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Olympic Update

If now it should happen, as I pray it may not happen nor at any time fall out, that there be a war against churches, and a persecution, imagine how great will be the ridicule, how sore the reproaches. And very naturally; for when no one exercises himself in the wrestling school, how shall he be distinguished in the contests?

What champion, not being used to the trainer, will be able, when summoned by the Olympic contests, to show forth anything great and noble against his antagonist? Ought we not every day to wrestle and fight and run? See ye not them that are called Pentathli, when they have no antagonists, how they fill a sack with much sand, and hanging it up try their full strength thereupon? And they that are still younger, practice the fight against their enemies upon the persons of their companions.

These do thou also emulate, and practice the wrestlings of self denial. For indeed there are many that provoke to anger, and incite to lust, and kindle a great flame. Stand therefore against thy passions, bear nobly the pangs of the spirit, that thou mayest endure also those of the body.
Saint John Chrysostom
Homily XXXIII on the Gospel according to Saint Matthew


Long-Skirts said...

"Ought we not every day to wrestle and fight and run?"


The niceness of sin --
It satisfies…
Immediate, instant,

But in the eternal
Long-distance race…
You’ll medal, gold --
In Hell’s first place!

Meeting Christ in the Liturgy said...

Awesome. The thoughts of any Christian should run along these lines while observing the physical challenges of the Olympics.

How much more noble the spiritual struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil that, for the victorious, will yield up the eternal gold of heavenly glory!

God be praised for ever!

Iosephus said...

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

No one ought to be observing the Summer Olympics: the "athletic wear" on display is a continuous gross offense against Christian modesty. I had the misfortune of coming into view of a TV last week during women's volleyball, and the I could be believe the disgraceful "mini-bikini"
I saw them wearing. Practically all of civilization has lost its sense of purity. Kill your televisions asap.