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Benedict in America - I
What will Peter find?

It is hard to define Catholicism in a country or region in broad strokes (even though some journalists and spin doctors often speak about the "Global South" with daring condescension), but probably in no place more so than in America. All the major trends in the Catholic Church are to be found in the United States, home to the second largest number of priests and cardinals and to the third largest episcopate in the world: a Church in crisis, and in bloom; in disarray, but with growing influence.

Could it be mostly doom and gloom in American Catholicism? Yes, and quite probably. But, amazingly enough, in no other nation on earth there are so many islands of orthodox resistance, of love for Tradition, of strengthened passionately and unapologetically Catholic families. Traditional Catholicism, though still a very small minority, has found in America a great vitality, and it is almost certain that the nation of so many deviated priests and nuns has become the home of the largest number of Traditionalists in the world, even more so than France.

As Pope Benedict readies for his visit to Washington and New York in April, we remind our readers that, whatever Potemkin Village the Bishops of the United States may stage, there is an Archipelago of Hope in the American Church -- priests and religious, parents and children, linked in their common struggle: for Christ and His Holy Church.

We invite our friends and readers in the United States to send us reports from their own islands of optimism as the Pope goes to America.


Pablo said...

The Pope is going to find exactly what there is to find. A country consecrated to Satan by the freemason founding fathers; george Washington was the father, abe lincoln the savior, and u.s. grant the protector.
As soon as he starts the Traditional stuff, the American Catholics will fall upon him faster than the Roman Senate went for Julius.
How many altar girls will muscle their way into the Mass here, how many women will stand next to the Pope and hand out Holy Communion and bless babies?
Or will the Church leaders in America go into full hypocrite mode? If they do, well by golly, one of them might even say the name of J-e-s-u-s during the lectures.
I listened to an Archbishop in Washington D.C. lecture for 45 minutes on theology and not once in his entire speech offend anyone with the Holy Name.

Good thing this Pope is Catholic; he will have Charity towards us.

Adam Barnette said...

"The Pope is going to find exactly what there is to find. A country consecrated to Satan by the freemason founding fathers; George Washington was the father, Abe Lincoln the savior, and U.S. grant the protector."

This is weird language. I've never heard of this in the Church before Vatican II. This sounds like some far right extremism, which like its far left extremist brother, has nothing to do with peaceful, moderate (read: normal) traditional Catholicism. Instead, it is another example of people responding to confusing times by going off the deep end instead of anchoring themselves in saner times.

Traditionally, Catholics were taught to love their country, respect her leaders, and pray for the growth of the Church within her borders. Certainly, the United States isn't perfect, but the ridiculous assertions you made would be written off by any traditional Catholic before the current crisis of Faith as very unCatholic and, moreover, plain weird.

That said; I hope His Holiness enjoys his visit here and doesn’t embarrass the Church through any inter-religious meetings and the like.

Pablo said...

Dear Caiphas,

This is what is weird:

"I hope His Holiness enjoys his visit here and doesn’t embarrass the Church through any inter-religious meetings and the like."

So called calm peacful limpwristed 'Christians' who question the work of the Holy Father have a lot of unmitigated gall, and pride.
Roman Catholics, through the Cathechism and teaching of the Church Fathers know the Holy Father is the Holy Father to everyone on the planet. This includes the Budhists, Southern Baptists, and so on. His business is not your business.

Put down the History book you have been 'learning'from; more likely its the Albert Pike Edition, and get some real schooling.
The SSPX, for example, has an Angelus Press website where you can read back issues from 1978 to the present.It is weird also, but truthful.

My background as an American citizen has been to work in many difficult and dangerous areas that eventually improved the human condition and helped some know salvation was possible.
Everytime it was necessary to help those unfortunates keep out of the fires of hell, it was because peacenik, 'normal' Catholics stood around and did nothing.

Thanks for calling me weird and not normal; if I wasn't, I would cry out to the Lord and ask Him why He didn't love me. (only a Roman Catholic would understand this paragraph).

I'm not going to waste time trying to teach you anything. Pride is an impenetrable sheild. Only God can change your heart.

Anonymous said...

may i proffer that the tremendous revitalization of the Church vis a vis tradition is due in large part to sspx, whether directly or indirectly, because it is not an exaggeration to say that there would be no sp absent sspx.

Anonymous said...

Just a minor point, but America was finally consecrated to the Immaculate Conception, which should override "consecrated to Satan" just as Baptism overrides Original Sin. And we do have probably the strongest traditionalist presence in the world. Oh, and Saint Pio and Saint Teresa Neumann both loved Americans and America. And did I mention our charity - we even stand in harms way to help other nations under duress, and we leave when we're done. Last time I checked, the Kuwaitis still controlled their own oil fields and the Iraqis theirs. True, we have problems with unlimited freedoms and bad bishops, but let's don't lose perspective here. You can be as Catholic as you wish in America - what more do you require?

(As for me, I require help figuring out how to sign this - Joe B)

Caritas said...

Our Lady of Americas. Pray for us. Our Lady of America. Pray for us.

May the Holy Father enlighten Americans and guided by heavenly inspirations may he reach out to the whole world.

His visit will have universal coverage at a key moment in the Presidential race.

New Catholic, this is the ultimate opportunity to promote the three non-negociables: protection of life, family and freedom of education.

May there be many more new Catholics.

God Bless Benedict XVI.
And God Bless America.

Providence never fails!


Anonymous said...

The Holy Father needs to defend the family here in America in a way that JPII did not---aside from the flood of other issues that must be dealt with. He must be vocal and eliminate the scandal that this flood of annulments has caused and change the course of Catholics in America where they think that they can live like the world. He needs to excercise true pastoral authority and offer reproof. I would prefer that the Holy Father come here with a frown not a smile, with a broom and a desire to clean. This country is going way to far in its usurpation and destruction of the family. We need action in this country, no more JPII platitudes---that already exists here in America, it is called the Bill of Rights.

Anonymous said...

"We need action in this country, no more JPII platitudes---that already exists here in America, it is called the Bill of Rights"

That set of 'platitudes' called the Bill of Rights a stumbling block for you, is it?

Not enough 'action' in the rule of law for you, right?


I'd say Pope Benedict is almost guaranteed to find some strange currents afloat here in the USA..

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:04, I know it is hard for a 'true-believer' to disabuse himself but give it a go because when there is selective enforcement of law, there is not rule of law. Finally, you are absolutely right, the Holy Father will find some strange currents of thought here in the U.S., particulary among Catholics who venerate the Constitution like it is the Gospel; that is strange indeed, almost protestant.

orlando said...

He will find the world's number one pornographer. He will see the global center of abortion and sodomy advocacy. He will find a nation of heretics and heathens.

And yet he will also find his flock, praying for him and waiting for his gentle words of guidance.

Anonymous said...

Pablo-- Not U. S. Grant, but Woodrow Wilson.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for the Holy Father. He will find himself a victim of circumstance as the bishops try to box him in liturgically and doctrinely.
Communion in the hand, altar girls, crap music on and on and on.
We are Catholics first and citizens of our country second. Catholics are the best citizens because we know all power comes from God.
As for patriotism. The hand on the heart during the national anthem, thinking the founding Fathers were perfect and the constitution perfect. That is all rubbish. It is a fake and a idol.
The way countries govern themselves are in the scheme of history temporary measures.
For American Ctholics it is hard because they dwell in a country that is from its foundataion and view of itself not very Catholic at all.
My God Bless all countries and subject them to His kingship.

Let us pray for the Pope!
I hope he is not used for American political ends.
Non of the Presidential candidates are acceptable to a Catholic voter!

Anonymous said...

I almost became ill when one of the posters mentioned the Archbishop of Washington. Archbishop Donald Wuerl is one of that aging, dying, breed of "Vatican II" bishops that have governed the Church in the USA and everywhere for 40 years. Spineless, wimpish, totally secular in outlook, radically two-faced (pretense of loyalty to the Pope and Church but actually servants of modernism and what could be called, "The Spirit of Vatican II") This is different than Roman Catholicism. The two basically cancel each other out.
Brought in to the Archdiocese of Seattle in the mid-1980's to bring orthodoxy into a See ruined by the radical liberal Raymond Hunthausen, Wuerl instead bowed to the Bishop, and let everything be swept under the rug. He was quickly removed to Pittsburgh, where he conducted himself following the principles of Vatican II. Therefore He left the Diocese a wreck.
Now He is in Washington, and is following in the footsteps of another great champion of Vatican II liberalism and dissent, Cardinal McCarrick. But perhaps Benedict XVI is smarter than these lowlife Bishops think, for Wuerl was not raised to the rank of Cardinal at the last consistory in 2007, and at 68, his chances for this honor are running slim. Hopefully he will be passed over again at the next consistory.
But the one hopeful thing in all this is it is true Benedict XVI will see afew genuinely traditional Catholic dioceses, and meet a few genuinely Catholic bishops. Some are in the old pre-Vatican II mold, and that is very hopeful for the Church. They are real Princes of the Church and Shepherds of souls.
But unfortunatly, there are far too many " open, warm and friendly" Bishops. THeir undisiplined rule of their diocese of the last 40 years have brought us a plague of scandals, liturgical abuses, and a priesthood and religious life perhaps the most radically progressive, immoral and decadent in the world.
What we need are scores of bishops in the mold of Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, a Pope like Pius XII (not like a John Paul II or a Paul VI), and perhaps even some bishops like Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Anonymous said...

"The Pope is going to find exactly what there is to find. A country consecrated to Satan by the freemason founding fathers; george Washington was the father, abe lincoln the savior, and u.s. grant the protector."

Are you kidding me? This is insane!


Anonymous said...

No, it's a Ron Paul supporter.

Pablo said...

Thank you for correcting me anonymous, it is Woodrow Wilson.

Are you kidding me? This is insane!

Start learning American history. The above website is a start.
When the devils that consecrated America mocking Melchizedek's blessing of bread and wine, do you think they were invoking the Holy Angels? Seventeen Popes have condemned freemasonry because it is a tool of the devil.

'America has been consecrated to the Immaculate Conception' yeah, right, sure.
The Holy Mother herself appeared to a stinky broke down indigenous Mexican on a little hill in Mexico. Maybe she didn't know where America was, right?

When the Pope comes to America, he will see anti-Catholicism; women vicars and lay people in positions of temporal authority in the Church. This is an outright challenge to the authority of the Holy Father, but also another rampant American Church denial of the Divinity of Christ.
In the 1960's rose colored glasses were all the rage; I didn't wear them then, and won't wear them now.
All you limp wristed Catholics, please stop being 'scandalized' by my comments.
Let us pray for the Holy Father.

Pablo said...


I am not a Ron Paul supporter.

I am a Monarchist.

I believe in the Kingship of Christ.
The current political order was founded on the murders of Monks, Priests, and Nuns, like the sixteen Carmelites that were beheaded in France.

And you want me to 'vote' for whom?

Anonymous said...

"The Pope is going to find exactly what there is to find. A country consecrated to Satan by the freemason founding fathers; george Washington was the father, abe lincoln the savior, and u.s. grant the protector."

Are you kidding me? This is insane!

Intentionally provocative,yes. But "insane"? How do you figure? Our founding fathers were in fact Masons. Many of the most important landmarks and institutions were inagurated with Masonic rituals. So why exactely is it insane?

Anonymous said...

Concerning the concequences of Freemasonic America.

The Major Avenue right next to Haight/Ashbuy S.F. is MASONIC AVENUE. Here we find Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll, and licsentuosness being promulgated by the masonically controlled press touting the "summer of Love" to the naive 15 y.o. girls who would later in life obtain abortions.

What spirit was beckoned during the Masonic cerimony when "Masonic Ave." was named?

Adam Barnette said...


How rude of you.

Anonymous said...

The Pope is going to find a USA Church which, despite some pockets of tradition, and a handful of good religious Orders, is liturgically with its deviations, experimentations, altar girls, communion in the hand, sign of peace, lay ministers of Holy Communion, protestant music, protestantized Church interiors, women on the altar, FAR closer in liturgical celebrations to the Episcopalians and Lutherans (and in some cases even Methodists), than to Roman Catholic.
And the thought of that reality makes me nearly physically sick. Especially since in the 3 years Benedict XVI has been Pope, he has done nothing concretely and definitively to reverse this revolting course.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pablo,

Many things you may or may not know, can be stimulating, provocative, helpful or not,
but people would pay attention a lot more easily if you consider that public etiquette matters. You should not ignore that as you do. Catholics call it humility, without which Heaven is close to us all. The Master said so. Sister Lucia was told by the Blessed Virgin: "NO ONE IS LISTENING." She called for prayer and penance, sacrifices -- to convert "poor sinners."
This Popes seems listening. Let us pray for each other, and our Holy Father.

Anonymous said...

Pablo, the Bill of Rights you despise offers at least this much: it remains a refuge for the zealous, and always will burden the zealot.

Zealousness and zealotry are differentiated by Charity.

Learn to serve the Lord better, Pablo. Learn the difference. Anything less ill serves you.

Michael Toledo

Anonymous said...

The Pope will find hope in America, when he opens the doors to hope in Rome, by ending the persecution of Catholic Tradition.

1. Declare formally and irrevocably that the texts of Vatican II are pastoral, not infallible, and that therefore they can contain error.

2. Disestablish the documents of Vatican II as fundamental norms of Church Renewal, and reestablish the Deposit of the Faith as the Norm of Church Renewal, beginning with faith and baptism.

3. Reestablished the Holy Office of the Inquisition with the task of censuring heretics, schismatics, apostates and sinners, cleaning up dioceses and religious communities.

4. Celebrate the TLM.

5. Reaffirm the immemorial right to celebrate the TLM according to the pre 1955 Missale.

6. Condemn current errors, such as Modernism, Neo-Modernism, Progressivism, Democratism, Aggiornomentoism, Relativism, Hegelianism, the Ecumenism of no Return, Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, etc. etc..

7. Define the Dogma of Our Lady's Corredemption.

If the Pope did this, the entire Church in America would be so revitalized and filled with joy, that it would be a literal New Beginnig for our Nation.

Let us pray for the Holy Father, that he may have courage to fight these fights for the Lord and for the sake of His sheep!

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Anonymous said...

Michael Toledo,

Let this not degenerate into tit for tat blogging for the sake of charity but those very rights that you laud enable Pablo to critique this government. I find it highly disturbing that so many Catholics in America venerate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as if they were divinely inspired. Again, please disabuse yourself of that. Patriotism is not 'my country right or wrong'. A true patriot questions his government, is circumspective and battles the encroachment of the state over those non-negotiables. Perhaps Pablo has had his 'rights' obstructed. Americans live in thise incessant environment of 'rights' talk and they presume that those rights are always enforced, that there is an impartial judiciary, that there is due process, that there is the 'rule of law'. Well, Mr. Toledo, have you looked around lately? And please, let me cut you off at the knees and state that it is not a 'liberal' persepective to talk in this fashion or to question this administration or any other presidential administration or any form of government whatsoever. The fact is, the republic is moribund and we are Catholics first and I for one and sick and tired of Catholics in America not understanding the difference. If you want to believe in hard-Wilsonianism and be a Neo-con, then go right ahead but that is not Catholic social teaching and if you want a welfare state that the Neo-cons now embrace, have at it because that is not Catholic social teaching. Catholics in this country have made peace with this country and the zeitgeist--Catholics in this country and some in the trad community, for as much as they talk about the laxity of enforcement of our Bishops, who do need reproof, these trads are as much of the world as the Bishops they lament. We are Catholic first, not American and when that is fully understood, then perhaps we will stand up in masse and be the salt of the earth and those things for which we advocate will be hard to ignore for the state. Which of course will engender persecution. But what disciple is greater than his master? We need to separate the sheep from the goats in this country quickly, Catholics in America love this country too much and that love is inordinate given the present state of affairs.

Pablo said...

Adam Barnette,

If I have offended you I apologize.

I would appreciate that you one day come to understand I am not a kitten that shows up for a dogfight. Some of us Catholics get the dukes up anywhere, anytime. The story of David is my favorite. He found favor with God because of one thing he said, then later, without hesitation, he put into action, (he didn't 'pray on it'), " Who dares to blaspheme the Lord?".

When Pope John Paul II came to my city, I stayed at work that day.Almost everyone went to see him except for myself and a fellow employee. My friend asked why I did not go. I told him my place was there with him, as he was a member of the Freemason Lodge. I told him if he died and went to hell while I was out shaking the Pope's hand,(I had the wherewithall to do so), and I did not use as much time as I could helping him repent, we would both find ourselves in hell.
He eventually left the lodge, and I try to remember him in my prayers.Please pray for souls like these.

I am glad the Pope is coming to America; it will be a great blessing for us all. Even if we don't deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pablo,
The appearance of the Blessed Virgin to Blessed Juan Diego was not the consecration of America to the Blessed Virgin. In 1847 the Bishops of the United States requested permission from the Holy Father, Pope Pius IX, to declare the Blessed Virgin Mary as patroness of the United States under the title of "The Immaculate Conception" and so it was done. Note that the request was seven years before the definition of the Immaculate Conception. Not bad for a country with a mason behind every tree.

Yes, I know the masons are trouble, but I also know that most masons in the United States are clueless about the worst intentions of that sect, unlike certain European masonic groups of the past. That's why in over 200 years there are so few masonic incidents in this country. It's hard to get a crowd of business-loving, peace-loving American masons worked up to go burn down Saint Joseph's church this weekend when your American masonic leaders even invite and recruit Catholics into your group. It isn't the same as in certain parts of Europe.

That having been said, they're trouble, no doubt about it. But this isn't a masonic country. They have less clout here than the communist party, and this isn't a communist country either.

So Pablo, if it's so bad here, tell us where it's better. And then tell us why you're not there. Could it be your heart is where your money is and the life is soft? Or is it because there is no better place, you hypocrite?

You can be as Catholic as you want to be in America - what more do you require?
Joe B

Caritas said...

John 13 35 "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another."

Could you please give Pablo a break. The man made his point and then apologized realizing he had offended some of his brothers.

And for those of you who still wonder where he is coming from: check his profile...

Viva Cristo Rey in the Providence that never fails!


Pablo said...

So Pablo, if it's so bad here, tell us where it's better. And then tell us why you're not there. Could it be your heart is where your money is and the life is soft? Or is it because there is no better place, you hypocrite?

I stood under the image of Nuestra Senora Santa Maria de Guadalupe,in Mexico city, and told her one of her sons had come 'home'. She would have none of this; she directed me back to the United States to help a priest who was in a bitter struggle. He would have been killed had we not fought hard. Also in the struggle I went to Los Angeles and met with Father Henry Perez+. He had been abandoned by his Bishop in Arizona, also in Orange County, the District Attorney in L.A. was after him, he had said a Mass at a Masonic Lodge, had himself hypnotized to forget things, had two kidney and liver transplants that had failed, had a fake left eye, high blood pressure, was drinking heavily, and was surrounded by people that wanted him dead. It was a dogfight of five years to get in to see him. I asked him to do a good confession with a traditional priest, recieve Extreme Unction from him, and speak to some little old ladies I knew that had been praying daily the Holy Rosary for him since they met him in 1982. It is hard to describe how the look in his face was, and how his hands trembled while her heard the words of the righteous woman that told him of their prayers.God bless the SSPX priest that drove across L.A. to save his soul from the fires of hell.
The devil made me pay for that.
I left a good paying job and gave up all I had to stand next to a priest that would provide the Sacraments to his flock only to have them spit upon him even before he took his vestments off.
Yes, I would much rather be home. I am friends with the 97 year old Nun in Mexico who helped Father Miguel Pro's sister hide out after they killed the Padre. Because it is ongoing I will not describe the struggle there.
The Descalsed Carmelites of Tepeyac Hill are daily petitioning the Mother of Mercy to allow my return.
This struggle has gotten down to hand to hand combat.
As a good American, you should take my place and allow me to slither back across the border.

Don't let those freemasons fool you, the devil is an Archangel, and he's no slouch. He arms his warriors well.

There is much more to this story, but I won't bore you with details. If you do want to replace me, you can have it all. Contact me at

I don't mind you calling me a hypocrite. The devil has called me much worse.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pablo. However,the Freemasonic hoax constitutive of these Federated States of America that will greet the Pope Benedict XV is something he agrees with. He expressed his agreement in his address before the curia in December 2005.

In that address while Benedict XVI acknowledges that “in the 19th century under Pius IX,[there was a] "clash between the Church's faith and a radical liberalism" and that this stance "had elicited from the Church a bitter and radical condemnation of this spirit of the modern age" so that "it seemed that there was no longer any milieu open to a positive and fruitful understanding, and the rejection by those who felt they were the representatives of the modern era was also drastic.”

But Vatican II changed this since "in the meantime…the modern age had also experienced developments" and people came to realize that the American Revolution was offering a model of a modern State that differed from the theoretical model with radical tendencies that had emerged during the second phase of the French Revolution" i.e. that had emerged with the American Revolution. Hence, "it was necessary to give a new definition to the relationship between the Church and the modern State that would make room impartially for citizens of various religions and ideologies, merely assuming responsibility for an orderly and tolerant coexistence among them and for the freedom to practice their own religion."

So with Vatican II the Church embraced the friendly face of the eighteenth century revolutionary ideology manifest in the American Revolution inspired by Freemasons like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. This friendly face is "linked more generally to…religious tolerance."That "question … required a new definition of the relationship between the Christian faith and the world religions…[for] it was necessary to evaluate and define in a new way the relationship between the Church and the faith of Israel."
This came with Vatican II which as the Pope indicates embraced the ideology of Freemasonry, i.e., its message of pure tolerance, religious liberty and most importantly the idea that the human race may reach perfection through purely human means.
In this speech the Pope set out the themes of his pontificate—the hermeneutic of continuity. We we can see these themes being put into effect even now with his alteration of the Good Friday prayers in the 1962 Mass of Pope John XXII presumably to further "define in a new way the relationship between the Church and the faith of Israel."

In other words Benedict XVI is teaching a catholicism one strongly influenced by Enlightenment Fundamentalism, i.e. the ideology Freemasonnry and Zionism . This is the ideology of the Jesuit John Courtenay Murray and John Carroll the signer of the Declaration of Independence. It is also the ideology of most of the American hierarchy. So the Pope's visit will be a real homecoming. Get out your aprons and top hats!Display your pyramids on your front lawns. This is really going to be something to see!

Dymphna said...

The founding fathers were almost all masons. However, America is consecrated to Mary. Now, back to the question: What will the pope find when he arrives? Not much. The bishops will make it seem like everything is fine. But this pope has visited the US before on several occasions. He has a pretty good idea of what's wrong with the church in this country.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Hmmmm, what will Benedict find? (I would not say what Peter will find).

The answer is simple: The American "Catholic" Church hidden because the bishops want to play nice.

I am very sure that the Pope will know exactly what to tell us here.

It's a fact that the founders were Masons.

Anonymous said...

Joe B.

I just want to thank you for your balanced, charitable comments.

As for what His Holiness shell find, it is a vital, expctant Catholic Church. We want and need to be taught by this pontiff and, as is his manner, he shall give us solid advice, teaching, admonishons and exhortations.

I will not be able to get into Yankee Statium, but I will find a way to at least catch a glimps of him. I just can't ignore his being so close to me. (I live in Connecticut). As a new Catholic I just must see him.

I throw down any pessimisim for the Church in America. I just can't fathom that God would give us his Church and not keep it alive. The Motu has watered what was under the dry soil and now the plant is growning!

Praise be to God for his love for us and all the world.

B. Rickman