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You Report: Corpus Christi in Brazil

Our reader Fabio G. Durante sends us this report from São Paulo, Brazil, on the Traditional Mass and Procession for the Feast of Corpus Christi, which took place on Thursday, May 22, 2008:

Guided by clerics of the the Good Shepherd Institute (Institut du Bon Pasteur - IBP), Father Roch Perrel and Deacon Vincent (ordained in February by Archbishop Luigi de Magistris in Santa Maria Maggiore), with the help of Father Renato and some seminarians of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri, the faithful (around 300) walked past one of the most important historical spots in the largest city in South America - the Ipiranga Museum, where the independence of Brazil was proclaimed.
Mr Durante also adds a plea:

From these pictures, one may gather how much the IBP needs a church in São Paulo. Nowadays, masses are celebrated in the garage of their House, where seminarians are selected to be sent to the main seminary, in Courtalain, France.
Congratulations to the clergy and the faithful in this procession - and may a dignified and large Church be soon provided to this community.

Please, keep sending us your reports from around the world.


LeonG said...

How such beautifully Roman Catholic public processions will touch the soul of the familiar passer-by who has abandoned The Faith of Our Fathers and arouse curiosity in those who have never known it. This is how to evangelise The Faith in postmodern times. The Blessed Sacrament is the light Who must be placed on a hilltop so that all may see Him. The reverence and dignity that He inspires when He is truly present is an encouragement to those around to bend the knee and to behold in holy wonder.

Anonymous said...

Great! God bless the IBP-Brazil and Fr. Roch Perrel. Almost 1/4 of all the seminarians of IBP are from Brazil.