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On the Feast of Christ the King...
The Che-suits

On the traditional day of the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King, as 498 Catholic martyrs killed by Socialist militias in Spain in 1934, 1936, and 1937 were beatified in Rome, a reminder of the depth of the crisis in the Church:

An image of Christ crucified on a hammer and sickle, from the ad for spiritual exercises promoted by the Jesuits of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Source: La Cigüeña de la Torre


New Catholic said...

I had truly thought I had seen it all...

Anonymous said...

So sad.......

Edgar said...

It is so sad that such a great order as the jesuits could come to such degradation and loss of faith. I think it is time for the Holy Father to dissolve the order once again.

Ottaviani said...

One never stops "seeing it all" in the post-conciliar church of today.

The Osteopolitik of Paul VI lives on today. Instead of affirming the rights of God, he affirmed the "rights" of man.

On a more thoughtful note: a happy feast to you all.

Anonymous said...

It was John Paul2 who made all he fuss about MAN being the center of everything. I hope and pray that he is never Canonized. It's been a rough 40 years, especially if you were made to go to the back of the bus. Had I known that Vatican2 would happen, I would have gone into the aluminum siding business instead of becoming a priest. Yes, I do regret it, even till now. The reformation is only beginning and most of us will be dead before we see real progress.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father "Anonymous",

Please do not state such things as you regretted becoming a priest in this time of huge crisis in the Roman Catholic Church. Why do you say such things? Especially NOW we NEED good traditional, orthodox, Roman Catholic priests from whom the Catholic laity can and may receive unperverted, traditional and 100 % valid Holy Sacraments the way the Holy Roman Church intended it to be.

Especially in the crisis and the persecution it is a BLESSING to be a priest. If you are already a traditional Roman Catholic priest, why bother? Our Lord will sort these kinds of sacrileges, marxist abuses, liturgical perversion and doctrinal heresy out, we must continue and endure however. Being tested in these difficult times is a sign of blessing. God will continue to bless all traditional Roman Catholics, laity and priests alike, if we only continue to practice the Faith and love Him.

Of course it is hard to live in these times, if one has known the glorious and clerically easy times of the 1950s and the monolithical and nice atmosphere prevailing back then, but in the end there is more danger of ending up spiritually dead in the mild zone, than if one has to fight daily against heresy and sacrilege. The latter person will be blessed and beatum faciat Dominus eum in terra.

Easy does not mean nice. St. Vincent Ferrier and St. Francis of Assisi wrote that because of the multitude of graces to be won in the Last Times and the Great Apostasy (we now live in those times), they would prefer to live in those hard days rather than in their European Medieval Catholic times.

Remember the words of these saints and continue, dear Father "anonymous", and remember us in your daily Traditional Roman Rite Mass (or Eastern Rite if that applies). The Priesthood and the sacerdotal dignity are not about stability or worldly career!

God bless you father, and:
¡Viva Cristo Rey! - Oportet illum regnare!

Omnes sancti martyres Hispaniae, orate pro nobis!

Hebdomadary said...

" I think it is time for the Holy Father to dissolve the order once again."

The operative phrase here is "once again." Why do we have to go through this so often with the Jesuits? Are they worth it? Personally, I think not. We do not need orders in the church which are y our best friend in one age, and your greatest nemesis in the next. We need orders which are the church's best friend in every age. The Jesuits have never fit that description. It's time for "Never Again" rather than "once again.

Ad Orientem said...

If someone did such a sacrilegious thing in Russia today they would be excommunicated on the spot. I am in awe that the memory of the West is so short. One can not go anywhere in Russia without seeing church's dedicated to the New Martyrs.

Their numbers are not known with certainty but they are certainly in the hundreds of thousands at the least. Many believe that they number more than a million in Russia alone, without counting the other Orthodox countries which bled under the militant atheists.

Anyone who does such a thing to a sacred object is complicit in the worst crimes. It is like hanging a swastika in a Jewish temple. The hammer and sickle is the symbol where by the Great New Martyr St. +Joachim Archbishop of Nizhny Novgorod was crucified upside down on the royal doors before the altar of his church by communist soldiers. Virtually every member of the Russian Orthodox Hierarchy and most of the clergy died in prison or were murdered outright in the years following the evolution and under Stalin. That is what the hammer and sickle means to me.

May God forgive their sacrilege. Edgar is right. The Pope should suppress the order.

Ad Orientem said...

evolution = revolution*

Anonymous said...

This is just sick... and sad.

Anonymous said...

C'mon bloggers, there is room for everyone in the new religion! You people sound as if you think modern Rome's theology is orthodox (yes, that's a lower case "o").

LeonG said...

The Jesuits have implemented more or less everything in the modernist post-conciliar era to subvert The Roman Catholic Faith. Apart from the pantheistic-evolutionist tendency propagated by Chardin, Pr Dufour has dedivinised The Christ in France with the support of his confreres and attacked the historicity of The Gospels, among other theological perversities. In Latin America they have liberated the masses from the tyranny of Catholic civilisation and have placed themselves in the vanguard of the leftist revolution alongside Che Guevara and his marxist ilk. In the meantime, they have promoted the preferred music of demons in the NO liturgy directed from St Louis dressed in disco and beach wear. In Asia, they have been in the forefront of inculturated liturgies which are tantamount to propagating false religions.

Furthermore, if we seriously study the philosophies propounded at the Vatican Councils and found among its documents under the immense influence of a certain Fr Karl Rahner, also a jesuit for those who are not aware, we find all variety of Kantian, Hegelian and Heideggerian perspectives. The influence among others of an earlier jesuit, the Belgian Fr Marechal, a transcendental Thomist (of all phenomena) also appears among the pantheon of modernist inspirations for Rahner's inverted egological, anthropological, transcendental and evolutionary approaches.

Personally, nothing surprises with the jesuits. They are a law unto themselves. In an effort to make a true sensus catholicus of what transpires in the contemporary church it is necessary to analyse jesuitical activies. The more one does so, the more one realises what a true act of Catholic justice it has been to restore the absolute integrity of The Latin Mass.

Anonymous said...

They should be called Judasuits

Anonymous said...

Some of us who remember the sacrifices of the Jesuit's on the English Mission will never give up hope for their restoration.

"And touching our Society, be it known to you that we have made a league—all the Jesuits in the world, whose succession and multitude must overreach all the practice of England—cheerfully to carry the cross you shall lay upon us, and never to despair your recovery, while we have a man left to enjoy your Tyburn, or to be racked with your torments, or consumed with your prisons. The expense is reckoned, the enterprise is begun; it is of God; it cannot be withstood. So the faith was planted: So it must be restored."

- St Edmund Campion S.J.

Never lose hope of restoration.

Anonymous said...

To Father Anonymous:

You express a reality that few laity appreciate: there is a deepening crisis among priests of Tradition in the Church. What the laity doesn't realize is that priests must publicly represent the Church. The revolution is so ingrained within the structure that priests are immersed -- theologically, philosophically and spiritually -- that the contradictions are beginning to take their toll. Unless the traditional Mass to which these priests are committed permit the living of and the dissemination of the Faith which that Mass represents, chaos will continue and deepen in their lives.

Wake up laity. There is a looming crisis among traditional Catholic priests.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea which may work. It's time for traditional/traditionalist Catholics to do this anyway.
We all know the damage the ultra-progressive, liberal, dissenting religious Orders have done in the Church. We all know the loss of Faith they have caused, the scandelous lives they have lead, the radical agendas they have forced on the Church.
The Jesuits are perhaps one of the worst Orders in the CHurch, down from when they were an orthodox and traditional Order in the 1950's from 36,200 members, to today being the vanguard of everything radical and dissenting in the Church with barely 18,000 members. The Franciscans (OFM) are no better. They have championed "liberation theology" in Latin America and have helped destroy the Catholic Faith there,turning people from the Faith and opeing the whole of Latin America to Protestant sects and cults. The Dominicans, Redemptorists, Salesians are all of the same ilk.
There are too many Orders of nuns to list who are the same as the Jesuits in ideology and radical liberal agenda.
We KNOW the groups which have attempted to destroy the traditional Catholic Faith. We know which Orders are guilty.
It is time to pressure Rome, and the Pope by flooding the Vatican with letters to do something about these people, including supressing and closing entire Orders (and there are dozens of them that could be supressed like the Jesuits)
Only those priests and sisters who declare that they will abjure their errors and remain faithful could stay to re-start their Orders according to Catholic tradition.
Otherwise, supress all of these groups. They have destroyed the Church, and perhaps can not be rehabilitated.
Everything is not an entire loss however. New traditionalist Orders are being founded by the dozens. The Institute of Christ the King being among the very best.

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the priest who regrets having been a priest because of Vatican II.
I am probably a lot younger than you, but I too was in the seminary....and practically lost my Faith there because of Vatican II.
It was nothing like I expected. I had a picture of the seminary being Catholic, with at least some traditions, and being in touch with the traditions of the Faith throughout the Ages.
It wasn't. It was all Vatican II. All the traditions were discarded. Even though this seminary near Philadelphia has a good reputation...the traditions were gone. All the Masses were improvised, fabricated shows. Just like John Paul II's Masses. There was no disipline, no respect for tradition. I left after 1 year, but my life had been ruined. I didn't go to Church for 20+ years afterward.
I go to Church occasionally now...but I can't stand the Novus Ordo. Not only is it Protestant, but it is something you can make up from scratch (music, gestures, vestments, prayers) for every and any occasion. It's terrible. Thank God for the return of the Tridentine Latin Mass. I go when I can.
But I understand the feelings of this priest. I was terribly disappointed by the Church.....and by the entire pontificate of John Paul II. Perhaps there will be blessings from His term that we don't see yet...but I don't know. Some of the agenda was horrible!!
I am sure countless other former seminarians left seminaries in dispair as I did, and had a real change in Faith because of the terrible reforms of Vatican II and how they destroyed the Catholic Church.
But to the priest who is sorry He became a priest....just think how much good you can do by your prayers for a return of the True Church and Mass. I do all the time pray for it.
And in the meantime, lend support to other fraithful traditionalist Catholics who likewise feel the same....say the Tridentine Latin Mass.
That is the greatest source of Grace for you.

Anonymous said...

As bad as things are there are real signs of hope. When inclined to despair I console myself with the thought; "What if we had Pope John Paul III instead of Pope Benedict XVI" It could have happened! Almighty God must have been moved by the prayers and sufferings of many people over those 40 years. Offer up your suffering Father. You will never know the good you do in this world. Think of all those youngsters who love the TLM. Think of Christ on His Cross.

Anonymous said...

Who will come next as Pope....that is the question. And a big worry.

irulats said...

Dear Anonymous Seminarian who "didn't go to Church for 20+ years afterward"

My little daughter (7) is praying a decade of the Rosary tonight that you retain your desire for happiness.

Nunc ergo quid tentatis Deum imponere iugum super cervicem discipulorum, quod neque patres nostri neque nos portare potuimus?

Anonymous said...

Dear Irulats,

Thank you very much!! I appreciate it!!
God bless you and your daughter!!

Klaas Siebertsma said...

We all know the Latin joke about the Franciscan and the Jesuit walking in a Tyrolian valley through the mountains, when the Franciscan says

Fuitne Judas Jesuita? -Ita! -Ita! Ita!

What the problem is right now is not that the authentic Society of Jesus philosophy is corrupt or outdated, or that the Franciscan rule should be forbidden, but simply that the Roman Pontiff should publish and confirm like with the apostate ex-Augustinian Luther, that Boff and the whole crypto-Marxist and the whole sophisticated neo-modernist crowd calling themselves Dominicans, Jesuits, Franciscans etc. while rejecting the Church and the Catholic faith, are nót members of the O.P., S.J., O.F.M. etc., but ex-Catholics automatically expelled form all clerical orders, rules, privileges and offices (CIC 1917, can 188.6).

A non-Catholic cannot be a Jesuit. Basta.

These so-called "Jesuits" are Judasuits and apostates. Basta!

Viva Cristo Rey!

Woody said...

Anonymous said...
Who will come next as Pope....that is the question. And a big worry.


But in spite of everything:

Viva Cristo Rey!

Je ne regrette rien.

Anonymous said...

To Father "Anonymous" and Anon #2 who almost lost his faith as a result of attending a VCII/NO seminary, and to all those who at times can not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can not suggest strongly enough that you come (either visit or better yet MOVE) to an area that has a strong, thriving TLM community!

I live in such an area - we have been served by the FSSP for 10 + years, Deo Gratias! - and have been attending the TLM for over 15 years. The TLM community has grown from a handful of senior adults to a thriving community of large families, culture, grace and HOPE! The future of the Church can be seen daily in the faces of hundreds of young men and women, boys and girls who have known nothing but the TLM, love & live their faith, and realize the errors of previous generations. Almost all have been homeschooled. Many feel the call to religious life and realize their is much work to be done - a large portion of which is vanquishing such Marxist ideology as this sick excuse for "art" represents.

God bless you, Fr. Anon. for your work and sacrifices throughout the last many years in the face of such adversity. I would love to have you visit my parish anytime.


Anonymous said...

What was so bad about the pontificate of JPII? He turned the Church around by giving us the Catechism and all of his writings, especially Theology of the Body. Why do people on this forum lump him in with Paul VI? His liturgies were awful, but he reintroduced orthodoxy into the Church. Why do so many people diapprove of his pontificate?

Anonymous said...

Praying with pagans at Assisi may be the most obvious example of JPIIs heterodoxy.

Scott Smith said...

Perhaps the hammer/sickle Crucifixion should be understood in better light. The Cross, a was a symbol of the terror of transgressing the Empire...By depicting Christ as crucified on hammer and sickle, a symbol of socialism/communism I would understand it as imaging the Suffering of Christ in his members by Socialism/Communism.

Anonymous said...

There is a good reason why people tend to lump John Paul II in with Paul VI, particularly in regard to things like this.

While he may not have openly embraced such deviant practices as Paul VI did, he tolerated them, and promoted the careers of those who tolerated or encouraged them. Religious objects of this sort, and worse, abound in the churches of Rome, as do clerics who do this sort of thing. Why bother giving us the Theology of the Body, the CCC etc., if you then appoint lots of bishops who openly and actively strive to subvert what you wish to accomplish by such writings? Why harp contantly about the great renewal of the Church brought about by Vatican II, and then conitnue to do nothing about the Jesuits as they seek to destroy everything you profess to hold dear?

LeonG said...

Who was Paul VI's (RIP) greatest advocate for canonisation?

Pope John Paul II (RIP)

The post-conciliar line of collegiality, ecumenism at all costs, religious liberty and universal salvation were further advanced by Pope Paul VI's most ardent admirer.

The only sop to orthodoxy was Ecclesia Dei & the indult for The Latin Mass which was treated mostly with episcopal contempt since all power over it was their domain.

By definition, the predecessor was a modernist. Read his works and his public statements. They are pregnant with modernist thought. Moreover, much of what passes for liturgy today has the programme of liturgical inculturation written all over it - hinduism, animism, buddhism and others besides. There is precious little orthodoxy whatsoever there.

Rahner's sphere of influence was a very wide one indeed.