Rorate Caeli

Clouds over Spain...

Madrid, 2008

In 1936, during the great Socialist Terror of the early months of the Civil War, the large monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Cerro de los Ángeles, near Madrid, was attacked and demolished, a symbol of one of the harshest large-scale persecutions of the Church in History.

From one of the stones of the demolished statue, a small sculpture of the Sacred Heart was crafted and placed in the public garden outside the Parish Church of San Antonio de la Florida, in Madrid - otherwise a very famous building due to the extensive paintings of Francisco Goya in its cupola.

Last Monday (or on early Tuesday), the small statue of the Sacred Heart was torn down and beheaded. One new step in the battle of the forces of secularism (and its vandals) against the Church in Spain, a sign of things to come.
Cerro de los Ángeles, Province of Madrid, 1936
Source: La Razón; Tip: La Cigüeña


Jackie Parkes said...

How awful!

Long-Skirts said...

"One new step in the battle of the forces of secularism"


Spain, proud, Spain,
Where once
Christ reigned

You've now,
Sunk low
As hell.

Spain, proud, Spain,
Was all in vain,
Where once ruled Isabel?

Spain, proud, Spain,
Royal-purpled grained,
St. James, the mosques he cleared.

Spain, proud, Spain,
What have you gained?
A land of queens, all queered!

Anonymous said...

Where are the faithful Spanish Catholics?

They need to take up arms as their ancestors did.

What a disgrace!

Woody Jones said...

No doubt there are those in Spain, mostly older now, perhaps veterans of the Division Azul, or of the Requetes, who will say: "I told you so."

Anonymous said...

Sr. Lucia used to pray much for both Portugal and Spain. Her prayers, now, must be most powerful.

Spain will revive her militancy. Sometimes, what it is necessary is the drawing of the sword in provocation to move the Latin passion.

Sr. Lucia, pray for Portugal, Spain, Europe and the whole world!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Spanish may fight yet. As soon as all those illegal Muslim immigrants start doing as they please in large enough numbers.

A possible economic collapse may be coming soon. The mayhem may push plenty to the edge, enough for them to start something.

"I told you so" will be more than welcome if its from the Carlists and other traditionalists.

LeonG said...

Yet another victory over the Catholic Church by the liberal modernist conciliar reformers. They advocated religious liberty and freedom of conscience and this is what they have achieved. Those from other religions can be free to act in accordance with their own faith and conscience. And, in any case, they all lead to Heaven, do they not?

Brian Day said...

Yet another victory over the Catholic Church by the liberal modernist conciliar reformers.

The modernist conciliar reformers had a time machine and traveled back 30 years before the council to allow this to happen?

Or am I misreading you?

LeonG said...
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LeonG said...

Wake up Brian it is July 2008 and the enemy is within our very gates!

Perlimplín said...

Yo soy español.

We want to celebrate an act of reparation for this infamous act.

I will inform you.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Brian Day said...


Yes I know it is 2008 and that there are modernists in the Church, but that is not the point.

That 1936 Spain is the result of the modernists that Saint Pius X warned of may very well may be. You specifically mention the "conciliar reformers". How can "conciliar reformers" be responsible for acts 30 years before the council?