Rorate Caeli

"May God bless America!"

My visit this morning to Ground Zero will remain firmly etched in my memory, as I continue to pray for those who died and for all who suffer in consequence of the tragedy that occurred there in 2001. For all the people of America, and indeed throughout the world, I pray that the future will bring increased fraternity and solidarity, a growth in mutual respect, and a renewed trust and confidence in God, our heavenly Father.

With these words, I take my leave, I ask you to remember me in your prayers, and I assure you of my affection and friendship in the Lord. May God bless America!
Benedict XVI
Farewell Address
April 20, 2008

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Ma Tucker said...

And God bless Pope Benedict XVI. What a wonderful visit. So much wisdom to ponder and action to consider. Thought Dick Cheney's speech was very straight and unreserved in support. So, thank you Mr Cheney too. We hear in Europe must begin to implement this vision.