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Curial changes in motion

Bishop (now Archbishop) Salvatore (Rino) Fisichella, Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University, was named today president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, leaving his position as Auxiliary Bishop of Rome.

Fisichella had been regularly mentioned as the substitute of Archbishop Angelo Amato, the current Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. His nomination for a very different and minor position today, the first move in the expected Curial shuffle of the next few weeks, indicates that the Pope has other names in mind for the CDF.


Iosephus said...

Might this not be because the CDF will stay as it was for now - and, as we all hope - the new Prefect of the CDW will be not Amato but Ranjith Don?

Kenjiro Shoda said...

I have a question. Does anyone have any backup info. on Archbishop Fischiella? I did read two excellent things once, but wanted confirmation.
1). That he is in favor of the Tridentine Latin Mass and "Summorum Pontificum".
2). That he supports priests, seminarians, monks, friars and nuns wearing the traditional habits etc. in class and on the streets, and condemned/criticized those who ridicule/harrass people who wear the habits/cassocks.

Also I read that the retiring 80 yr. old Archbishop Sgreccia was violently against the Tridentine Latin Mass and Catholic tradition. So it's good he's gone.
Does anyone have any backup for this too?

Pope Benedict seems to be cleaning house of the JP II modernists and those opposed to the TLM...abit too slowly though.

Marty said...

These things take time Kenjiro.
Pope Benedict is a chess master.

Godwin Xuereb said...

The problem with the "chess master" is that he's old and therefore slow moves are risky...

Let us all pray for Pope Benedict XVI during these difficult times for the Church.