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Clarifying Note on Summorum Pontificum "a few days away"

Excerpt of the article written by Vaticanist Paolo Luigi Rodari for this Saturday's issue of Il Riformista:

Yesterday, in the speech which the Pontiff traditionally addresses to the Roman Curia, Benedict XVI did not mention the signing of Summorum Pontificum among the events which took place in the course of the last few months.

A few days before the publication of the expected clarifying note written by the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei so that the Motu Proprio is applied without ifs and buts, it was probably not the moment to insist upon a topic which a part of the Church still has difficulties to digest as it must.


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Could we all include this in our prayer intentions as Christmas nears? Thanks!

  2. Even before, already on Friday, Andrea Tornielli wrote on his blog:

    "Non credo fosse previsto e prevedibile un riferimento.
    Il Motu proprio non è un’enciclica. Prossimamente uscirà l’istruzione applicativa e a Ecclesia Dei verranno dati poteri speciali per agire nei confronti delle diocesi."

    So, both Rodari and Tornielli say that the "instruction" is near... (besides, Tornielli speaks of 'special powers' to be given to Ecclesia Dei .)

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Could someone kindly post a translation of Andrea Tornielli's excerpt above?

  4. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Some of these bishops will want an instruction on the instruction.

  5. Tornielli was answering the question of a reader about the Pope's omission of the MP in the list of the 'events'of 2007, in the address to the Curia.
    He said that, being a motu proprio not an encyclical, its presence in that list would have been not grounded.

    But what is important, is that Tornielli yesterday said that an "applicatory instruction" will come out soon. Besides, "Ecclesia Dei wiill be granted 'special powers' to be able to deal with the dioceses.

  6. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I pray the Pope continues to plow thru the opposition, giving them slight consideration, and restore the True Mass as well as all the other Catholic traditions (including vesture and pontificalia) that past Popes invalidly supressed, ignored, discarded.
    Now, I wish the Pope would turn his attention to the disaster of religious life, addressing the corruption of the religious Orders since Vatican II, the illicit reforms/deforms, and the abandonment of the traditional habits by Orders of nuns.
    These Orders of sisters, very, very many of which adopted radical liberal/femminist agenda following the Council and a secular memntality (no prayer life, wearing lay clothes, adoption of radical progressive agenda) were once flourishing Orders 40-50 years ago, but are all today greatly reduced in membership with no vocations.
    One Order in particular, the "White Sisters" which was at one time one of the major missionary Orders in the Church has shrunk from over 2,500 sisters, to barely 700 and only 4 novices world wide in training. Their average age is over 70.
    The average age of the "White Fathers", again one of the largest (if not largest) missionary congregation of male religious before Vatican II with over 5,000 members, today has barely 1,500 members with a median age of 75+
    Maryknoll Fathers (490 members with median age in 70's), has declined from close to 1,500 before Vatican II. Their seminary which once boasted close to 500 missionary seminarians in New York before Vatican II, today is closed, and Maryknoll has only 12 seminarians.
    The Augustinians of the Assumption (less than 800 with a median age of 72+) and the Jesuits (barely 18,000 members and only 2,000 seminarians. Down from 36,200 members before Vatican II . Two thousand seminarians for the Jesuits sounds like alot, but they had nearly 5,200 in the USA alone before Vatican II !!.
    Nearly all USA Orders of sisters are on the point of extinction, with members at median age of 73. An Order which had 880 before Vatican II has 290 today, of which 165 are over 80 and retired. The rest are 90% over 60. Their Motherhouse is for all intents and purposes a nursing home.
    This sad senario can be re[eated for nearly all Orders of priests, brothers, and sisters world wide.
    I hope the Pope acts to supress the disasterous agenda, cancel the reforms, and order them back into the traditional habits, and traditional religious life.

  7. Anonymous9:41 PM

    This sad senario can be re[eated for nearly all Orders of priests, brothers, and sisters world wide.
    Not all - traditional Orders FSSPX, FSSP, IGS, ICKSP and others have many, many vocations.
    Also contemplative congregations.

    FSSPX 500 priests and 180 seminarians, FSSP 190 priests and 120 seminarians, IGS 18 priests and 35 seminarians, ICKSP - about 100 proests and 60 seminarians.

  8. Let us all pray, pray, and pray some more that this clarifying document goes the whole 9 yards and censures (yes, censures!) Bishops who have tried to weasel their way around SP, perhaps going as far as requiring them to make public retractions of any such proclamations made since the MP was issued, and calling for a public declaration of their support and commitment to it. Hopefully the "special powers" given to Ecclesia Dei will be the ability to declare null and void any documents, proclamations or restrictions placed upon the Traditional forms by Bishops and Bishops committees. There needs to be a CLEAR and STRONG message sent out with this document.

  9. Anonymous1:51 PM

    When I posted my long article about religious life, I didn't mean the traditionalist Orders. We all know they are growing. And we know why they are growing....the Tridentine Latin Mass alone.
    I feel that the Pope MUST come down on the radical liberal religious Orders hard, especially of nuns, or these communties will not survive. It would be tragic for the Church to see the Trappists (which are contemplative but extremely liberal and have suffered a huge loss of monks from 5,000 before Vatican II, to less than 2,000 this year. Their average age is 72+....and their present Abbot General is a known radical progressive), the Servites, Redemptorists, Passionists, and even the Franciscans, Capuchins, Jesuits, and Dominicans die out due to their continuing to beat the progressive drum and continue to be standard bearers for the ill concieved and downright harmful "reforms" of Vatican II.
    The Jesuits have closed 1,000 foundations since 1993, and the Franciscans well over 500+. You can't remain a viable community with such continued losses!
    I think we should begin a movement to recruit and support traditionalist, women, priests, sisters, nuns, monks etc. who wish to re-start religious Orders along traditional lines with the Tridentine Latin Mass alone, or if necessary, alongside the Novus Ordo (although the Novus Ordo is a cause for the declines, and will eventually die out anyway). I am sure vocations would be plentiful. In this way, when the radical liberal branches of the Jesuits, Franciscans, Sisters of Mercy, Dominican sisters, Trappists etc. decline and die out, the traditionalist commuities will be there to continue the work of the Orders. It's the only way for religious life to survive. Most radical liberal Orders are too far gone, and would not accept reforming back to tradition. Even if the Pope ordered it.....which I hope He does.

  10. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Regarding the devastation of the religious orders, it is now generally accepted that in the 40s & 50s of the 20th Century these orders were infilitrated by communists. Bella Dodd's public & official testimony before the House
    provides ample evidence. The same with the issue of "immorality" -- that too was introduced into the life of these orders. A review of
    Bella Dodd & her testimony is needed if we are to understand the
    total picture.

  11. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Communists under the bed? Guess a dose of Trent will fumigate them.

    How can you apply without ifs and buts a document that is full of ifs and buts?

  12. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Maybe this coming clarification of the Summorum Pontificum will not be filled with "ifs" and "buts", but rather...for a change.... issue strong guidelines giving full freedom and equal status to the Tridentine Latin Mass alongside the present Novus Ordo, and also stating clearly that the Bishops etc. CAN NOT restrict the use of the Tridentine Latin Mass, and MAY NOT persecute, threaten, cajole, pressure, intimidate, warn, those groups that do wish the Tridentine Latin Mass, or priests and religious houses which adopt its use.
    It shold also state that Bishops who continue to be difficult will incur sanctions upon themselves.

  13. Anonymous12:36 AM

    If I were a priest of Second Vatican Council persuasion (the overwhelming majority in most orders), I would see right through the sugar coating and conclude that the papal effort to promote the TLM is an admission that everything I got ordained for is being called a failure. Therefore, I expect every means of resistance to come out of this. For example, what if Ecclesia Dei, whose members are drawn from the general population of priests, doesn't really want the TLM movement to prosper?

    Just do the Fatima consecration right and everything will work out well, Holy Father.

  14. Anonymous3:45 AM

    There's a very simple way for the Holy Father to deal with resistance to the Traditional Latin Mass.

    Elevate to the College of Bishops those priests who support and offer the TLM.

  15. Anonymous7:02 AM

    I think that anyone eyeing the Bolletino in hope of a "il Santo Padre ha nominato Arcivescovo Coadiutore di Los Angeles in California (U.S.A.) S.E. Mons. Clarence Kelly,finora Superiore della Societa di S. Pio V" is in for a disappointment.Appointments tend to be more subtle than in-your-face.

  16. While I agree it's a shame in some ways to see these old oders of religious die out, perhaps it is for the best. Their demise will stand for centuries as an example of what not to do. To quote one of my favorite John Wayne movie lines "You decided alone, now live it alone."

    And fear not, because new, more traditional orders will grow up in their place.

  17. Does anyone know of any orders of religious, male or female, that have "gone defunct" over the centuries? By that I mean, an order that has ceased to exist due to a lack of numbers, rather than being suppressed for heresy, etc.


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