Rorate Caeli

Justice for all: but "not all will be equal"

We all desire a fair world. But we cannot repair all the destructions of the past, all the people unjustly tormented and killed. Only God himself can create justice, which must be justice for all, even for the dead. And, as Adorno, a great Marxist, says, only the resurrection of the flesh, which he considers unreal, could create justice.

We believe in this resurrection of the flesh, in which not all will be equal. It is common to think today: whatever is sin, God is magnificent, he knows us, therefore sin does not matter, in the end God will be nice with everyone. It is a beautiful hope. Yet, there is justice, and there is true guilt. Those who have destroyed man and earth cannot suddenly sit beside their victims at the table of God. God creates justice. We must have this present.

It seemed thus important for me to write also this text [Spe Salvi] on purgatory, which for me is such an obvious truth, so clear and also so necessary and comforting that is cannot be forgotten. I tried to say: perhaps there are not so many who have destroyed themselves thus, who are forever incurable, who do not have any element left upon which the love of God may rest, who do not have in themselves a minimum capacity for loving. This would be hell.

On the other hand, they are certainly few - or at least not many - those who are so pure as to be able to immediately enter in the communion with God. Very many of us hope that there may be something curable in us, that there may be a final desire to serve God and to serve men, of living according to God. But there are so many wounds, so much filth. We have the need of being ready, of being purified. This is our hope: even with so much filth in our souls, in the end the Lord gives us the possibility, cleanses us finally with his goodness which comes from his cross. He thus renders us capable of being forever with him. And therefore heaven is hope, it is justice finally realized. And he gives us also the criteria for living so that this [present] time may also be, in a certain way, heaven, a first light of heaven.

Wherever men live according to these criteria, a speck of heaven appears in the world, and this is visible. It seems to me also an evidence of the truth of faith, of the need to follow the way of the commandments, of which we should speak more often. They are truly road signs and show us how to live well, how to choose life. Therefore, we must also speak of sin and of the sacrament of forgiveness and reconciliation. A sincere man knows that he is guilty, that he should start anew, that he should be purified. And this is the wonderful reality which the Lord offers us: there is a possibility for renewal, of being new. The Lord starts anew with us and we can thus start anew also with the others in our life.


Paul Haley said...

Speaking of Justice, what are we to make of seeming contradictions in the actions of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, the latest being a seeming capitulation to the Jews and his own personal refusal thus far to remove the excommunications levied against the SSPX bishops and Archbishop Lefebvre? The Holy Father said it himself in August of 2005:

"Pray for me, that I may learn to love his flock more and more -- in other words, you, the holy Church, each one of you and all of you together. Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves. Let us pray for one another, that the Lord will carry us and that we will learn to carry one another".

To me, the above quote taken from his homily in August 2005 and his statement in Summorum Pontificum that the TLM has never been nor could be abrogated are the two most significant statements of his pontificate so far. He is in the hands of the Holy Spirit and it is to the Holy Spirit that we must address our prayers. We must, in effect, storm the gates of Heaven. I continue to hope for the best from our Holy Father and will not cease in my prayers for him each and every day. We are now in the perfect season for us to pray and do penance for the Holy father's intention.

Frade said...

Do not idolize the forms. The Holy Father is walking with Sophia

Matthew said...

Benedict XVI is a saint. He is the "Intervention" for which we have been waiting. He has already set things in motion to effect a return to the observance and practice of the Holy Catholic Faith. Thank God.

Anonymous said...

However, is it not odd that there is a perceived substituting of Purgatory for Hell in the Holy Father's thought here? If one dies in mortal sin, Purgatory is not the answer, yet he seems to place all but "those with no capacity to love" in Purgatory. I think all humans have the capacity to love in some measure.

Anonymous said...

"...Adorno, a great marxist...". Can a marxist be great? Maybe in body size.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he should inform most of the Novus Ordo clergy. It seems to me that nearly every furneral today is a celebration of the deceased life. All is well. We are all saved! Ah, if it was only true.

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly with this jew prayer. If someone else that card. Ratzinger was elected a pope, there would be no motu proprio and no any jew prayer. So please - just "shut up" and let Benedict XVI work, because there couldn't be and there won't be a better pope (or maybe you can show someone from cardinals)?

culbreath said...

"Benedict XVI is a saint. He is the 'Intervention' for which we have been waiting."

I believe you may be right about that. Neither the MP or the revised prayer were acts of "appeasement" towards any group. They were both necessary acts in defense of the Catholic Faith - acts he knew would be unpopular. I'm beginning to see this now.

We are unworthy of this holy and courageous Pope. You should taste the firestorm of calumnies this decision has unleashed against him. The world despises Benedict as it has not despised any pope for generations. I've never seen anything like this.

So, let the traditionalists prove themselves to be his most loyal defenders. Thank you, Rorate Coeli, for leading the way. A real persecution seems just around the corner ...

Anonymous said...

Culbreath couldn't have said it better! I add my heartfelt thanks to Rorate Caeli.

schoolman said...

"We are unworthy of this holy and courageous Pope...So, let the traditionalists prove themselves to be his most loyal defenders."

Yes, this is exactly the response that is called for.

Anonymous said...

I love the way this Pope is slowly (and it seems every chance he gets), contradicting the liberal priests and nuns and the agenda they've set for 40 years.
I've heard sermons where God is "love, peace, light" for everyone no matter how sinful your life is/was and that everyone goes to Heaven. This has contributed to the belief that nothing is really a sin. Thus the huge decline in Confession.
Thank God for this Pope, our Holy Father Benedict XVI.
He's made the progressives angry now in the last 8 months more times than I can count. He's re-inforcing traditional Catholicism bit by bit (alittle too slowly, but at least He 's laying groundwork).
I hope He is here for many years yet.
God bless him with good health and vigor.

Gilbert said...

Benedict XVI, Angelus, Febraury 10
With Christ against the Devil

Ma che significa entrare in Quaresima? Significa iniziare un tempo di particolare impegno nel combattimento spirituale che ci oppone al male presente nel mondo, in ognuno di noi e intorno a noi. Vuol dire guardare il male in faccia e disporsi a lottare contro i suoi effetti, soprattutto contro le sue cause, fino alla causa ultima, che è satana (...) Entrare in Quaresima significa pertanto rinnovare la decisione personale e comunitaria di affrontare il male insieme con Cristo".
(Benedetto XVI, Angelus del 1o febbraio 2008)

Anonymous said...

Father, I figure you might be interested about our fortieth anniversary:
(Quote from the parish bulletin)
Today, the first Sunday of Lent, marks the 40th anniversary of Saint Clement Parish. On this Sunday in 1968, several months after the vernacular languages had replaced Latin in the liturgy, a small group of Catholics attached to the traditional form of the Mass were given permision by Archbishop Plourde to gather for Mass at the Monastery Chapel of the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood on Echo Drive, Ottawa. Today, 40 years later, several of the original families from 1968 continue as parishioners of St. Clement Parish, and for one family in particular, it is the fourth generation.
Let us offer today a prayer of thanksgiving to Almighty God for all the graces He has bestowed upon us during the past forty years, and let us remember as well, the intentions of all the members of our parish. God love you all.
(end quote)

... de meme, en francais:
Aujourd'hui, le premier dimanche de Careme, marque le quarantieme anniversaire de la paroisse St. Clement. En ce dimanche 1968, plusieurs mois apres que les langues vernaculaires aient remplacees le latin dans la liturgie, un petit groupe de catholiques attaches a la form traditionelle de la Messe ont obtenu la permission de Mgr Plourde de se rassembler pour la messe dominicale a la chapelle du monastere des Soeurs du Precieux Sang sur Echo Drive, Ottawa. Aujourd'hui, 40 annees apres, plusieurs des familles presentes en 1968 sont encore paroissiennes de St. Clement.
Rendons grace a Dieu aujourd'hui pour toutes les graces qu'Il nous donnees pendant ces quarantes annees et souvenons-nous aussi dans nos prieres , toutes les intentions des membres de la paroisse. Que Dieu vous benisse.
(fin de la citation)
Paul Fournier

techno_aesthete said...

Paul Haley, that quote is from the Holy Father's homily of his inaugural Mass on April 24, 2005.

Paul Haley said...

techno_aesthete said...

Paul Haley, that quote is from the Holy Father's homily of his inaugural Mass on April 24, 2005.

Thanks for the correction. My age is getting to me.