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Cardinal Cañizares

Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, Primate of Spain: the new Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments? The Spanish press, which had anticipated the move for months, does not consider it a rumor anymore, but as a certainty...


  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    This is awesome news, because traditionalist Catholics know the CArdinal is a great supporter of the Tridentine Latin Mass, has celebrated it, fostered it, promoted traditional religious Orders, and visited the institute of Christ the King in Gricigliano, Italy. He is very much like Archbishop Raymond Burke.
    God Bless the Pope for choosing two great men for major positions in the Curia....but there's still some housecleaning to do.

    Out with Kasper (75), Martino (76) and soon out with Re (74), three rad liberals, holdovers from the JP II days now long gone.

  2. Cardinal Cañizares will be a great blessing for the whole Church if he is appointed for the Congregation for Divine Worship.
    The first one to give these news in Spain was "Paco Pepe" from "La Cigüeña de la Torre"'s blog.
    He is always very well informed about the Church in Spain.
    I'm sure that Cardinal Cañizares will be able to work WITH Arch. Ranjith. And what a "duo" that might be!

  3. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Fantastic! With Burke named to his position last week this really is a one-two punch. The Holy Father is a man of tremendous courage and skill in whom he chooses. May God grant him many years!

  4. Anonymous8:09 PM

    "It is because we judge our Faith to be endangered by the post-Conciliar reforms and tendencies, that we have the Duty to Disobey and Keep the Tradition...

    The greatest service we can render to the Church and to the Successor of Peter is to Reject the the reformed and liberal Church.

    Jesus Christ, Son of God made man, is neither liberal nor reformable.

    On two occasions I have heard emissaries of the Holy See say to me: "The Social Kingship of Christ is No Longer Possible In Our Times and we must ultimately Accept the Plurality of Religions."

    Well, I am not of that religion.

    I do not accept that new religion.

    It is a liberal, modernist religion which has it's worship, its priests, its faith, its catechisms, its Ecumenical Bible translated jointly by Catholics, Jews, Protestants and Anglicans, All Things To All Men, pleasing everybody by frequently sacrificing the interpretation of the Magisterium.

    We do not accept this Ecumenical Bible.

    There is the Bible of God; it is His Word which we have not the right to mix with the words of men...
    Two religions confront one another; we are in a dramatic situation and it is impossible to avoid such a choice, but the choice is not between obedience and disobedience...

    What we are expressly invited to do, what we are persecuted for not doing, is to choose an appearance of obedience.

    For even the Holy Father cannot ask us to abandon our Faith.

    We therefore choose to keep it and cannot be mistaken in clinging to what the Church has taught for two thousand years.

    The Crisis is profound, cleverly organized and directed, and by this token one can truly believe that the master mind is not a man but Satan himself.

    For It Is A Master-Stroke of Satan to get Catholics to Disobey the Whole of Tradition in the name of Obedience...

    You will be tempted to say: "But what can we do about it? It is a bishop who says this or that."

    Choose 'that way' and there is Nothing left for you but to lose your faith.

    You do not have the right to react in 'that way.'

    St. Paul warned us: "even if an Angel from Heaven came to tell you Anything Other Than What I have Taught You- Do Not Listen To Him."

    Such is the Secret of True Obedience."

    SSPX Founder and Superior General Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Open Letter To Confused Catholics,
    pp. 131, 133, 136.

  5. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Carrot Again

    Eleison Comments LIII

    So it looks as though I guessed right last week. On the one hand the Society of St. Pius X did not comply with the June 5 “ultimatum” of Cardinal Castrillón as the Cardinal might have wished, replying instead with a letter of Archbishop Lefebvre to Pope Paul VI in which in 1975 the Archbishop explained why he was defending Tradition, yet with no disrespect intended towards the Church authorities in Rome. Once again, the Society may have raised a few anxieties, but it has not “given away the store”

    On the other hand, the Cardinal did not proceed to any further official exorcism of the Society, but – reportedly – declared that he had never intended his text of June 5 to be an “ultimatum”. And so the situation returns to where it was before. I think we may expect the loving son to continue to try to get close to his leprous mother, the leprous mother to continue to try to hug him, the loving son to continue to jump back, then try to get close again, etc, etc.

    What confusion! A distinguished Italian journalist cannot understand the Society’s rejecting Rome’s “generous advances”. Reportedly Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Castrillón have both been sincerely hurt by recent statements coming from the Society about Rome or Romans suffering from leprosy. “What? Lepers? Us???” Ay, there’s the rub, as Hamlet said.

    Leprosy is an Old Testament figure of heresy, and Vatican II is not only heresy, it is a total new religion.

    A Catholic is a Catholic primarily by his faith. He chooses with his mind to adhere to a series of true propositions which are supernatural, i.e. beyond the reach of his merely natural mind. His will is therefore needed to push his mind to submit to these truths above it.

    But there truths are not kidology. They are revealed by God, transmitted by the Church, and may not be tampered with. Did or did not Vatican II tamper with them? Hamlet again: “That is the question”.

    The leader of the Traditional Redemptorists based in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland, who has just led as many of them as will follow him back into the embrace of Conciliar Rome, writes ecstatically of how “sweet” it “tastes” to be once more in “peaceful and undisputed communion” with the Vicar of Christ.

    Good luck, dear Father, with avoiding the leprosy! But at least you must be giving some consolation to Cardinal Castrillón! What confusion!
    Kyrie Eleison.

    La Reja, Argentina
    Posted by Bishop Richard Williamson at 4:53 PM

  6. Anonymous9:04 PM

    True sons of the Church our Mother run towards the leper, kiss and embrace, and in embrace discover what it is to be a loving son like dear St Francis.

    But of course such an image is far too sentimental, "lovey-dovey" for some. Too cloying like supposed "Modernist" Rome?

  7. Is there a personal parish in Madrid, for instance? What sort of concrete steps has Cardinal Canizares taken in support of tradition or the old Mass?

  8. Sorry, I meant to say "Toledo", not Madrid

  9. These comments from Bishop Williamson are anything but helpful and I would much rather hear him talk about doctrine, scripture, revelation, dogmatic theology, previous encylicals, papal decrees, etc.

  10. Anonymous11:57 PM

    A great addition to the Roman Curia. But I was hoping for Archbishop Ranjith as the new Prefect of Divine Worship.

    Ideally, Cañizares would be appointed to the CDF, and Levada would be appointed Archbishop of Los Angeles.

  11. Well, the ICRSP is present in Toledo for one thing, in spite of the hostile archdiocesan clergy. And thanks to Cardinal Cañizares' own general vicar, I should add.

  12. Anonymous12:34 AM

    These comments from Bishop Williamson are anything but helpful

    They are also ironic in the light of the coming canonization of Fr. Damien de Veuster. . . .

  13. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Regularised Gregorian Masses can be found in both Toledo and Madrid, and in Barcelona and elsewhere. The number is still small in Spain, but growing.

    There are no regularised old Masses in Portugal--none at all. The S.S.P.X alone offers the Mass of the Ages in Portugal, at at least four different locations.


  14. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Let's pray that this appointment happens!

    But...what about the Mozarabic rite...

  15. "Ideally, Cañizares would be appointed to the CDF, and Levada would be appointed Archbishop of Los Angeles."

    Please, have mercy on Los Angeles!

  16. "Out with Kasper (75), Martino (76) and soon out with Re (74), three rad liberals, holdovers from the JP II days now long gone...

    If I were you, I'd wait till they turn 80, when they lose the vote. And don't forget that Castrillon Hoyos is 79, so the age factor isn't exactly just working against liberals. Furthermore, there are many liberal cardinals in their 50's and early 60's.

    Pope Benedict XVI has to live at least 5-6 more years so he can:

    1) Appoint enough cardinals to stack the list of cardinal-electors
    (he won't really get the opportunity to radically overhaul the College itself until 2011-2012, when a very large number of cardinals will turn 80 or, at least, retire. For this year and the next two years, there will be relatively few cardinals turning 80)

    2) Ensure that an entire generation of priests has been trained entirely in the era of Benedict XVI.

    3) Ensure that his reforms and example will settle down and will endure for decades to come.

  17. Leveda in LA? No, no, no

    Lord have Mercy

  18. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Iosephus said: "What sort of concrete steps has Cardinal Canizares taken in support of tradition or the old Mass?"

    I have heard from different sources that his archdiocese is already helding training courses on the old Mass to his priests. First and so far only diocese in Spain doing so.
    I can´t confirm personally because I live a few hundreds kilometres away.

  19. Anonymous2:17 PM

    "Pope Benedict XVI has to live at least 5-6 more years so he can:"

    The College of Cardinals of 2005 already elected Joseph Ratzinger Pope. Why should we thing of it as a pack of liberals now?

  20. Anonymous4:04 PM

    There are only 7 cardinals (out of 194) who are aged less than 60,so how can there be many liberal cardinals in their 50s?


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