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You Report: Traditional Masses around the World - VII

A wonderful report from the largest Diocese in Ireland:

On the 2nd December 2007 the Dublin Latin Mass Chaplaincy held its inaugural Sunday Mass in its new home, St Kevin's, Harrington St.

There had been a regular Sunday Mass in the more ancient form in Dublin ever since the Ecclesia Dei indult, but in response to Summorum Pontificum (Art. 10) the Archbishop decided to establish a dedicated Chaplaincy, to provide daily Mass and the other sacraments.

The new location, St Kevin's, is a splendid neo-Gothic building designed by Pugin and Ashlin. It is located not far from the city centre, just a ten-minute walk from St Stephen's Green. Thankfully this church was spared the worst destruction of recent decades, and has its altars, pulpit and most of its altar rails intact.

The first Sunday of Advent saw the church packed with a congregation of about 600. High Mass was celebrated by the Chaplain, Fr Deighan, and his two assistants, Frs Nevin and Richardson. All are diocesan priests. Two other priests, religious, were hearing confessions from before Mass began. A large team of altar boys led the way to the sanctuary, and clouds of incense mingled with the ethereal strains of Palestrina's Missa Brevis. It was an unforgettable occasion.

Visitors to Dublin might like to note that the Sunday Mass is at 10.30 a.m., while weekday Masses are at 8.00 a.m. Monday to Friday, and 9.00 a.m. on Saturdays. The Chaplain may be contacted at latinmass AT dublindiocese DOT ie.

Our warmest congratulations to this large congregation and to its chaplain, the Reverend Father Deighan, to his assistants, the Reverend Fathers Nevin and Richardson, to the other priests, and also to the Most Reverend Archbishop of Dublin for his faithful implementation of Summorum Pontificum.


  1. Anonymous2:54 AM

    The Dublin branch of the Latin Mass Society of Ireland was responsible for the most wonderful triduum during Holy Week 2007. Deighan, Nevin and RIchardson are great priests. Their ongoing devotion to the sacraments is exemplary. The standard of homily is also very very high. The extraordinary form of the Roman rite is well served in Dublin.

  2. Anonymous4:37 AM

    The Society of saint Pius the Tenth has been offering the Holy Mass in Ireland for Saint John's Church - Dublin
    Upper Mounttown Road / York Road
    Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin,
    Corpus Christi Church - Athlone
    Connaught Gardens
    Athlone, Co. Roscommon,
    Saint Pius V Chapel - Belfast
    78 Andersonstown Road
    Our Lady of the Rosary Church - Cork
    Shanakiel Road
    Sunday's Well, Cork,
    Our Lady of Knock & St Patrick Chapel Newry
    Unit 5 Richbrook Business Park
    Mill Road, Newry,
    and other places....
    How can you say that this is only after the Indult of JP2???? and the Motu of Ben 16???
    Check your facts.....

  3. Anonymous5:17 AM

    This is quite true, but Pius X is not really growing. They must stop all the polemic and regularize their situation now.

  4. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Shadrach: please note that the Dublin Mass has nothing to do with the Latin Mass Society, but is purely an initiative of the Archbishop and his clergy (although of course many LMS members attend).

    Anonymous: whereas the SSPX have had a Mass in the suburbs of Dublin since the 80s, this Mass is a Diocesan event, and in the city centre. No one doubts the important work done by the SSPX, but we should see the significance of the traditional Mass being mainstream once again.

  5. Ah, tis hope for Ireland yet!

    All we seem to read of in the media is the enormous loss of faith, the lack of vocations, and the dissenting of some present clergy.

    But here is a light in the darkness!

  6. Anonymous11:43 AM

    A light in the dark. That`s really right. I can say this as roman-catholic from the home country of our pope: The situation cries to the ears of the bishops. For example (under hundreds more) students who want to become religious instruction teachers sometimes even do not know the word "catechism", nor did anyone I know here ever read one word in this book. They do not go regularly to Mass nor do I know anybody within these ongoing teachers here on university that goes to confession and so on and so on - the live completely as semi-protestants with ökumenism as a new dogma and ignoring catholic tradition. And if their protestant family members don not go to church why should they do ? It is as our pope said the dictatorship of relativism, if anybody formulizes roman-catholic positions on university: he is said to be fundamentalist. Here in the countries of the Rhine you can see the fruits of modernism / öcumenism / relativism: apostasy ! Catholic politicians fail completely to hold position. So we hope that worldwide we have a new beginning ... but probably this will take one or two generations if not much more. Oremus !
    For the worldwide motu proprio "Deo gratias "! And thanks to this excellent and wise pope Benedikt XVI. that in fact is in New Germany a theological outsider as he was till 2005. What a pitty.

    Send You greetings and wishes for a blessed christmas from Germany !
    God save Old Ireland, Old Germany, the whole continent !

  7. Anonymous2:15 AM

    This Mass is not organised by the Latin Mass Society Of Ireland. Local people from Dublin attend this Mass. This may include members of the LMSI but would also include members of Ecclesia Dei Ireland and other groups. By and large the congregation is made up of Dubliners who are dedicated to the Traditional Latin Mass. It is the 'people's Mass'.It is misleading to suggest the LMSI organise the Mass.

    One must admire the hard work of the SSPX here in Ireland and the many priests and faithful who have supported the Traditional Mass over the last number of decades.

    The LMSI websites has Mass Times for the Latin Mass in Ireland but this does not mean they organize every single Mass in Ireland. The MP allows for a more parish based local structure in Ireland. Locals need to ask their Pastor for the Latin Mass. It is about restoration and not 'show' masses a couple of times per year in a particular Mass. The majority of people want a regular Tridentine Mass with the sacraments in the old form. This includes confirmation in the Old Rite. The Irish Bishops must do this. The faithful also want good doctrine and not weak theology given by priests. The 'Catholic' schools are in name only and homeschooling and Traditional Apostolates are becoming the only option for Catholics living in Ireland.

  8. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I am surprised that the Dublin Extraordinary Form Mass is not subject to more rigourous evaluation. An outsider would say that Archbishop Martin has created a canonical equivalent of Craggy Island and located in an awkward corner of Dublin City. The Mass only draws large numbers when either the Lassus scholars or Piccolo Lasso sing and there is a longstanding allergy to advertise the Mass in Dublin anyway. Also, the Mass in Dublin rarely draws a congregation of over 400 (and it did not exceed 400 on the first Sunday of Advent) in a catchment area of 1.3 million Catholics.

    In relation of the SSPX in Ireland, first of all two priests have been pulled from Ireland in the past few months and many of the quoted centres have been axed. The SSPX made a strong impact on Ireland in the mid-1980s, but waned since due to a succession of priests with little understanding of Ireland or the Irish (why no Irish-born SSPX priest has ever served in Ireland is a mystery to me). The congregations in any of the quoted centres with the exception of Dublin and Newry is both relatively and numerically small.

    There are extraordinary form (ex indult) Masses in other locations - Donegal, Mayo, Cork, Limerick. Again attendance is small (though I must say, relatively higher in proportion than Dublin in nearly all cases - to match the proportionate attendance in Cork or Limerick, there would have to be 800 people in Dublin at least, which just doesn't happen). But there is very little evidence that there is a strong demand for the traditional liturgy in Ireland. There are people all over Ireland burning themselves out to get things going - even once a year in many quarters. Few bishops have really been a problem (Magee in Cloyne and Kirby in Clonfert are exceptions who prove the rule) - there just isn't the widespread demand for the traditional liturgy in Ireland which has been seen elsewhere.

  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    News coming through on the grapevine - apparently Bishop Magee is relenting in the Cloyne diocese after long opposition to the extraordinary form.

  10. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Which religious order or congregation were the two religious from may I ask? OPs?

  11. Anonymous9:18 AM

    One of the religious is a Carmelite (O.Carm); the other is a Marist (S.M.). From time to time a Jesuit attends too, a priest of 99 years of age. Like the last, the other two are of advanced age.

    There was a Dominican who regularly said the Dublin Mass, but he is deceased. Likewise, there was also an Augustinian (OSA), but he is only a few years younger than the Jesuit I mentioned.


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