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For those who are not already familiar with it, Wikkimissa is a brilliant French-based, user editable website administered by a certain Emmanuel which comprises what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive directory of traditional Masses worldwide. It is usable in six languages (including Latin) and is an indispensable tool for travelers who need to know where they can assist at Mass in various destinations.

In the six months since Summorum Pontificum has gone into effect, there have been new Mass sites appearing in the news almost weekly. It seems as though Masses are popping up at a faster rate than even tradition-oriented media can keep up with. I would like to make an appeal to readers at this time to familiarize themselves with Wikkimissa and to make any updates relevant to what is happening in their respective regions. Please bookmark the site and look in on it from time to time to make sure the information remains current. You will certainly also want to make the site available to those desiring to assist at a traditional Mass but may not know where to find one. There are undoubtedly scores of tradition minded people out there who would be happy to join us at Mass every Sunday if only they were aware that there was one within traveling distance from their homes. This is a low-burden opportunity to bring as many people to our Masses as possible. Let us hasten to avail ourselves of it.


  1. I am glad that Emmanuel has listed SSPX Masses.

  2. Dear Brother Anthony

    One day there will be real justice for SSPX when many more than do now will thank the fraternity for all its sacrifices on behalf of Roman Catholic orthodoxy.

    One detects in NO church a little sensus catholicus in the remaking but there is still quite a long pathway to tread.

  3. LeonG,

    I say "Amen" to you comment.

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I just updated their location in PA, where I had a glimpse of Heaven this Easter Vigil and Sunday. Most beautiful liturgy ever.

  5. I hope the women will get back to covering their heads inside the churches; as St. Paul instructs, 1Cor: 11

  6. I do not have an intention to sound disappointing but I cannot see much difference in the list of Churches around London with Traditional Liturgy celebrated now and in comparison to times prior the Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum publication in July last year. Is this caused by shortage of priests trained in Traditional Liturgy? The website is very useful, but it does not show big progress in the implementation of MP, at least in UK.

  7. The Motu Proprio is taking effect in other parts of England. London has always had a some-what adequate provosion for the traditional mass (one of the few places where you can get the Triduum in the older form) since the 1980s - although I would prefer to see more sung masses on a Sunday.

    A lot of people in the Latin Mass Society had the rather Irish mentality of insisting that everything should be low mass.

  8. This is what I mean, I would love to have High Mass on Sunday with LMS at St James Church, Spanish Place. But we have still the same arrangements as previously, Low Mass.

  9. This is what I mean, I would love to have High Mass on Sunday with LMS at St James Church, Spanish Place.

    Me too but that is not going to happen for a few reasons that I would rather not disclose here. Needless to say, there just isn't enough clerics to have a High Mass. The only other London church capable of doing a High Mass in the older usage every Sunday is the London Oratory.

    But as St. Pio used to say, "Pray, hope and don't worry!"

  10. I love London Oratory but it is too far for me to travel to attend Sunday Mass. Spanish Place is closer. Thanks for info and I will certainly pray for better times.


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