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Ranjith, future Prefect of Divine Worship?

Ranjith successor of Arinze at Divine Worship

Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, turns 75 years old next November 1. The retirement age being accomplished, the succession race [will start] behind the Vatican walls. Ratzinger seems to have the intent to insert in his position the current secretary of Divine Worship, Sinhalese Malcolm Ranjith, who, after the nomination of William Levada as head of the former Holy Office, was the second name placed in the Curia by the Pontiff.
Source: Italia Oggi; Transcript: Papa Ratzinger Blog.


Berolinensis said...

Yes! SP promulgated, Marini gone, now this (if true) - aren't we blessed?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think this is the logical succession....and why Ranjith was made Secretary in the first place.

His predecessor, Domenico Sorrentino was another Bugnini "clone" just like the sacked Piero Marini. Sorrentino got booted out very quickly to Assisi.
Arinze is a liturgical liberal, who has in his 5 years in office said and done little to restore Catholic tradition and devotion. His predecessor Cardinal Medina was a great Prefect, and showed his favor to Catholic tradition many times. Arinze was the biggest force against the Motu Proprio in the Curia, and tried to sabotage it. He should go on His birthday. Benedict should snap up his resignation immediatly, and replace Him with Ranjith.....or an Italian priest very open and supportive to Catholic tradition and the Tridentine Latin Mass. Someone from the ICRSP or FSSP, or even the SSPX would be a good idea!

alsaticus said...

The position of cardinal Arinze is very complex and "anonymous" is partly right, partly wrong.
No "pavegs" there is no "conspiracy in stating cardinal Arinze has been a powerful opponent of the motu proprio : it's a well established fact. As soon as October 2005, when the Cardinal made a public statement against a project during the Synod ; with secretary Sorrentino, the Cardinal signed a draft rejecting freedom for TLM so the removal of Sorrentino and the appointment of Abp Ranjith.
However Cardinal Arinze is NOT a liberal in liturgy ! that part is completely wrong. He spoke in favor of a strict NOM several times from 2002 on. He supported the work to improve the disatrous "translations", especially in English. He told he was in favor of Latin NO when possible and had it when in Nigeria.

Certainly Abp Ranjith would be even more committed to press for the revision of the "ordinary form". Cardinal Arinze seemed to get cold feet after the election of Benedict XVI. His letter to impose a change of "pro multis" wrong translations, one year ago, is still a dead letter, without effective result...

Anonymous said...

Didn't I read somewhere that the SSPX likes Ranjith? If so this may help gets things worked out.

Anonymous said...

It would be quite unusual for the Secretary of a Congregation to be nominated as its Prefect. It is simply not done, as an unwritten rule.

New Catholic said...

"It is simply not done"

Actually, it is simply not common, but there is no "unwritten rule" against it and it is not without precedents.

That being said, it has been unusual for Popes, since the establishment of the retirement age, to readily accept the resignation of Prefects of Congregations.

stambrose said...

John Allen says:
"Finally, sources said, Benedict at one point raised the idea with Marini of eventually taking the helm at the Congregation for Divine Worship after its current prefect, Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze, steps down. Arinze turns 75 on Nov. 1. It’s not yet clear whether today’s appointment precludes that possibility."

But that just sounds really, really crazy to me.