Rorate Caeli

One year:
Quid retribuam Domino pro omnibus quæ retribuit mihi?

Iam enim hiems transiit;
imber abiit, et recessit.
Flores apparuerunt in terra nostra;
tempus putationis advenit:
vox turturis audita est in terra nostra;
ficus protulit grossos suos;
vineæ florentes dederunt odorem suum.


  1. Canticles, ii, 11-13:

    "For winter is now past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers have appeared in our land, the time of pruning is come: the voice of the turtle is heard in our land: The fig tree hath put forth her green figs: the vines in flower yield their sweet smell."

  2. Vidi speciosam...

    Responsory, Matins, Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    "I saw her, when, fair like a dove, she winged her flight above the rivers of waters. The priceless savour of her perfumes hung heavy in her garments. And about her it was as the flower of roses in the spring of the year, and lilies of the valleys."

  3. Anonymous3:14 AM

    God bless you for this beautiful posting and for quoting the touching words of Jean Madiran!Yes, we cannot forget those dear souls on this day, of all days.

  4. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Beautiful quotations. My own reaction on 7.7.07 was: "Transivimus per ignem et aquam, et eduxisti nos in refrigerium." (Ps 65:12) Thank you Pope Benedict!

  5. "the vines in flower yield their sweet smell."


    In the month of seven,
    The day the year
    The times,

    The Church of seven
    Today shall sound her chimes.

    The seven first Church
    From Nicea to her second,

    Where East met West
    Were at their best,
    Ambiguity never reckoned.

    And last, the seven
    Words of Christ,
    Recorded, away won’t pass…

    Divinely ordaining
    Calvary’s merits
    In the Sacrifice of the Mass!

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Can anyone please tell me the name of this painting?

  7. This painting - one of our favorites here at Rorate, our very "signature" - is Eucharist in Fruit Wreath, by Jan Davidsz.(Davidszoon) de Heem, currently at the Kunsthistorisches Museum.


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