Rorate Caeli

"Never yield to compromises!"

The Pope celebrated Mass today in the Piazza del Popolo, in Savona, Liguria, very close to the house in which the tyrannical Bonaparte kept the exiled Pope Pius VII under observation as Italy was occupied by the Forces of Napoleon and the Papal States were abolished, in 1809. In his homily, Benedict had extremely important words for all Christians:

[M]y visit to Savona, on the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, is above all a pilgrimage, through Mary, to the fountains of faith, of hope, and of love. A pilgrimage which also is remembrance and homage to my venerated predecessor Pius VII, whose dramatic life is indissolubly linked to this city and to its Marian shrine [Our Lady of Mercy].

With the distance of two centuries, I come to renew the expression of the recognition of the Holy See and of all the Church for the faith, the love, and the courage with which your fellow citizens sustained the Pope in his forced residence, imposed upon him by Napoleon Bonaparte, in this City. Numerous testimonies of the gestures of solidarity to the Pontiff by the Savonesi, at times even at personal risk, are preserved. They are episodes which the Savonesi of today may remember with pride.
As your Bishop has fairly observed, that dark page of the history of Europe became, by the power of the Holy Spirit, rich of graces and of teachings, even for our days. It teaches us the courage to confront the challenges of the world, Materialism, Relativism, Laicism, without ever yielding to compromises, willing to pay in person in order to remain faithful to the Lord and to his Church. The example of serene firmness given by Pope Pius VII invites us to keep the faith in God unchanged in the trials, in the knowledge that He, if also allowing difficult moments for his Church, never abandons her. The event lived by the great Pontiff in your land invites us to always trust in the intercession and in the maternal assistance of Mary Most Holy.


Anonymous said...

It seems that the Catholic Church needs to be in persecution to be faithful to Christ, while in peace it cannot remain faitful to him.

Hebdomadary said...

I don't mean this to sound cynical, but it sounds as if Benedict is taking a leaf from the pages of the SSPX. After all, apart from Humanae Vitae there hasn't been much that the church hasn't been willing to compromise on. Regarding her observable identity, she has compromised nearly everything, to the point that in trying to recover it, millions of her own supposed children cannot recognize her. Sad but true.

Let us hope that the Holy Father can find ways to act on these hopeful words.

Anonymous said...

This pontificate is like a panoramic tour of Christendom. No episode in the Church's past that is not still alive and kicking in the glorious imagination of Benedict XVI. Unfortunately, the world is looking for a message for today.

Dr. Herbert R. said...

I think that the best thing we can do is to live faithful lives. Obey the magesterium and support Pope Benedict in his "reform of the reformed". Rather than criticize the Pope, we need to see his best intentions and support it by prayer and action. We are not popes, but I am pretty sure that to be a pope is never easy. Just take a look at the pallium of the Holy Father, look at the three nails symbolically attached to it, see the five crosses as the five wounds of Christ, then you will see that we truly need to support the Holy Father. Has the Church compromised her belief? I dont think so. The teachings of the church are clear. Only men who lack faith are unclear. They are like the waves of the ocean blown by the wind in every direction without any solid foundation or goal in life.

LeonG said...

Our Blessed Lady at Fatima has called on us to pray for the holy father as he suffers much. The mere fact that there appears quite a distance at times between public statements to Roman Catholics in various forums and to the secular world in disguised and veiled messages denuded of references to Our Only Hope, Our Blessed Lord Jesus, is entirely indicative of such sufferings. The Pope is a prisoner in the church of a dechristianised epoch. We are being told to live out our faith without compromise when all around us we are being governed by a hierarchy of ecclesiastical compromisers who appear uninitiated as to the real solution to the dilemmas afflicting the visible church. Since the pastoral councils of the 1960s, objectively speaking, it has been downhill all the way.

Imprimatur33 said...

To avoid "relativism" and "compro-
mise" this V2 construct of a "pilgrim" Church needs to be reformulated:
"The reconstruction of the Church will never end. The new structure will never be the Church to a nomad's tent, rather than a house that is established and fixed in a perma-
nent place. We can take the tent down and set it up again after traveling a little farther down the
road. It only offers provisional shelter."
B.Kloppenburg,A eclesiologia do Vaticano II, pp. 99-100