am disappointed that the Archbishops of Barcelona, Paris, and Sao Paolo did.
One consolation is the rad liberal Archbishop of Barcelona is an old man (70). UNfortunatly, so is the Archbishop of Valencia, Spain (who has a good reputation).
Romeo of Palermo is an old man too (69). I think His recent outburst against the Moto Proprio and the Tridentine Latin Mass crushed his chances.
Wuerl is wishy-washy,just like O'Malley in Boston. Which is why He was passed over. DiNardo is much more traditional.
I predict Bagnasco of Genoa (64) will be the next Pope. I just read about him. He's even more traditionalist than Pope Benedict XVI.
Vingt-Trois of Paris got the hat just because of the city...not because of any reward for service.

As for naming both liberals and conservatives (in effect strengthening both camps), Benedict XVI should learn from the bad examples of Paul VI, and also John Paul II not to appoint progressives/liberals. Only solid orthodox people.
John Paul II appointed an awful lot of questionable people both to the episcopate and as Cardinals.
Unfortunatly, it looks like Pope Benedict XVI is following suit.

Anonymous said...

Glad Wuerl didn't get it. Foley is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

See this about mgr Sistach. I want many liberals like him

Votos Perpetuos de las Religiosas del Oasis de jesús Sacerdote
Escrito por Felipe
Como siguiente paso, después de la aprobación en el Vaticano de los estatutos del monasterio del Osasis de Jesús Sacerdote, el pasado 12 de Septiembre 23 hermanas de este instituto emitieron sus votos perpetuos.

De reelevante importancia fue la presencia del Sr. Arzobispo de Barcelona, Mons. Luis Martínez Sistach quien abstentaba la delegación papal.

La misa fue una bella muestra de catolicidad y amistad entre diferentes institutos. Celebró el fundador Pedro de I. Muñoz, haciendo de Diácono el P. M. Kinkel del ICSRP y de subdiácono el P. Carlos Bey. El Maestro de ceremonias fue Monsen Francesc.

En la celebración se encontraban también los sacerdotes Almir Andrade, asistente del superior general de la FSSP, el Promotor de Justicia y Defensor del Vínculo en la dióscesis de Tenerife P. Gómez Jaubert, quien además es amigo muy cercano y asesor jurídico del Oasis. El Vicario General de religiosas de la Diócesis; Monsen Mariné sacerdote que ha colaborado con el OJS desde su nacimiento, el Rvdo. Juan Nsué Edjand, anterior párroco de la Catedral de Malabo en Guinea Ecuatorial y futuro director espiritual del seminario de su diócesis, el P. Erik, franciscano de Suecia, el párroco de la zona, etc.

El Arzobispo de Barcelona dirigió un sermón sobre el Santo Sacrificio de la Misa, con duración de 22 minutos.

También se informó que pronto 2 importantes parroquias de la zona ofrecerán la Santa Misa en la forma Extraordinaria.

Felicitamos con mucha alegría a cada una de las religiosas del Oasis por este importante paso en su vocación. También felicitamos al P. Muñoz por los numerosos frutos de la obra a la cual ha dedicado su vida.

Felicidades también a todos los amigos del Oasis en estos momentos tan especiales.

Conchur said...

I don't know how anyone could think Diarmuid Martin is a Rad Lib.
Not only has he been generous with the Indult in the past, he has celebrated the TLM himself recently and in the aftermath of Summorum Pontificum established a chaplaincy in Dublin for those devoted to the TLM. In addition he gave over St. Kevin's Oratory in the Pro-Cathedral to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to minister to Eastern Catholics in Ireland. The leader of that parish Archmandrite Serge Kelleher is not a priest one could describe as being friendly to theological liberalism. The above are not the acts of a Radical Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of Darmuid Martin's actions are not liberal, but He was very much knows as a member of the JP II "progressive club" during his time of service in the Vatican. All the ultra-liberals in the Curia were very sad when He was transferred back to Ireland. Once there, He made some comments regarding women's ministries which could only be seen as "pro-women priest". And when openings came in the Curia, some of the more radical members badgered the by now dying John Paul II to re-appoint Darmuid back to Rome and to their club. Which He didn't do.
Martin is only 62. Some of his actions in favor of the TLM are good ones. But that doesn't negate things He said in the past....and an agenda (including radical ecumenism with Protestants), which He fostered.

bedwere said...

It seems to me that bishops sometimes behave as politicians and they do or say seemingly contradictory things in order to gain favor from opposing factions.

Ottaviani said...

I pray and hope that Archbishop Ranjith gets the red hat - please God!!!

Louis E. said...

There are cities where a new Archbishop gets to be a Cardinal right away,and there are (more numerous) ones where he will merely get it eventually,or might get it depending on outside factors.So don't
assume on the basis of this one consistory that anyone's chance is over.

Anonymous said...

The Cardinalate appointments are not just the Pope's business, since they touch the whole Church and Her course in this generation and the next.

The new appointments show that the Pope is choosing men not for their personal qualities so much as to play politics with the episcopal hierarchies of the countries which he depends upon for support, fincianial most of all.

He shows us thereby that he is more interested in the status quo than orthodoxy or authentic reform.

Yes, the MP does a little, but if you are going to say in the accompanying letter that the formal Missal was never abrogated, why not save everyone the trouble and reafform Quo Primum with a 2 or 3 sentence long MP.

Once again the Holy Father shows himself to be a sentimentalist and a despiser of sound traditional praxis; he has always acted as a priest like the little boy who wants to put his hand in everything, even where it does not belong or won't help.

humboldt said...

This pope is the essential politician, very emblematic of the conciliar church. I regret having giving him my blind support.

dcs said...

why not save everyone the trouble and reafform Quo Primum with a 2 or 3 sentence long MP.

What would those 2-3 sentences be? and why is it that you think the episcopate wouldn't ignore them or twist them to their own purposes?

I do not think the Pope believes that a priest's right to offer the traditional Mass depends on Quo Primum tempore. QPT could be abrogated after all (assuming it hasn't been). I think he believes it depends on the immemorial custom of the Church, and I wonder if he does not agree with Msgr. Gamber's statement that it it doubtful whether the Pope has the authority to create a new Rite to entirely replace the old.

Anonymous said...

The reforms of Vatican II are corrupt to the core....many people (even in the Vatican) know that. Some have known it for years.
But that doesn't make the present Pope bad, or less deserving of support. Because Pope Benedict XVI has done, and is doing some very (shall we call it) "anti-Vatican II" things.
1). He brought back the Tridentine Latin Mass with the Motu Proprio.
2). He sacked Piero Marini, giving him a "do nothing" job in the Vatican.
3). He appointed as Papal MC a man with know traditionalist leanings....very much angering liturgical liberals.
4). He spoke up in favor of traditional music in Church, especially the classics and Gregorian.
5). He restored proper music and Gregorian chant in large measure to Papal Masses.
6). I read today in Sandro Magister's column that the Pope will replace the present ultra-liberal Mon. Liberti, the present Maestro of Pontifical Choirs, and replace him with a traditionalist.
7). IN light of the homosexual priest scandal in the Vatican itself, the offender has already been sacked, and word from TIME/NEWSWEEK is a "witchhunt" is being conducted for possible more offenders in the Vatican. Apparently the "gay priests" in the Vatican are running scared.

**None of the above would have happened under John Paul II. John Paul II couldn't have cared less about the liturgy, its celebration, or the running of the Vatican. Many people know this.

So, we should he happy with the Pope we have. He isn't perfect. He participated in Vatican II (but he distanced himself from the junk which came from it), and wrote many books supporting a traditionalist style.

He has curtailed many of the favorite pet projects of John Paul II (travel every month, extensive interreligious dialog, serious ecumenism with Protestants, making the liturgy appear contemporary and relevant).

So we sould give him a break. Two or three of the men He picked as cardinals are not very good at all, and afew are just mediocre. But then again, some of the more radical liberals (Romeo, Martin, Ncyz) , or weak leaders (Wuerl) He passed over.
All in all, it was 80% positive to 20% negative class of new cardinals.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous at 18 October, 2007 19:41,

I see that you are desperate to make Joseph Ratzinger into a traditionalist.

He is not.

He is a Hegelian, who believes that there are no contradictions and ought to be no contradictions, that is why he opposes the radical aggiornamentoists who want contradictions.

And if you have read what he has written and said, you would have come upon this jewel said in reference to Traditional Catholics who would see a restoration of the status ecclesiae before the Council:

"They cannot be oppoosed too strongly"

I'm sorry, despite the devotion of many to Nietzsche's anthropology, that of the Ubermensch, who is the more perfect man because he transcends the contradictions of truth and falsehood, vice and virtue, etc., such a view of man is contrary to the Faith, to Christ, and to the Church, even if it is advocated by the occupant of the See of Peter.

Anyone who denies the anti-catholicism and anti-traditional elements of the Novus Ordo, the Aggiornamento and the conciliar texts, is simply a bold face liar, career politician, if not worse.

But yes, thank God he is not as bad ad JP2, who was indifferent to suffering, truth, and order.

Anonymous said...

Bagnasco (Genoa, Italy)????

This is the man who said just 1 month ago, that Catholics ought not pray the rosary for the grace to prevent a Mosque being built in a Catholic quarter of the city of Genoa, because as he himself said, in Italian:

"it is a historical error to employ the Rosary as a weapon against Islam"!!!!

This man is another blatant liar.

Like the other man who some years ago, while he was still a Cardinal, who said that certain Saints opposed the crusades.

Revisionism by any name is ugly and offensive to God.