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Vatican does not plan to reprint the Missal of '62

From an interview with Father Giuseppe Costa, the new director of the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, the Vatican Publishing House (Petrus):

In conclusion, after the motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum" for the liberalization of the Tridentine rite according to the liturgical books of Saint Pius V, as partly modified by John XXIII, have you reprinted the Missal of 1962?

"We have not reprinted anything, only the motu proprio. The eventual reprints depend on the episcopal conferences. If these do not demand it, we reprint it, but if there no such demand, we do not reprint it; no demands have arrived so far."

If they keep waiting for the Episcopal Conferences, the traditional liturgical books will never be reprinted by the official publishing house of the Holy See...


  1. Anonymous10:26 PM

    More business for Traditional Catholic publishing houses. Let the Vatican publishers miss the opportunity. It's their loss.

  2. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I've said it before, I'll say it again. If some publisher went ahead and started printing the DEFINITIVE '62 Missal, Breviary and Ritual as a set, he or she would be making a mint right now.

  3. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I agree, more money to those who do more to support and propagate tradition. On the other hand, it would be a further sign of the extraordinary form as something that belongs to mainstream Catholics, if such a body would publish a missal.

  4. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Buy stock in eBay.

  5. Anonymous2:10 AM

    When Pope Benedict XVI dies there won't be any need for the 1962 Missale Romanum. The next pope will probably quash the entire enterprise and we will advance a little further down the Apocalyptic road leading to the worship of antichrist.

  6. Anonymous2:54 AM

    That's the spirit, anonymous!

  7. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Fr. Z over at WDTPRS linked to this entry. Interestingly enough, the good Father thinks this is a good idea.

    He likes the free market approach!

  8. Anonymous10:07 AM

    There's several little problems with the free market approach:

    1) Liturgical books ought not be published on Capitalistic bases. After all they are sacred books.

    2) the Vatican Press claims the copyright of ALL previous editions of the Missale Romanum, and so no one can reprint it without their express authorization.

    I for one would like to know if the response of the new VP head is a coded way of saying: we're not going to give you permission, because the Bishops have demanded that we not do that.

  9. More likely, its code for the fact that before the Vatican republishes the 62 Missale, plans are underway to add the newer saints and prefaces from other sources. Remember that in the MP mention was made of adjustments for these. It would make sense therefore, that BEFORE the vatican republishes the Missale, such issues were addressed. (Remember, for some time they Libreria Vaticana Editrice has been selling paperback study editions of both the 1962 Pontifical and Missal.)

  10. Gloomy Anonymous

    I share your fears and am not about to dismiss them. However I really do think that the cat cannot be pursuaded successfully to return to the bag now, however hard they try (those who imagine they can sit the reign out and return quietly to business-as-usual). Any attempt to "turn the clock back" (;0)) will provoke a storm of resistance now.

  11. Anonymous11:04 AM

    If the plan is to wait until new saints and prefaces are added, why didn't they just say that?

    I see the deference to the Episcopal Conferences as ominous. More of the same collegiality that has facilitated the destruction of the liturgy in the first place.

  12. The collegiality of Vatican II still maintains a powerful influence on the Papacy - reducing it to the position of "chairman of the board" - and, I might add, the local bishop to a puppet in the hands of the conference.

  13. Anonymous1:50 PM

    What a ridiculous argument. It is all so transparent. Not only will the Episcopal Conferences never ask for the Missal of St. Pius V to be reprinted, but the Vatican Publishing house itself is not at all eager to promote it! How obvious can you get!!!!!

    Well, there IS a growing demand among the faithful, religious houses, monasteries, and parishes. We rely on many private publishing houses....some of which report they are swamped with purchase orders for the Missal of St. Pius V (Baronius Press, for instance).

    So, the disinterest of Vatican Publishing is really no loss, because we can get the Missals of the True Mass thru private publishing houses!

  14. Anonymous1:59 PM

    You can be sure that the wheels of the Episcopal Conferences are already churning with an eye toward the next conclave. It will be quite a battle. Gloomy Anonymous might not be so far off the mark. I try when possible to adopt Bishop Fellay's optimistic view that in two generations the New Mass is gone, yet sometimes it's hard.

  15. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Why should the Bishop's Conferences request it when it is the individual priests who have the authority to learn and celebrate the extraordinary form? We have a great opportunity for building relationships between laity and priests whereby laity can give gifts of the altar Missal, Sacristan's manual, the Rituale, etc. to priests who want to celebrate the Traditional Latin liturgies. Moreover, so many diocesan priests are coming out of the woodwork to learn the TLM that the bishops, who have squelched vocations over the last 40 years, will be unable to staff parishes if the bishops try to make life hard for these priests. Think about it. The shoe is on the other foot, now, and not likely to be taken off.

  16. Anonymous3:32 PM

    AltHOugh I don't want to be disrespectful to the GloriouslY reigning BishOp of Rome,

    I think it would be wiSe to start praying for a wise, holy and all together traditional successor....

    I know who i'ld vote for.

  17. 2) the Vatican Press claims the copyright of ALL previous editions of the Missale Romanum, and so no one can reprint it without their express authorization.

    Who cares? Even if the claim were to dtand up in court (unlikely), copyright is not of infinite duration - so just print an old enough (~100 years) version. Then print an addendum.

  18. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I agree with William . . . which raises a question: In the MP, His Holiness states outright that the Tridentine Mass was never abrogated. He then goes on to give permission to offer the Mass of 1962. Is there any reason why a priest could not offer an earlier form of the Traditional Latin Mass?

    If not, what is to stop publishing houses from going back to earlier versions, as William suggests? (Especially given the questionable origins of the 1962 version?)

    OKC Trad

  19. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Summorum freezes the Tridentine Mass in its 1962 form. Good-bye, then (at least for now) to the authentic liturgical reform still pending from Vatican II times. In a haphazard way, we will eventually suffer new saints and prefaces to be incorporated, thus producing a hybrid of the Tridentine Mass and the frabricated liturgy of Bugnini.

  20. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Anonymous 15:32,

    I'm afraid I share your concern. Just this past weekend, I said to a priest friend, "What worries me is that Benedict is 80, and that 3 years isn't up yet."

    Although it almost seems disrespectful to do so, who WOULD you vote for? Stickler is too old. I've heard good things about Cardinal Caffarra. Perhaps Scola?

    Is there anyone else?

  21. The Vatican has released all the missals in a different manner than one of copyright. Each edition is an "editio typica" which requires any planned imprints to adhere to its text without alteration. This is the opposite of a copyright, which would limit use of the text, instead encouraging the reprinting of the exact text, for obvious reasons.

  22. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Tom, paranoid? We have forty plus years of good reasons to be leary of what the modernists are up to. Those in high places in modernist Rome have been lying for years about schism, excommunication, and supression of the pre-Vatican II missal. What else is a real Catholic to believe??? The Church isn't destined for hell – only the filthy modernists that claim the name Catholic! You are living in Wonderland.

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  25. Anonymous8:33 AM

    "Well, there IS a growing demand among the faithful, religious houses, monasteries, and parishes. We rely on many private publishing houses....some of which report they are swamped with purchase orders for the Missal of St. Pius V (Baronius Press, for instance)."

    Fine, but in absolute numbers how many demands are there? I suspect less than 10000 worldwide. And of those making the demand how many can in fact read the Latin? The Vatican Press is a commercial business and has assessed the demand as very slight, which tells us a lot about the popularity of the MP.

  26. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Sorry I don't have an account so I used anonymous.

    Well I just purchased two St. Joseph's childrens missels for my oldest daughter and son. My other two children are too young yet. The St. Joseph's childrens missels were originally printed in 1959.

    I received one missel in the mail with a notice that due to high demand they were on back order for several weeks. This is the childrens missel mind you. I am only 30 as well and I have deep troubles the more I read the papal bulls and teachings of the popes prior to the 20th century.

    My wife and I were married in Rockford, Il at St Mary's. St Mary's is an institute of Christ the King parish. We both wanted the Traditional Lation Mass and sacraments. We traveled over 100 miles to be married here.

    We learned many months later that a friend of the family who was not religious had converted to the catholic faith after attending at our marraige. He said that he had been searching for all of his life for what he found in the Traditional Latin Mass.

    This is what the modernists fear. A persons heart searches for truth. When one experiences it and is moved by the Holy Ghost there is no denying it.

  27. Anonymous5:57 AM

    The 1962 Missal is available from Baronius Press

    Brian W A J Gregory


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