Rorate Caeli

First Traditional Mass publicly celebrated by a Bishop
in Poland since the 1969-70 reforms

On May 4, the Sunday after the Ascension, in the Church of the Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God in Cracow, Poland, there was a Pontifical Mass celebrated by one of the oldest Polish Bishops, Bishop Albin Malysiak. Bishop Malysiak was once a suffragan bishop to cardinal Wojtyla.

This was the first Mass celebrated in the Extraordinary Rite by a Polish Bishop since the reforms of Vatican II. Several young Catholics received Sacrament of Confirmation in the Traditional Rite from Bishop Malysiak.

In his sermon, the Bishop pointed to the many dangers to the faith and morals in the modern world and the importance of the Catholic Church as the one true Church in the lives of young people. In the conclusion of his sermon, he noticed the beauty of Traditional Liturgy. The event was enthusiastically welcomed by Polish Catholics devoted to Tradition.
Source: Forum Fidelitas; Pictures.
Translation: J. Pitera


Jay said...

Thanks for posting this! It is good news for Polish Tradition.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We're still languishing here in Anchorage: (Cf. )
Please pray for us:
(Cf. )

(Sorry: my name is withheld for fear of reprisal.)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to read this post - great graces for Cracow. Telesia

M i g U e L said...

I believe Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz offered the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in 2005.

He was still an Archbishop then, and it was before the release of Summorum Pontificum.

New Catholic said...

No, that is not correct. It was a very "harmonious" celebration of the New Mass by a Bishop - as is often the case in Poland - but it was not a Traditional Mass.

LeonG said...

"The event was enthusiastically welcomed by Polish Catholics devoted to Tradition."

Of course! Only Traditional Catholics recognise what is authentically Roman Catholic.