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An Instruction for a stable group of Exorcists in each diocese?

Maybe, according to the Italian religious news website Petrus:
...Benedict XVI ... would intend to providentially deal [with the problem of diabolic forces] with an instruction, which could be published in the first months of the next year, that would determine that Diocesan Bishops... all over the world confer the mandate to perform exorcisms on a stable number of their priests. There have not been official confimations by the Vatican, being just a rumor for the moment.


  1. Wonder if it will take 50 priests to constitute a stable group.

    ; )

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I can just hear it now....Protestants and liberal Catholics condeming this as Medieval superstition.
    But Thank God for Benedict XVI to possibly be planning this. At no time has the acknowledgement of the devil, of diabolic influences, and of hell been more necessary than after Vatican II and it's aftermath, when the influence of the diabolic is everywhere....even in Bishops, priests, religious Orders, abuses in the Mass etc.
    I hope this instruction is passed thru and implemented well as new guidelines from the Ecclesiae Dei comission (and decreed by the Pope) FORBIDDING Bishops to meddle, dictate, frustrate, supress, limit or cancel the rights of all Catholics to the Tridentine Latin Mass.

  3. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Now that the Holy Father has freed the Mass of the Ages, he's making a strike at the devil's head. This a sign of true filial trust in God and Mary.

  4. Translation corrected.

  5. Anonymous2:04 AM

    I don't think this is going to work so well. Read Malachi Martin's book titled Hostage to the Devil - specifically, the Father Bones and Mister Natch case. Someone is going to have to exorcise the Novus Ordo priests first.

  6. Anonymous2:35 AM

    I can't judge of course, but from my expereince seeing the abuses of some Novus Ordo priests, I think they have a good chance of having condemned themselves. If they actually did all this evil to the Mass knowingly and deliberatly, then I think they could very well be condemned.
    But if they innocently went along because they thought it was what we do now, then I'm not sure. Ignorance may be an excuse if they were trained improperly from the beginning.

  7. Anonymous2:41 AM


    Arround all over the world we have thousnds of people under diabolic influences and there is no more exorcisms...these would be very good...nowadays, priests must do exorcisms without any official license, causa bishops do not trust on it anymore...and then, the priests must do that under the excuse of "necessity matter" of canonical law...

    Claps for Benedikt XVI!

    Vladimir Sesar
    Sao Paulo - Brazil

  8. Anonymous2:48 AM

    I hope they then match up the stable groups of priests with the stable groups of parishoners.

  9. Anonymous3:30 AM

    At least 150 priests needed to be considered a "stable" group.

  10. Anonymous3:37 AM

    I wasn't aware possesion was a big problem in this day and age.

  11. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Possession is not the only problem that exorcists deal with, they also exorcise things and places, and give special blessings, and work against the satanists and witches in the diocese, and among the local clergy and religious.

    Recall the case in Ohio where a priest, a member of a group of local clergy of the same proclivities, ritually murdered a nun in a satantic rite; confirmed by the civil court which condemned him to prison for her murder.

    In one eastern diocese more than 75 years ago, the bishop of the diocese built a Carmelite Monastery for nuns, but before it was completed, a pentegram was inscribed on the ledge bendeath the tabernacle, as a sign of its (i.e. the monastery) consecration to the devil; this was discovered when after many unexplained phenonmenon the monastery was forced to close in the 80's, and the building was demolished.

    St. Alphonsus says that many of the leading satanists of Italy in his day were sodomitic priests and bishops.

    In my considered opinion, the Pope needs to first exorcise the clergy.

    But bringing back the Ancient Roman Rite is certainly all about that.

  12. Anonymous2:32 PM

    It is the "stable group" that leads me to believe this is not authentic. Why would the Pope prepare something this significant and important to the priesthood around the world and then put in some stability clause. The stability issue really plays no part in this type of scenario. Priests are priests are priests. One doesn't need a "stable group" of priests. While a wonderful idea, I don't think it will become a reality.

  13. Update: The Holy See Press Office has denied that such a document is currently being prepared.